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6/01/2012 Epiphany of the Lord
6/01/2012 Epiphany of the Lord

6/01/2012 – Epiphany of the Lord

1Reading Is 60,1-6 Psalm 71 2Reading Eph 3,2-3.5-6 Gospel Mt 2,1-12

“The nations will walk by your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising." The life of Jesus is the fulfillment of the prophesies that have sustained the hope of salvation of the people of Israel through the centuries. Sustaining hope they also sustained faith, that faith which bears fruit of love of God and men. We have listened to one of the prophesies of Isaiah, one of those that were continuously realized in the life of Jesus, but that today it is manifested in a particular way. The prophet speaks of light and darkness, darkness that covers the earth on which me live and move, and light that enlightens and call people to come together. Those living in darkness run towards the splendor of the light, because there is life, there is joy and the possibility of reciprocal comunion. The rappresentatives of the peoples move to adore the child, a royal child. What royality is this? He does not sit of a throne, is neither known among kings who retain themselves to be famous. He is enrobed with a different royality from those who govern, a royality which has nothing to do with the dreams of Herod or those of his friends.

Those who reppresent the peoples are called Magi: they follow strange indications, coming from heaven, but from that heaven which is often covered with the clouds. Their research is honest, so honest, that they were ready to humble themselves and ask indications to follow from others, and then to humble themselves again when they needed to make their way back hidingly. We know that God blesses with his grace me and crown them with glory, as the Scripture says. The Magi, persons who were found worthy to be welcome by the kings of the earth, are humble; they welcome the signs of heaven and prostrate infront of the child and his mother. They don’t find it out of normal to be close with the shepherds who adore the little one, who has nothing majestic, if not his littleness.

What really surprises one in the experience of these, is the joy they found inj see the star that was indicating their way towards the house where the child was living with his mother. Their joy is a precious sign: its shows that the child fills the heart of man, answers the questions going around in his head, fill the emptiness left by the sins, self and others. That child is worthy of all attention and is worthy to hold our lives in his hands. He, a child, wont ever lie, like Herod and the fear of the wise men, wont betray those who trust in him. He, being a child, shall never succeed to lie, like the Herod and the wise, out of fear, he wont betray those who trust in him, or those who entrusted themselves to him. To him we can open our gifts to him to give him our presents. Gold, incense, myrh are the symbols of our present and future life: richness, glory, and even our death. Everything stay good in his hands: our richness that produces wars, our ambitions that cause enimity and abuse, our death, that frieghtens us and make us wolves for one another. The gold in the hands of Jesus becomes an instrument of love, bread for the poor and work for the youth. The incense, that represents the glory, is given to him. It does not scare anyone and make the hearts rejoice with his humility. Myrh, that indicates the will of man to remain here on earth, away from the death. If he had to remain here for ever, we can go in peace and give our sould to that God who offerred himself for us!

The mystery of God’s love has been manifested. Today, all the peoples enjoy of it’s light. It is a mystery which is proclaimed for the all of all, and it won’t be put down not even by the jelousy and the violence of the devil who takes over the proud hearted. Even so, the proud hearted, who would have wanted to pull out the hope and the shut down the joy of the little ones, even they, without knowing, become instruments of this. Herod, in fact, not withstanding his fear and his deceit, was a precious instrument so that the research of the Magi come to a happy end.

We too follow the light that accompanies us to Betlehem. The name of the star that leads us has no importance: it can be the peaceful face of a child, or the sufferring of a mother for her son, the serenity of a parent trusted to the Father, or of an unknown person who commits himself to help those who suffer. Every light that helps us get close to Jesus to adore him!