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01 nov 2022
11 November 2022

English translation, November 2022


Ap 7,2-4.9-14; Psal 23; 1John 3,1-3; Mt 5,1-12

Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy Mt 5,7

I too, need mercy, every day. Where can I find it? I will not lack it, if I use it towards other people. This is what all the Saints are telling me who today sing the praises of God together with the angels. They are all sinners who have been forgiven. They have found mercy because they themselves used it in a thousand different ways, with a great phantasy!


1st Mass: Job 19,1.23-27; Psal 26; Rom 5,5-11; John 6,37-40

2nd Mass: Is 25,6.7-9; Psal 24; Rom 8,14-23; Mt 25,31-46

3rd Mass: Wis 3,1-9; Psal 41; Ap 21,1-5.6-7; Mt 5,1-12

Anyone who come sto me I will never drive away John 6,37

Whoever goes to Jesus runs no risk. It is he himself who firmly promises this. Today we go to him carrying with us the persons we love, those who were patient with us and those we had to be patient with: if Jesus does not drive us away, neither will he drive them away!

3/11 THU XXXI° O.T. [III]

(mf: S. Martin de Porres, relig., † 1639)

Phil 3,3-8; Psal 104; Lk 15,1-10

There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents Lk 15,10

The joy of the angels is a share in the Father’s joy. He rejoices when he sees that we come back to him, and we will rejoice to see his face full of light, and happy because we are there in front of him. I will try today to begin my conversion, by accepting that his desires replace mine. The angels will see then the joy of God!

4/11 FRI XXXI° O.T. [III]

(m: S. Charles Borromeo, Bishop, † 1584)

Phil 3,17 - 4,1; Psal 121; Lk 16,1-8

Our citizenship is in heaven Phil 3,20

Saint Paul wants to help us to live the Word of Jesus. Often, he would speak of the Kingdom of heaven, namely of a way of living directed to the Father and guided by him, Jesus, who had been sent as king of the Kingdom. The kingdoms of this world should not have us under their spell, nor pull us down: they will all fade away. We are made for a different Kingdom, where every law is love.

5/11 SAT XXXI° O.T. [III]

Phil 4,10-19; Psal 111; Lk 16,9-15

My God will fully satisfy every need Phil 4,19

It is still Saint Paul who opens his heart with the community of Philippi. They had helped him with many things, and they did well, since thus they could detach themselves from earthly goods in order to live the charism of charity. In this way they manifest what is the life of God. God, on his part, will have them taste his being a Father to them.

6/11 SUN XXXII° O.T. Year C [IV]

2Mac 7,1-2.9-14; Psal 16; 2Ts 2,16-3,5; Lk 20,27-38

He is God not of the dead, but of the living Lk 20,38

We assist to a discussion started by the sadducees, rich people who did not believe in the life to come. They look like those who still today say: when I am dead, everything is over. Well, Jesus gives them a lesson: the very name by which God has made himself known proves that those who died are not considered dead by him. Is he the God of Abraham? Then Abraham is not just a heap of bones!

7/11 MON XXXII° O.T. [IV]

(Dioc. memory in Trento: m: S. Prosdocimus, Bishop, † sec. II)

Tit 1,1-9; Psal 23; Lk 17,1-6

Be on your guard! Lk 17,3

Jesus makes us this recommendation not to avoid a flu, but so that we do not risk living scandal. He had just told the parable of the rich man and the poor man, Lazarus. We should give scandal if we speak and act in such a way that we consider more the rich than the poor...

8/11 TUE XXXII° O.T. [IV]

Tit 2,1-8.11-14; Psal 36; Lk 17,7-10

Say: “We are worthless slaves” Lk 17,10

A servant is never useless, but if he boasts, he would no longer be trustworthy. In front of God we are children, not servants. If we do not serve the Father with a love as that of children, our service will become much worse than useless.


Ez 47,1-2.8-9.12 or 1Cor 3,9c-11.16-17; Psal 45; John 2,13-22

Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? 1Cor 3,16

We pray today in communion with the Pope, who celebrates the feast of his Cathedral. The feast for a building made of stones is the occasion to remember with joy that God does not live among stones, but in hearts of flesh. Men, that is we, are the dwelling of God, of the God who is love and wants to be known by everybody thanks to the love we ourselves live.

