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01 set 2022
09 September 2022

English translation, September 2022

1/9 THU XXII° O.T. [II]

1Cor 3,18-23; Psal 23; Lk 5,1-11

From now on you will catching people Lk 5,10

Life can be beautiful only when it becomes a gift offered to others.

Peter experienced this truth that day that he put to the disposal of Jesus his boat, remained there to listen to him, and afterwards when he accepted to go fishing again, trusting in his word. If I listen to Jesus and trust him, he knows how to transform my life in a gift.

2/9 FRI XXII° O.T. [II]

1Cor 4,1-5; Psal 36; Lk 5,33-39

New wine must be put into fresh wineskins Lk 5,38

New wine, and new wineskins! Jesus, here you are speaking about a new religiosity, that can be lived only by one who remains with you: this person, like a new wineskin, accepts with gratitude to be filled by your same relation with the Father, as his child. In this constant relationship based on love, and lived in the events of life, consists all his spiritual commitment, his fasting, his offering.

3/9 SAT XXII°O.T. [II]

(m: S. Gregory the Great, Pope and Doct., † 604)

1Cor 4,6-15; Psal 144; Lk 6,1-5

In Christ Jesus I became your father 1Cor 4,15

A mother knows the effort necessary to give birth to a child, and at the same time knows that the child who was born of her, grows by himself. Saint Paul too, as a father, employs all his energies so as to announce Jesus, have him welcomed in the life of his spiritual children, and correct them in order for their faith to mature; later, he knows also how to entrust them to the grace of God.

4/9 SUN XXIII° O.T. Year C [III]

Wis 9,13-18; Psal 89; Philemon 9-10.12-17; Lk 14,25-33

Whoever does not carry the cross and follow me cannot be my disciple Lk 14,27

Next to you, Jesus, only joy; you love us, you save us, today and from age to age. Still, often you speak of the cross, present every day in the life of your disciples. What causes our suffering is the death of the old man in us: if we accept it in peace, you assures us we will reach the risen life with you, by trusting in the help that you – and our brethren – give us. Thank you, Jesus!


1Cor 5,1-8; Psal 5; Lk 6,6-11

It is actually reported that there is sexual immoralità among you 1Cor 5,1

Saint Paul admonishes the new-born christian community in Corinth, where some remnants of pagan behaviour can still be found. Today, after 2000 years, Paul could repeat the same warning to many Christians, tempted as they are to absorb the dominant pagan mentality, which include immoralities considered instead basic rights and freedom! Come, holy and pure Spirit!


1Cor 6,1-11; Psal 149; Lk 6,12-19

They had come to hear him and to be healed Lk 6,18

In that crowd Jesus had already seen the whole of humanity in need of his healing and saving Word. Therefore he had just chosen the Twelve, those men he would send to all peoples. The proclamation of the Good News of his love must reach and benefit also, and in a special way, those who are not able to come by themselves to Jesus.


1Cor 7,25-31; Psal 44; Lk 6,20-26

Jesus looked up and said:”Blessed are you who are poor” Lk 6,20

Jesus had his disciples in front of him. He saw them “poor”: after leaving evertything behind, now they had only Jesus: he proclaims them “blessed” , which means that they are near to the Father’s heart. Jesus, looking up with your serene and meek eyes, may you always find me poor in front of you!

8/9 THU NATIVITY of the Blessed Virgin MARY [P]

Mi 5,1-4a or Rm 8,28-30; Psal 12; Mt 1,1-16.18-23

THey shall name him Emmanuel Mt 1,23

Emmanuel”, which means ‘God with us’; Matthew adds the translation. Today, with the birth of Mary, we celebrate the fulfillment of the promise of salvation – present all along the First Testament - : it is approaching! Today we celebrate Mary who, with her personal and trusting ‘yes’ tied with the ‘yes’ said by Joseph, made possible the presence of God among his beloved children as he had planned it: visible, incarnate, approachable.


