CALENDARIO / Calendario Cinquepani EN

01 ott 2022
10 October 2022

English translation, October 2022

1/10 SAT XXVI° O.T. [II]

(m: S. Teresa of the Child Jesus , virg. and Doct., † 1897)

Job 42,1-3.5-6.12-17; Psal 118; Lk 10,17-24

Rejoice that your names are written in heaven Lk 10,20

It is a never-ending exercise what you asks of us, Jesus, but we do it willingly, for it is an execise of love. It is as if we would repeat without ceasing: “Dad, your love is enough for me!” Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus, you were an expert in it, help us in doing this holy exercise, with the love of a real sister!

2/10 SUN XXVII° O.T. Year C [III]

Ab 1,2-3; 2,2-4; Psal 94; 2Tm 1,6-8.13-14; Lk 17,5-10

Guard the good treasure entrusted to you, with the help of the Holy Spirit 2Tm 1,14

Timothy, by the imposition of hands of St Paul, had received the consecration to be a shepherd, and a herald of the Gospel. Not all of us have received this “good treasure”, but all of us have received the treasure of Baptism, of the Eucharist and the other Sacraments. We have also received the gift of faith, hope and charity: they are, each of them, good treasures to be kept with the help of the Holy Spirit, to be nourished by our prayer, but especially to be put in practice.

3/10 MON XXVII° O.T. [III]

Gal 1,6-12; Psal 110; Lk 10,25-37

If I were still pleasing people, I would not be a servant of Christ Gal 1,10

St. Paul affirms this to the Galatians not because the Lord Jesus refuses to give men beautiful and good things, on the contrary! From no one else man can receive true love, peace, forgiveness, fullness of life, truth…: everybody desires all these things. Paul is speaking like this because men are always tempted of getting all these goods by building up their own way to satisfy their selfish desires, instead of humbly welcoming the way which Jesus shows us, which is the Church, and in her, those appointed by him as our guides.

4/10 TUE S. FRANCIS of ASSISI, († 1226), Patron of Italy [P]

Gal 6,14-18; Psal 15; Mt 11,25-30

My yoke is easy, and my burden is light Mt 11,30

On the bronze door of the Church dedicated to saint Florian in Canazei eight persons are carved: all carry a cross, more or less heavy. Seven have each the name of one of the capital vices; pride, avarice, lust… The eigth is smaller and lighter, with the name of Jesus written on it. Thank you, Jesus, that your yoke – to live in obedience to you – is easy, and your burden is light.

5/10 WED XXVII° O.T. [III]

Gal 2,1-2.7-14; Psal 116; Lk 11,1-4

Lord, teach us to pray Lk 11,1

It is important to go to Jesus, to stay with him to learn how to pray. His prayer, his intimacy with the Father, will be communicated to us too, as a kind of osmosis, through the Spirit that he gives us as a gift. Lord Jesus, by your mercy and your cross, have pity on us and teach us to pray!

6/10 THU XXVII° O.T. [III]

(mf: S. Bruno, monk, † 1101)

Gal 3,1-5; cant: Lk 1,69-75; Lk 11,5-13

Knock, and the door will be opened for you Lk 11,9

It is since many years that every day I ask the gift of holy priests and religious persons for our Diocese. I do not see the fruits of this prayer… but I persevere. I feel that I live as a child, in this way, my obedience to Jesus, and I am sure that, on his part, he knows how to play his role.

7/10 FRI XXVII° O.T. [III]

(m: Our Lady of the Rosary)

Gal 3,7-14; Psal 110; Lk 11,15-26

Those who believe are blessed with Abraham Gal 3,9

The Apostle Saint Paul is also, after being won by the risen Jesus, our physician and teacher, and stresses to the Jews, his brothers: the works of the Law cannot open for us the doors of life, but only faith in Jesus! He himself is the blessing promised to Abraham because of his faith; he himself, carrying his cross! Blessed Virgin of the Holy Rosary, how many are the graces and the victories of faith and of this prayer! We love the Rosary.

