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07 ago 2022
07/08/2022 – 19th Sunday in O. T. - year C

07/08/2022 – 19th Sunday in O. T. - year C

Reading 1 WIS 18,6-9 Psalm 32 Reading 2 HEB 11,1-2.8-19 Gospel LK 12,32-48

The Jewish people cannot forget the column of fire which brightened up its laboured journey towards freedom in order to serve its God and Lord. When that people needed to cross the unknown desert, full of danger and with the possibility of following the wrong path, it has recognised the presence of God’s providing hand in that column of fire which guided it in the night. Since then God’s help has always been recognisable in different ways, both protect from enemies and brighten up life. This divine presence rich in love, a constant and timely presence, is source of life. Who has experienced it cannot doubt anymore, and not even refuse to acknowledge it, unless by despising life itself.

The faith is shown exactly by stating fully, happily and constantly God’s presence, a God who is close, a God who is walking together, who brightens up the nights, who supports in difficulties, who is waiting for us at the finish line. Abraham is the very example of a faithful believer. Today the letter to the Hebrews is introducing him to us: every step of his is a step taken out of faith. “By faith Abraham obeyed”, by faith he “went out”, by faith he “sojourned”, he “offered up Isaac, his only son” on the mountain. Abraham’s whole life and all his choices are born out of faith and immersed in faith. You cannot separate Abraham from God not even for a little bit. You look at Abraham and you see God’s plans happen. Faith is the environment Abraham lives in, so much so that everyone living with him is involved in it. Despite difficulties at the beginning, Sarah too shares Abraham’s beliefs, so much so that even their son is born in this environment which is fragrant with God’s concrete, constant, providential and mysterious presence.

Jesus would like the same thing to happen to his disciples and to the new people, the Church, which will begin with His Word and His Spirit. He suggests or, more precisely, commands to His own people to live in a way of letting God show His presence of providing Father. Jesus’ disciple will not worry about putting away worldly possessions to warrant himself a future: he will not do that, because he knows he has a Father who has in His hand the whole history, the present and the future. He will try to store his treasures in God’s heart. Our treasures in God’s heart are acts of generosity towards the poor who, arrived there where Abraham is, will be able to speak for those who have helped them in their sufferings.

Jesus’ disciples are different from the men of this world, for the fact that they live always waiting for someone who has to come, and everything they do they do so he, when he arrives, may be welcomed well and loved. They live like the servants of a “master” who has instructed them to make good use of one another. He will not ask anything but if they have been faithful to these tasks which turn their life into a party, a uninterrupted party of sharing. He Himself will become servant: will tie on the apron and will go round to serve them!

The greatness of Jesus’ disciple, and the man’s true greatness, is given by that apron which is never taken off. We are not children of God nor religious people unless we are faithful servants, who would never dream of being in charge, of being great, as men in this world dream. In this world we have the task to bring novelty: those who serve are great, even greater are those who are always serving, those who do not stop serving are close to God. They who are faithful in their service will be entrusted with tasks even more troublesome, bringing more responsibility and needing more effort. This is what Jesus tells Peter, who, with his question, was showing he was dreaming about a greatness gratifying for men. Men will find the presence of God in the love which serves, lived by Jesus’ disciples. Through that lived love, God will continue to guide men to salvation: by serving, the disciples will offer to everyone the light of faith, as proof that God loves them, accompanies them and is waiting for them.