(mf: S. Peter Claver, priest, † 1654)

1Cor 9,16-19.22-27; Psal 83; Lk 6,39-42

You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye Lk 6,42

I wish not to merit this reproach from you, Jesus! Instead, I know that you are always full of compassion for the person who is willing to admit the reality; to be a fragile creature, always in need of your mercy, and the mercy of his brothers and sisters likewise. Purify me, and I too, will be able to be an instrument of your love which purifies and illumines.

10/9 SAT XXIII° O.T. [III]

1Cor 10,14-22; Psal 115; Lk 6,43-49

We all partake of the one bread 1Cor 10,17

That Bread which we partake, after it has been transformed in the Body of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, unites all of us and, in Christ Jesus, makes us one. The Communion is communion with Jesus and with all the members of his Church. Our life can then bear the good fruits of unity, charity, peace, stability… For this reason tomorrow I will partecipate with joy to the Sunday Supper with the risen Jesus!

11/9 SUN XXIV° O.T. Year C [IV]

Ex 32,7-11.13-14; Psal 50; 1Tm 1,12-17; Lk 15,1-32

I have found my sheep Lk 15,6

You are, Jesus, that good Shepherd! And I am part and parcel of humanity, namely that rebellious and capricious sheep. By lacking in trust in our Father, we have gone wildly astray… Only the pierced hands of our crucified Lord and Shepherd could save us from the abyss: without a reproach, without a punishment, on the contrary with the eternal embrace of his love. Thank you, Jesus!

12/9 MON XXIV° O.T. [IV]

(mf: Most Holy Name of Mary)

1Cor 11,17-26.33; Psal 39; Lk 7,1-10

This is my body, which is for you 1Cor 11,24

Most Holy Mary, today we celebrate your beautiful name, and I would like that it could become mine, too. Its meaning, in fact, is: ‘God is my Lord’! Today’s Word helps us: you have nourished and given birth to the holy Body of Jesus. For us it is joy, hope, eternal life. Thank you, Mary!

13/9 MAR XXIV° T.O. [IV]

(m: S. John Chrisostom, Bishop and Doct., † 407)

1Cor 12,12-14.27-31; Psal 99; Lk 7,11-17

God has looked favourably on his people! Lk 7,16

I imagine the joy filling these words exclaimed during the procession of that funeral changed into a feast; I can see the joy of that widow who had lost her only son, and found him again. I think of the joy of Mary and of the disciples when they had again the risen Jesus with them. I too, live this joy, since not just a prophet, but God himself has really visited and given back life to all humanity.


Num 21,4-9; or Phil 2,6-11; Psal 77; John 3,13-17

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son John 3,16

Today is the Feast of our being infinitely loved! The One who created us out of love, when he saw us lifeless following our refusal of him, came to look for us… It was a big cost for him to give his beloved Son: his sacrifice on the cross has become source of new life for us: Thank you, Father, thank you, Jesus!

15/9 THU Our Lady of Sorrows (m) [P]

Heb 5,7-9; Psal 30; John 19,25-27 or Lk 2,33-35

Woman, here is your son John 19,26

The disciple “whom Jesus loved” stood at the foot of the cross; I am that disciple, you are that disciple, all of us who live of his Word. And Mary continues to carry out the work entrusted to her by Jesus on the cross: she is our Mother, a Mother who understands and comforts us, ready to communicate to us the strength she had to follow Jesus. Mary, Sorrowful Virgin, so much loved, so much invoked, we too entrust ourselves to you!

16/9 VEN XXIV° T.O. [IV]

(m: Ss. Cornelius, Pope, † 253 e Cyprian, BIshop, martyrs, † 258)

1Cor 15,12-20; Psal 16; Lk 8,1-3

If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile 1Cor 15,17

I believe, Jesus, that you have risen, and live in the heart of those who love you. I can, then, look with serenity to my life and my death, and to that of those dear to me, likewise. You do not abandon us! Thank you for the big gift of faith, thank you for those who pray that I be firmly gronde in it.