8/10 SAT XXVII° O.T. [III]

Gal 3,22-29; Psal 104; Lk 11,27-28

Blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it Lk 11,28

Jesus’ answer is to a woman who, full of admiration, had exclaimed: “Blessed be your mother!”. Jesus then reveals to her a beautiful secret, but to us too, today: she – like everyone - can enjoy his love, can enter in his heart, by hearing from him the word of God and obeying it, that is putting it in practice.

9/10 SUN XXVIII° O.T. Year C [IV]

2Kings 5,14-17; Psal 97; 2Tm 2,8-13; Lk 17,11-19

Jesus, Master, have mercy on us! Lk 17,13

Like the ten lepers in today’s Gospel, let us go trustingly to Jesus: he is God, Lord over death itself. Like that single leper, who came back to thank him that day, we too want to acknowledge his interventions and thank him every time and in everything. To be near him is the greatest of all gifts.

10/10 MON XXVIII° O.T. [IV]

Gal 4,22-24.26-27.31 - 5,1; Psal 112; Lck 11,29-32

For freedom Christ has set us free Gal 5,1

Freedom is – like love – one among the most flaunted and ill-treated words. The freedom that is the gift of Jesus is not to do very time and in any way what our selfishness dictates. It is instead the freedom from our selfishness, so as to do whatever the Father knows to be good for us and others, not because we are forced but on the strength of being loved as children. It is Jesus who gives us the freedom of love, always and in every circumstance.

11/10 TUE XXVIII° O.T. [IV]

Gal 5,1-6; Psal 118; Lk 11,37-41

In Christ Jesus circumcision counts for nothing, only faith counts Gal 5,6

Paul pleads with his people that he loves: though he was used to strictly observe the Law and the tradition of the fathers, after being touched by grace he understood that nothing we do can save us; only Jesus can, with his crucified and risen love. He says the same to us: we will stay next to Jesus and our work will be ‘to do’ his Word, then we can enter already now in the true life.

12/10 WED XXVIII° O.T. [IV]

Gal 5,18-25; Psal 1; Lk 11,42-46

If we live by the Spirit, let us also be guided by the Spirit Gal 5,25

The real life of our life is the life as children of our Father in heaven: its ‘breath’ is the Holy Spirit, a gift from Jesus. The life of our body continues without our being aware of it, but the life of the Spirit has to be freely welcomed, time after time, by living its fruits, namely love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosità, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

13/10 THU XXVIII° O.T. [IV]

Eph 1,1-10; Psal 97; Lk 11,47-54

He has made known to us the mystery of his will Eph 1,9

This verse is taken from a prayer of Saint Paul. Sometimes in his letters it is as if a prayer blooms like a flower; they are prayers filled with amazement and gratitude in front of the wonderful work of the Father in Jesus, a work that Paul has come to know in his life. They are prayers filled also with the wisdom and knowledge granted him by the Holy Spirit; though in time past he had been a teacher in Israel, now he had become a new creature in Jesus. We love these prayers, and make them ours

14/10 FRI XXVIII° O.T. [IV]

(mf: S. Callistus I, Pope and mart., † 222)

Eph 1,11-14; Psal 32; Lk 12,1-7

Do not be afraid: you are of more value than many sparrows! Lk 12,7

This Word reminds us of the Saints: their desire was just to remain in the Father’s heart, and live his love through the service to the brethren. This love brought some of them to a violent death, while kept others safe in the midst of many perils. The Father, however, lost none of them, and fills them with joy in his Kingdom.

15/10 SAT XXVIII° O.T. [IV]

(m: S. Teresa of Avila, virgin and Doct., † 1582)

Eph 1,15-23; Psal 8; Lk 12,8-12

The Holy Spirit will teach you what you ought to say Lk 12,12

I will guaard, then, the presence of the Holy Spirit in my heart: he is Spirito f meekness, forgiveness, peace, joy. Thus I will always bring to light only Jesus, the true Word.

