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05/03/2014 – 1st Sunday of Lent - Year A

05/03/2014 – 1st  Sunday of Lent  - Year A 

1ª reading Gn 2,7-9; 3,1-7 * from Psalm 50 * 2nd reading Rm 5,12-19 * Gospel Mt 4,1-11

We are all sinners and we are all saved by the Grace of Jesus! This is the message of S. Paul. How is that we are all sinners? We have started to live the same disobedience as that of Adam. Sin which heaps pressure on us does not become our own fault if we decide not to abide by it, if we do not accept disobedience as part of our own will. The it becomes our own fault and we would deserve to be condemned. The situation and the human environment in which we have lived and  which have put us to disbelieve in the Word of god and to leave ourselves influenced by the suggestions of our own egoism: for this reason we are already fallen and we are in danger of re-living the experience of Adam. And how is that we are all saved thanks to Jesus? Jesus have initiated and accomplished the obedience of the father: we too can enjoy salvation if we stay in his road. The possibility is there for everyone. All of us can be saved when we start walking in the road of Jesus. Todays reading remind us of  the two moments, the start of the road of Adam and that of the Lord.

Adam and Eve received everything, life and everything good to be able to enjoy life. God gave them “the tree of life” and gave them “the tree of the knowledge of the good and the bad”. This was to serve them for their own discernment, but it was not meant to be its substitute. The serpent arrived, and he tried to seduce them in believing that God was jealous and a liar, and thus it was better for them to avoid his own instructions and guideline. Neither ever not Adam were aware of the cheating. They accepted to doubt the truth and the goodness of the instructions of God, notwithstanding the fact that they were made from his own hands and have received from him the “breath of life” which made them similar to him. And they started to doubt of his love. And they remained alone. They did not have the sustenance and were not able anymore to love: they started to consider themselves the enemies of one another, and started to defend themselves from each other’s glance.

Jesus was pushed by the Spirit of God to enter in that desert in which he transformed into a garden. And there he himself had to face the seductions of the tempter. The devil sees Jesus by himself, he sees him hungry, and giving the impression that he was loving him, he suggests to him, as if he was the gift of wisdom. “You are the son of God?” So then, why do you not make miracles, then you can exercise your own powers. You are Son of God? So then you can be made know to the crowds. receive the glory by the people, surprise them by your own miracles. You are the son of god?> So then you can put yourself as the hear of men to command them: I will give you the necessary means when you adore me and obey me”. Jesus listened with attention. It is true that he is the Son of God: the Father himself gives testimony to John and to all the sinners when the Holy Spirit descended It is because it is true that for God he is the Son, wants to behave like a Son. The Son listens obeys and tries to make the will of his father.

The son does nothing that which is not asked by the Father,. And in this way Jesus comes to know that the nice and attractive proposals that arrive to him, if he were to accept the, they will further him from the Father because these are proposals which want to make him independent of the Father. Besides, all these suggestions wants to make him believe that God is not the God of love and the cross, but it is the God like the one imagines by the pagans, by the strong and the rich. This God does not exist, this is not his father. Thus Jesus does not answer to the provocations or better, oppose himself to the word of the Father and he answers: Man does not live alone with bread but with every word that comes out of the mouth of God”. Jesus looks for the Word and not the words that deceive. “Do not put the Lord God in trial”: the Son does not have no motive to doubt the presence and the assistance of the Father to whom it was always said: “Even if I go to the valley of darkness, I do not fear, because you are with me”. And also: “The Lord your God, you adore: to him you give praise and worship”: a Son does not substitute anyone for his father, and neither does he himself want to substitute him.

For three times Jesus conducted himself in opposition to Adam and Eve.

He never doubted the Father, he did not give him is back, he continued to love him more than himself. In this way he started a new road that which we want to journey ourselves too, the road of obedience and love, where we live in communion and love and peace with the father and with everyone

To the words of Saint Paul, which put in relation the fall of man and the salvation operated and given by Jesus, an image has been applied, like a parable, which helps us to understand the mystery. We have fallen in a river and we have been gushed by the current which has taken us away from the shore. What awaits us is only death. But behold, near to us arrives a rope. IF you take this rope and gets hold of it, you will be slowly slowly saved and arrives to the shore and you are saved. This rope  unites you with Jesus. It it him who gives it to you, which he offers it to everyone. Take hold of it: it is the Church, which with all its sacraments and the holy Spirit of communion accepts you and restores you, even if it is still damp with water and without strength. Salvation is near you!