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15 ago 2022
15/08/2022 – The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

15/08/2022 – The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Reading 1 ACTS 11,19; 12,1-6.10 Psalm 44 Reading 2 1COR 15,20-26 Gospel LK 1,39-56

The mystery we contemplate today is joyful, beautiful, full of hope, because focuses our eyes on the heavens, where we can see the fulfillment of God’s promises to men. Why then the Word is concentrated on the dramatic image of the dragon which is persecuting the woman and her creature even before it is born? We are travelling towards a bright and glorious future, but during the journey we face difficulties and dangers, obstacles which might try to prevent us with all their strength to reach the goal. We cannot delude ourselves, let us be realistic, like Jesus said: be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves”! In our journey on earth we are following, and all stops are mapped.

Mary, Jesus’ mother, has journeyed the path which, with her and after her, the Church is following, our Mother. Mary’s faithfulness to the Word of God and her loving obedience to the Father’s plans have been matched by Jesus’s cross, her son. In front of the woman who gives birth to the son sits the red dragon with its terrible and menacing heads, with its tail which can only bring damage and death to humanity. Like as Mary, by obeying God, in giving birth to the son has the enemy sitting aain front of Her, so every time the church lets the world enjoy the coming and the presence of Jesus, it is assaulted by the violence of the Evil One.

Today we live one of those times. The woman is not shaken by fear, but remains obedient to God and runs in the desert, takes refuge there, where she cannot be bought by anyone and cannot be prevented by anyone from being a mother. The Church too, accompanied by and guided by many saints who God calls in her midst, in times of persecution is not overtaken by fear, but continues to look at her Lord in even a more intimate and attentive way.

Mary is in the Church and so they share a similar fate. Mary is an elective member of the Church, and her image. The Church is proud of having a mother who is so dependable, humble and holy, faithful even in the sufferings of persecution.

In her song of praise to God, which we hear today in the passage from the Gospel, Mary shows her knowledge that living close to God means being against the world. In the world there are the mighty, the proud, the rich selfish to the point of being unjust: Mary knows it, but she does not let herself being shocked by their behaviour. She sees that above them is God’s love, who intervenes in favour of the humble, the poor, the hungry and the oppressed. She is happy to share the life with these people who are abandoning themselves to God’s mercy and faithfulness. She is happy to be at God’s service, who wants to reveal to the world His presence of Father and friend of men! In her song she is telling us about her deep joy for what God is, a God who is Saviour. In Mary’s heart there is nothing but love for God, a love which is clear in her singing His greatness and being happy about Him. She rejoices because God exists and because He is the way He is! Mary can see about Him the love for suffering men, not a generic love, but personal. She herself knows she is loved by Him and taken into consideration, not because she is great and famous, but because she is small and busy serving Him in silence and hidden.

With her song, Mary is accompanying us in the difficulties our faith and our faithfulness to the Lord meet. Supported by Mary’s certainties we continue to serve Jesus, love Him, follow Him, even when we can see all the efforts of the red dragon and when some of its nails are making us suffer. We will sing Mary’s song to support our brethren who, in their families, at work, or even in their fun time, have to fight not to let their faith and love for Jesus be taken away from them. If their faith is chipped away and even their love for Jesus becomes less strong, their communion of brothers is also weakened and their and our joy falters. Let us look at Mary, who, already in the glory above all Saints, is looking at us, sees us and is inviting us to continue persevering on the path we started with our baptism.

Mary, you who are waiting for us beyond the persecutions you have experienced, obtain for us from your Son the forgiveness and the gift of His Spirit of humility. Please intercede for us so we can also become His witnesses with the joy of the heart and the enthusiasm of the spirit! Together with you we will give Him honour and glory!