Saint Teresa, Virgin and Doctor of the Church, help us!

16/10 SUN XXIX° O.T. Year C [I]

Ex 17,8-13; Psal 120; 2Tm 3,14 - 4,2; Lk 18,1-8

I tell you, he will quickly grant justice to them Lk 18,8

We too, today, find ourselves among the “chosen ones who cry to him day and night”: we, who in obedience and faithfulness, poor but full of joy, gather around Jesus, our risen Lord. “The world can stand because of the prayer of the saints”. Have courage, then, do not get tired of living with Jesus in your heart and of praying together with the brethren.

17/10 MON XXIX° O.T. [I]

(m: S. Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and mart., † 107 ca)

Eph 2,1-10; Psal 99; Lk 12,13-21

One’s life does not consist in the abundance of possessions Lk 12,15

To the two brothers who quarrelled for their inheritance, Jesus says that their life – the life of all alike – does not consist in what they own. On the contrary, it consists … in what is shared! What we share makes us rich for ever. Then, is it worth to quarrel?

18/10 TUE St. LUKE, Evangelist [P]

2Tm 4,10-17; Psal 144; Lk 10,1-9

The Kingdom of God has come near to you Lk 10,9

The morning prayer is important, as it is important to reserve all the time we can to Jesus, before we start our daily tasks. Whether it is the Holy Mass or the attentive listening to the Gospel… the Holy Spirit guides whoever loves Jesus. It is important: it is as if we call Jesus to come in our heart, then we will be able to say wherever we go: “The Kingdom of God has come near to you”. St Luke, Evangelist of Jesus’ prayer, help us!

19/10 WED XXIX° O.T. [I]

(mf: Ss. John de Brébeuf, Isaac Jogues, priests, and Companions, martyrs, sec. XVII; S. Paul of the Cross, priest, † 1775)

Eph 3,2-12; Is 12,2-6; Lk 12,39-48

Blessed is that slave whom his master will find at work when he arrives Lc 12,43

Which is the work for which Jesus declared “blessed” that slave? He was busy giving out food, giving out life around him. He did not know the hour of his master’s arrival, but he was attentive to carry out the work his master had entrusted to him: he was always ready!

20/10 THU XXIX° O.T. [I]

Eph 3,14-21; Psal 32; Lk 12,49-53

May he grant that you may be strengthened in your inner being with power Eph 3,16

The inner being is that part of me that, if I let the Holy Spirit guide me, directs all my being – my thoughts, my feelings, my actions - according to the Father’s heart. Thus I can live united to Jesus, in the joy and peace springing from his love, strong in difficult times and always capable of love.

21/10 FRI XXIX° O.T. [I]

Eph 4,1-6; Psal 23; Lk 12,54-59

…with your accuser, make an effort to settle the case Lk 12,58

To settle the case with a person who accuses us, normally we have to find a compromise. Which kind of accord, Jesus, do you invite me to do? With whom? It is as if you were telling me: give up your ego, so selfish and proud, and welcome your being a true child of the Father, as my disciple Paul exhorts you: a child humble and tender, enduring everything in love while keeping the unity in peace.

22/10 SAT XXIX° O.T. [I]

Eph 4,7-16; Psal 121; Lk 13,1-9

If it bears fruit next year, well and good; but if not, you can cut it down Lk 13,9

How easy for us to forget that Jesus suffered so much for us, and is working even today for our salvation! We forget, too, that with him alone our life is kept safe. Today we want to be docile to his inspirations and welcome his initiatives: since he loves us so much, he does not want us to be lost for ever.

23/10 SUN XXX° O.T. Year C [II]

Sir 35, 12-14.16-18(15-17.20-22); Psal 33; 2Tm 4,6-8.16-18; Lk 18,9-14

All who exalt themselves will be humbled Lk 18,14

It is a grace, that something make us stumble and fall down in the moment that we feel as if we are important… Yes, because every time that we recognize the truth, namely that we are so small, and trust ourselves to God who knows and loves us always, we become great, pleasing to him and to his children.