17/9 SAT XXIV° T.O. [IV]

(mf: S. Robert Bellarmine, Bishop and Doct., † 1621)

1Cor 15,35-37.42-49; Psal 55; Lk 8,4-15

In a time of testing they fall away Lk 8,13

Let us ask Jesus that it does not happen that way. We ask him to know how to forgive when someone offends us, and how to be humble and merciful whenever it would be natural for us to judge and condemn other people; we ask him to know how to be generous, without looking at our own interest only, and how to remain faithful to him and our brothers and sisters, though suffering is the price to pay.

Holy Spirit, help me to live the Word of Jesus all the time, not only when I receive joy and peace from it, but also when it asks my offering myself.

18/9 SUN XXV° O.T. Year C [I]

Amos 8,4-7; psal 112; 1Tm 2,1-8; Lk 16,1-13

You cannot serve God and wealth Lk 16,13

The Father called me, when I was young, to leave everything and follow Jesus. Since that time I have no money… This reminder, however, I still hear it addressed to me today: whatever I seek for my own satisfaction is like serving a wealth that hinders my service to the Lord. Jesus, give to all of us, your beloved Church, a heart rich exclusively of your love !

19/9 LUN XXV° T.O. [I]

(mf: S. Januarius, Bishop and mart., † sec. IV)

Prov 3,27-34; Psal 14; Lk 8,16-18

The perverse are an abomination to the Lord Prov 3,32

Let us try and translate this expression of the First Testament into the language of the New Testament: the Father cannot embrace the perverse, since darkness cannot exist in the presence of the light. Do not look with envy, therefore, those who do evil and is rich. You are poor but you trust the Father; be happy for his love and pray, offering yourself for those who do not know him yet.

20/9 TUE XXV° O.T. [I]

(m: S. Andrea Kim, priest, and Comp., martyrs, † 1839-1866; Dioc. memory inTrento: mf: Blessed Adelpreto, Bishop, † 1172)

Prov 21,1-6.10-13; Psal 118; Lk 8,19-21

They hear the word of God and do it Lk 8,21

Whoever does so, Jesus tells, are for him mother and brothers, his family. How precious, then, is the Word! When we listen to it and live it with love, it becomes the key of our communion with Jesus, the Son of God. No greater treasure than this communion can exist: it is eternal life. Every day I will look for your Word, Lord Jesus!

21/9 WED St MATTHEW, Apostle and Evangelist [P]

Eph 4,1-7.11-13; Psal 18; Mt 9,9-13

I desire mercy, not sacrifice Mt 9,13

Both Jesus and the pharises used to read the same holy Scripture, but how different was their respective attitude towards the sinners! Jesus listened to the Father with a Son’s heart, eager to live his Word: when the Scripture is read in this way, it changes our heart.

Saint Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist, sing alleluiah and pray for us.

22/9 THU XXV° O.T. [I]

Eccl 1,2-11; Psal 89; Lk 9,7-9

He tried to see him Lk 9,9

Herod tried to see Jesus, perplexed by the miracles Jesus worked. He will see him indeed, but only as a criminal in chains sent to him by Pilate. Even at that time he will expect to see Jesus performing wonders and will not be able to discover his love and understand who he is.

Thank you, Jesus, that I can “see you” when I open the book of the Gospels, when I stay with you in silence –both inside me and outside – and contemplate your love in your words, in your actions, in your offering yourself and in your resurrection.

23/9 FRI XXV° O.T. [I]

(m: S. Pio of Pietralcina, religious, † 1968)

Eccl 3,1-11; Psal 143; Lk 9,18-22

Jesus was praying alone in a deserted place Lk 9,18

Jesus used to pray, to stay with the Father in deserted places… If I do not pray, I can notice that I do not know any more why I live, why I suffer, why I love, and quickly I lose both the strength and the joy to start praying again. Every day I want to give the first place to prayer. Holy Spirit, thank you, you help me to do that.

