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19/11/2017 - 33rd Sunday of O.T. - A

19/11/2017 - 33rd Sunday of O.T. - A

Reading 1, Proverbs 31,10-13.19-20.30-31 * Psalm 127 * Reading 2, First Thessalonians 5,1-6 * Gospel, Matthew 25,14-30

"The truly capable woman -- who can find her?" This is the way in which the text from the Proverbs we just listened to, starts. This almost seems a rhetoric question: it looks like if the one who was asking the question would expect a negative answer, that is to say that there is no such thing as "the truly capable woman". But then, while describing her, we understand that "the truly capable woman" is right before the writer's very eyes, alert and astonished. "The truly capable woman" exists, she is right there among the people: it is the woman "who fears Yahweh"! In her God's strength is showed, His wisdom, the power of His steadfast love, persevering even among the difficulties. The "truly capable woman" is the one that not only willingly works without wasting time, but also keeps her eyes peeled to the poor and the suffering ones. She is like God, whom all day long is laboring for us and can see everybody's need. This woman sets an example for men too. She sets an example for anyone who received from God some talent to trade.

To everybody God gives or has already given some gift, asking for and expecting us to take care of His desires, to work for Him. While listening to the parable we realize that He is not asking for anything more than what everyone is really able to achieve. He contents Himself with it. He just enjoys and appreciates the fact that you are working for Him and then you will give back everything to Him, both the gift and the fruit that it has borne. This is what have done the first two servants of the master that has been away for a long time. The latter was then able to verify that he had always been present in their hearts and in their minds: they have always been his servants, they have taken care of his businesses, and in the end they appeared in front of him still as his faithful servants, good servants whom he can count on.

This is not true regarding the third one: he has spent his time and his energies only for himself. He has forgotten his master and he appears in front of him all judgmental and critical. he cannot be considered neither faithful nor helpful, not even good. he does not deserve to be kept in the house, to enjoy anything at all. "So now, take the talent from him and give it to the man who has the ten talents". So, has the master not taken back the ten talents? Has he left them to the servants that has earned them? Indeed, he has. The ones who worked for Their master, in reality have worked for themselves, because the master let them keep everything! It is so wonderful to see under this light all our effort for our Lord and Father, as well. Everything we do, we do it for Him, but we are the ones to take advantage of it in the end. The fruit of our labor is to our own benefit, is our occasion to grow, our joy, our honor.

The conclusion told by Jesus could seem, at first sight, quite astonishing: “to everyone who has will be given more, and he will have more than enough; but anyone who has not, will be deprived even of what he has”. How do you take this sentence? I understand it in the following way: «To whom has Jesus in his heart and has given Him his life, will be given good counsel, wisdom, fortitude, charity and patience. To whom has Jesus in his heart and in his desire, will be given responsibility in His kingdom, will be given a very prominent position in the Church. To whom has Jesus in his plans will be given honor by the Father Himself. But to whom does not have Jesus, even all that he thought he could enjoy does not bring any good». To have Jesus! Nothing else is important, nothing else is beneficial, nothing else is safe for our life.

The Apostle Paul also implies that whom loves Jesus and lives for Him is not wanting any light in his life. In the moments of darkness, those terrible moments in which the world makes you only suffer, since you love Jesus and you follow Him, you become light for everybody else. You too will find peace in your heart, serenity, strength to keep hoping. You will be consolation for many and reference point for whoever has lost his way.

So, to the question: "The truly capable woman -- who can find her?", we will answer: the woman who loves Jesus is a woman who is capable! Just like a man who loves Jesus, this is a man that nobody will be able to overcome, or depress, not even to discourage. He instead will be able to carry the burden that Jesus carries, the burden of the sin of the world.

I will then remember every time: “to everyone who has will be given more, and he will have more than enough”, and I will stay close to Jesus in order to keep Him with me and in me, in order to have Him: nothing I shall want!