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27 feb 2022
27/02/2022 – 8th Sunday in O. T. - year C

27/02/2022 – 8th Sunday in O. T. - year C

Reading 1 SIR 27, 4-7 Psalm 91 Reading 2 1COR 15, 54-58 Gospel LK 6, 39-45

The words in the first reading are simple and convincing. The author uses easily understandable images to help us exercise judgement. Not everything that comes up inside us and not everything which shines around us is a Father’s gift: we need to decide in light of God’s Word between what we see or hear, otherwise we might fall victim of tricks and temptations.

Jesus develops the same images and uses them for His disciples. These are more than convincing arguments, even for a child: a blind guides another blind, they who have serious impairment of their sight want to correct someone who has only a small defect, the evil man wants to teach goodness.

Who is the blind? Blind is the one who cannot see God, blind is the one who does not recognise Jesus the Son of God, blind is the one who did not study at the Lord’s school and therefore does not know His will. Jesus’ disciple needs to ask for help from they who have studied at that school. It is not sufficient to be ready to teach to be a master, you need first to prepare yourself. You will be careful not to listen to all those who teach: check first if they have learnt in Jesus' school.

We all have difficulties in seeing the reality as it is, as the Father sees it. If a brother is tearing up because of a stick and therefore he needs help, we can help him. First of all though we need to make sure we are not in difficulty ourselves because of ignorance about the God’s Word, prejudices, a spirit of superiority or impatience or anger. And we too, in our need, will let ourselves be helped by those who have graduated from the Lord’s school, by those who are humble and learn the gospel and want to bring us to live the gospel.

There are good and evil men, there are men who get us closer to God and some who get us far from Him. Whom will we listen to? Whom will we be truly helped by? Certainly we will only listen to those who are close to Jesus: their word will be of help for us too. Who is far from the Lord cannot give us salvation, because the only Saviour given by the Father is Jesus. We will not let ourselves be fooled by the appearances. Good fruit only comes from good people, and good are the people who are Jesus’ and live His goodness, as He has taught. We too, before helping others will grow our faith in Jesus stronger and we will learn through His Word.

Shall we reverse this judgement? I too will be careful not to become a guide for anyone until I am blind. If I cannot see the God the Father’s face and I do not know Jesus, I will not be able to guide anyone: I would drag everyone in some ditch. If I will not have my sight corrected, my way to see facts in the light of God’s truth, I will not be able to correct what others see and their small errors in evaluating history. If I am not a good tree, so if I am not turned towards Jesus, the only good fruit, I will not have anything to give to anyone: I will risk poisoning everyone who get close to me and listen to me.

Is it possible to become a guide to God, light of His light, good fruit for men in need of true nourishment? God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. So Saint Paul says solemnly. We will not be afraid even of death, which kills by using sin, that is being distant from the Father and Jesus. In fact, death is made powerless by Jesus' resurrection. Let us be steadfast and firm in the risen Jesus, therefore, even if it costs effort, an effort which is healthy anyway. Hallelujah!