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22 mag 2022
22/05/2022 – 6th Sunday of Easter - year C

22/05/2022 – 6th Sunday of Easter - year C

Reading 1 ACTS 15,1-2. 22-29 Psalm 65 Reading 2 REV 21,10-14. 22-23 Gospel JN 14,23-29

We have already heard last Sunday an attempt at describing the heavenly city, the Holy Jerusalem, which comes from heaven, a gift from God to men. Today we see it circled and defended by tall and strong walls, but not closed. You can enter it from every side, but only through doors. These are watched by angels and refer to the Elders of the people of Israel, while the whole city is built on foundations which refer to the twelve apostles. The present and future citizens of this city are enjoying the obedience of the Elders to God and of the apostles to Jesus, their Lord.

Whoever enters and lives in this city receives the fruit of the life of the people of Israel and of the Church. Therefore they accept the rules, embodied by the doors, which the Church opens for them to offer the guarantee of a safe and stable protection and a cohabitation in peace and joy. The rules of the city are those the apostle witness with their lives: unconditional love to Jesus, their unity in the Holy Spirit, gift given by the Father who is listening to the Son’s prayer, the mutual service, the constant commitment to preach the gospel, which is the deepest and most truly love for humanity. This city has its own internal light, as a sun, as a fire: the lamb is light always shining so everybody can find their way and enjoy their and others' individuality!

The light of the the Lamb is the one which has guided the apostles in making difficult choices, but precious for the community of the brethren. The passage from the Acts of the Apostles is giving us an example of this. Problems regarding cohabitation and misunderstandings between Jews and Pagans who joined the faith have arisen. The Jews wanted the Pagans too to follow Moses’ rules before receiving the baptism. The apostles had to decide, letting themselves be enlightened by the Holy Spirit. And, by recognising that Jesus had brought to completion Moses’ law, they decided that the faith in the Son of God, lived in the unity of the Church, did not need anything else to obtain the salvation for us.

Jesus is the only Saviour for us: He is the one who has saved us with His death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit had made them able to make brave and wise choices. Jesus, before leaving, had promised them the gift of the Spirit, and had announced that the very Councillor would have guided them to the perfection of the truth, so to know the always-new dimensions of the Father’s love in every situation they might encounter. Even in our times the same Spirit shines upon and guides our shepherds, the Bishops, to tell the truth, so to tell about the needs of God’s love in the new and intricate situations in which the world makes us live. To make sure the Holy Spirit stays in us and in the Church, we need to constantly cultivate a simple and firm love for Jesus. He Himself has recommended this to us: “Those who love me will keep my word, and my Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them”. By loving Jesus we will enjoy in ourselves His presence and the Father’s presence. They will be in us with all the richness of their light, truth and life, with the strength and the wisdom of their Spirit, with the power of their love.

Loving Jesus is the secret of our peace and our strength. Loving Jesus is the secret of the success of our living together, of being a new city with interior light, true and holy. Loving Jesus is the guarantee of the stability of our families. He insists so much in telling us that we need to love Him, because He knows this is where the beauty of our life lies. When we love Him all the power of God’s love acts in us and outpours from us to re-create and change the world.

Lord Jesus, I love you! You are my life, you are the foundation and the light of the men’s city. May I be able to enter it and live there forever, to enjoy your peace and the unity with all your faithful!