24/9 SAT XXV° O.T. [I]

Eccl 11,9 - 12,8; Psal 89; Lk 9,43-45

Remember your creator Eccl 12,1

They are words addressed to young people.. and also to adults and old people, to everybody!
It is true, however that when we are young we put the foundations for all our life, and it is important to set it in the right direction. To remember my Creator keeps me united to him, protected from what damages my existence, but especially it lets me live in the joyous knowledge that I belong to Someone who loves me, that I am never alone in the world.

25/9 SUN XXVI° O.T. Year C [II]

Amos 6,1.4-7; Psal 145; 1Tm 6,11-16; Lk 16,19-31

He is comforted here, and you are in agony Lk 16,25

This Word helps us in living wisely. We do not look for joy here on earth, where everything passes away, but in heaven, in the very heart of the Father. There every gratuitous action of love, every cross shared with Jesus and his poor ones, will find an eternal reward. Let us say with joy, together with St Philip Neri: “ I prefer the Paradise!”.

26/9 MON XXVI° O.T. [II]

(mf: Ss. Cosmas and Damian, martyrs, sec. IV)

Job 1,6-22; Psal 16; Lk 9,46-50

The least among all of you is the greatest Lk 9,48

In the Church, as it is the case in every healthy christian family, who is the greatest? Who is the centre of attention and of love, if not the one who needs it most? Then, when you think you are poor, you can know that the Father is bending down on you. When instead you think you are strong, become an instrument of his fatherly love! You will always be at the centre of his heart.

27/9 TUE XXVI° O.T. [II]

(m: S. Vincent de’ Paul, priest, † 1660)

Job 3,1-3.11-17.20-23; Psal 87; Lk 9,51-56

His face was set towards Jerusalem Lk 9,53

The Samaritans did not have good relations with the Jews, therefore they refuse to welcome Jesus, who is going to Jerusalem. The evident destination of Jesus tells us that he fully and firmly accepted the suffering, till the death on the cross which beckons to him from Jerusalem. His love, welcoming the pain on our behalf, is the answer to the incomprehensible mystery of sorrow.

28/9 WED XXVI° O.T. [II]

(mf: S. Wenceslaus, mart., † 935; Ss. Lorenzo Ruiz and Comp., martyrs, † 1633-1637)

Job 9,1-12.14-16; Psal 87; Lk 9,57-62

Go and proclaim the Kingdom of God Lk 9,60

To be your disciple, to be a Christian, Jesus, what a grace it is! Through this gift I can live a true love towards all, in freedom of heart: in every situation my unique task has become to bring you, Kingdom of God present in my poor heart, and then to remain with you, in peace.

29/9 THU Ss. Archangels MICHAEL, GABRIEL and RAPHAEL [P]

Dan 7,9-10.13-14 or Ap 12,7-12; Psal 137; John 1,47-51

Rabbi, you are the Son of God! John 1,49

This profession of faith, as much complete as it is short, sprung from the mouth and heart of Nathanael who had just met Jesus, where does it come from? Certainly it ripened in listening to the Scriptures, a commitment taken by Nathanael who was waiting for the Messiah. Having opened his heart, the light from on High could enter and work. The celestial powers, angels and archangels, are ready too to work in us through these “openings”, for the glory of the Son of God.

30/9 FRI XXVI° O.T. [II]

(m: S. Jerome, priest and Doct., † 420)

Job 38,1.12-21; 40,3-5; Psal 138; Lk 10,13-16

Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! Lk 10,13

Jesus must reproach the towns that, after receiving the gift of his visit, failed to answer with fruits of conversion and of love. How many gifts Jesus is giving to me too, through his holy Church: his Word, his sacred Body, the communion with the brethren.. o Holy Spirit, help me, that I do not welcome these gifts in vain, but in such a way that they may bear fruit for the coming of your Kingdom!

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