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31 dic 2017
31/12/2017  The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph - B

31/12/2017  The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph - B 

Reading 1, Genesis 15,1-6; 21,1-3 * Psalm 104 * Reading 2, Hebrews 11,8.11-12.17-19 * Gospel, Luke 2,22-40


The Sunday included in the Octave is the right moment to look at the Family in which Jesus has been welcomed and by which he has been lovingly served! In it he grew up as a Son, in it he learnt how to live, love, serve, to obey, to prey, to work and suffer! This contemplation becomes help for us in order to pause to consider the way in which our families live, and to thank God for that communion that we are able to enjoy in them.

Here is the family of which Jesus has become the center! Mary and Joseph, faithful to the traditions of the people, know that their son, their first-born, has to be dedicated to God. This rite is part of their life in order to remind that they are not their own masters, so they are not masters of the life of the son they are taking care of, too! The act with which they dedicate the son reminds also of the fact that they are part of a people, a people that is directed towards God and responsible in front of Him of a great mission among the other peoples on Earth! Those two parents could not resist the temptation to say: <We can take care of ourselves!> or even: <We let everybody do as they please>, as to make themselves not involved, and then not part of the joys and the sufferings of others.

It is not by chance that the first and the second readings are driving our attention back to the persons of Abraham and Sarah, with their desire to have a child, even if they are now old! And a child they had or, more precisely, they were given. The forefather of the people will pass on his descendants this attitude of humility: he will never brag about having a child, but he will always say that he was given one! This is the humble wisdom that goes with the parents, faithful to God, about their attitude towards their children, before and after their birth, when they need to make a choice.

The son that Abraham and Sarah are given, is not coming from clever and logic planning, but only from their faith. They trusted God able to give them a son and to give to this son a heart that will have carried on the same faith in Him as theirs, that will spread in the world His knowledge and His glory! They wanted a son because of God and in preparation for Him! When they finally had him during their late days, they thanked Him.

Mary and Joseph thank God for their baby, recognizing that He is, first of all, His. There are true spouses, helping each other to understand and to do God’s will in order to welcome Jesus and offer Him to the world. This is why they bring Him to the temple, in Jerusalem.

Here two unexpected events happen: a man and a woman, elderly, enlightened by who-knows-which light, know their baby, know that his presence is joy for everybody, that his coming is the good news awaited for centuries! Simeon knows as well that the baby will not have an easy life, on the contrary, he will bring division among his own people and he will be cause of suffering even for his own mother. The odd words of these two elderly people echo those of the angels to Mary, to Joseph, to the shepherds! The two spouses, even if they are amazed, are not scared nor become proud of themselves. They are doing their “duty” and then they will carry on with their simple and hidden life in Nazareth. They are centered on the baby given to them by God. What really matters is what God accomplishes in him, not what men say about him: there will be a lot of talking!

First of all, Christian families can rejoice because they are blessed by God and they are a place blessed by the presence of that same Jesus that was with Mary and Joseph! Will you be able, along with your family, to make some time to prey, so to receive from the Father the same spirit of love, peace, harmony, that was present in Nazareth? Will you try to be careful to see the members of your family like God sees them? And to give thank for them? If you are a parent, you will see yourself as the tool of which the Father makes use in order to make himself known to your children: you will try to imitate him, then! Are you a son or a daughter? Will you see Jesus as the image of the true son that grows in wisdom, age and grace? Will you be able to organize your growing up in order to be always united to him?

In your family will make their nest the Father’s love, the Son’s obedience and the peace of the Spirit! In this way, your family will become true image of the communion of the Three divine Persons!