24/10 MON XXX° O.T. [II]

(mf: S. Anthony Maria Claret, Bishop, † 1870)

Eph 4,32 - 5,8; Psal 1; Lk 13,10-17

Jesus saw her and called her over Lk 13,12

You see me too, and call me over to you, Jesus, even today. This will be my joy, though I should suffer about something; this will be my strength, whenever my living your Word will become a cross to bear. Jesus, I believe in your love for me!

25/10 TUE XXX° O.T. [II]

Eph 5,21-33; Psal 127; Lk 13,18-21

The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed Lk 13,19

Today Jesus speaks again about the Kingdom of God, that is that reality, that life, that universe which is hidden to the eyes of the world, though so much alive, so much present, where the Father reigns. Jesus will say “You will see me, since I am living, and you too will live”. Here the tiniest work, like the tiny mustard seed, become great and bears a fruit of life for many.

26/10 WED XXX° O.T. [II]

Eph 6,1-9; Psal 144; Lk 13,22-30

In replay he will say to you: ”I do not know where you come from” Lk 13,27

Still, they belonged to the people of God, Jesus had often spoken in their villages… He feels that they are like foreigners. Many times I will have to wonder: “Where does this word, or attitude of mine, come from? Does it come from the Father, from his Spirit?”

27/10 THU XXX° O.T. [II]

Eph 6,10-20; Psal 143; Lk 13,31-35

Today, tomorrow.. I must be on my way Lk 13,33

The pharisees invite Jesus to go away from Jerusalem, since Herod wanted to kill him there. Jesus answers: “It is necessary …”. This expression, in the Scripture, shows that we deal with the will of God. Jesus does not accept a solution which is not according to the Father’s will: only in his hands he feels secure, saved.

28/10 FRI Ss. SIMON and JUDAS, Apostles [P]

Eph 2,19-22; Psal 18; Lck 6,12-19

Jesus spent the night in prayer to God Lk 6,12

Jesus spends the whole night in prayer, before choosing the Twelve, those men who would become the leaders of the new People of God.

Today we celebrate two of them, and we welcome them, since they were chosen by Jesus according to the Father’s heart. With the same trust and gratitude let us today welcome their successors, our Bishops.

29/10 SAT XXX° O.T. [II]

Phil 1,18-26; Psal 41; Lk 14,1.7-11

Go and sit down at the lowest place Lk 14,10

Jesus, you educate us like a good and wise father. You know that God and men too are pleased with a humble person, and you encourage us walking on this road. Help me, for I feel it still strong in me, this desire of pleasing men by doing big things, so as to be esteemed important. Remind me again and again that only the small ones can be raised up in the Father’s arms.

30/10 SUN XXXI° O.T. Year C [III]

Wis 11,22 - 12,2; Psal 144; 2Ts 1,11 - 2,2; Lk 19,1-10

He was trying to see who Jesus was Lk 19,3

He had to overcome the obstacle of being a short man, Zacchaeus… Every person who wants to see Jesus will find obstacles: the fear of losing something which we consider so precious, the fear for the mess in which we find ourselves… As soon as Jesus will find us, however, as he did with Zacchaeus, then we will seek for nothing else: we found the one who loves us fully, who forgives us! Let us try to see Jesus, then!

31/10 MON XXXI° O.T. [III]

Phil 2,1-4; Psal 130; Lk 14,12-14

You will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous Lk 14,14

When I was living just for myself, I was often doing nothing, and “sick and tired”. Then Jesus conquered me, and from that moment I have no more free time: I see ‘poor people’ everywhere, in need maybe of just a telephone call, but a call without a reason, that is made out of love! The renard? It is the presence of the risen Jesus in my heart, a foretaste of Paradise!

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