10/11 THU XXXII° O.T. [IV]

(m: S. Leo the Great, Pope and Doct., † 461)

Fm 7-20; Psal 145; Lk 17,20-25

He must endure much suffering Lk 17,25

Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of God, a kingdom normally thought of as exactly the same as the many kingdoms of the world. Instead it is completely different. Its King, in fact, will not know clapping of hands and comforts, but refusal and suffering. His disciples, as a consequence, have to get ready, and be strong inside and deeply motivated.

11/11 FRI XXXII° O.T. [IV]

(m: S. Martin of Tours, Bishop, † 397)

2John 1.3-9; Psal 118; Lk 17,26-37

Walk in love 2John 1,6

Saint John exhorts in these terms the Christians who already walk in truth. They have come to know Jesus, have deepened his mysteries, but they should not forget that he is the Father’s love; therefore they too will manifest him to the world only through love.

12/11 SAT XXXII° O.T. [IV]

(m: S. Josaphat, Bishop and mart., † 1623)

3John 5-8; Psal 111; Lk 18,1-8

Jesus told them a parable about their need to pray always Lk 18,1

“Need to pray always!” Do you know what it means? As the judge in the parable, men need to be pestered with requests in order to do something. God, instead, is pleased when he sees that we are leaning on him so as to become ourselves love, like him. To pray always means to throw ourselves in his arms all the time.

13/11 SUN XXXIII° O.T. Year C [I]

Ml 3,19-20(hebr. 4,1-2); Psal 97; 2Ts 3,7-12; Lk 21,5-19

By your endurance you will gain your souls Lk 21,19

Jesus gives his disciples some final instructions. They are hard to hear! They will always find people who want to cheat them. Therefore they are to be careful; a life without the presence of the cross is not the true life, because he, the Master, actually the Lord, will always carry on his shoulders the hatred of the world as his cross.

14/11 MON XXXIII° O.T: [I]

Ap 1,1-4; 2,1-5; Psal 1; Lk 18,35-43

All the people, when they saw it, praised God Lk 18,43

What did the people see? They saw a blind man who no longer needed to be led by others to follow Jesus. That blind man, that beggar, shouted without fear of being judged badly because of his faith. Such courage really open our mouth too, to praise God!

15/11 TUE XXXIII° O.T. [I]

(mf: S. Albert the Great, Bishop and Doct., † 1280)

Ap 3,1-6.14-22; Psal 14; Lk 19,1-10

I will give half of my possessions to the poor Lk 19,8

What decision! Is it not a miracle that a rich man decides to become poor? What is it that pushed him to take this step? A gesture of love. A gesture of welcoming, of attention. Jesus trusted him, when he said: Do you really want to see me? Then I will come into your house. I come and eat with you. And Zacchaeus finds himself free from the demon of greed.

16/11 WED XXXIII° O.T. [I]

(mf: S. Margaret of Scotland, † 1093; S. Gertrude, virg., † 1302)

Ap 4,1-11; Psal 150; Lk 19,11-28

Do business with these until I come back Lk 19,13

If you, Jesus, should come now, would I have with me some “fruits” to offer you? I do not know.. For this reason I desire to start all over again every day, and renew at every instant my willingness at doing everything, be it very small, out of love for you. Then the fruits, namely love, peace, pardon, will abound ...

17/11 THU XXXIII° O.T. [I]

(m: S. Elizabeth of Hungary, relig., † 1231)

Ap 5,1-10; Psal 149; Lk 19,41-44

As he saw the city, he wept over it Lk 19,41

The love of Jesus for all men continues faithful, though they refuse it. His paternal and maternal heart is pained and is moved at the hardness of their spirit, and their impending ruin. Jesus, with my life I desire to console you!

18/11 FRI XXXIII° O.T. [I]

Ap 10,8-11; Psal 118; Lk 19,45-48

In Trento: Dedication of the Basilica Cathedral [P]

1Kings 8,22-23 or 1Pt 2,4-9; Psal 83; Lk 19,1-10

My house shall be a house of prayer Lk 19,46

This time is the feast of our Cathedral. We gather around our Bishop, and pray for him and for the unity of the faithful in the Diocese. Not only the cathedral Church, but the whole community should be a house of prayer. In order that this may happen, I strive that my soul be filled with the desire for God the Father and for his Son Jesus.

19/11 SAT XXXIII° O.T. [I]

Ap 11,4-12; psal 143; Lk 20,27-40

The fact that the dead are raised Moses himself showed Lk 20,37

Moses affirmed that the living God who spoke to him and changed his life, has revealed his name as ‘God of Abraham’. If Abraham were just a small heap of bones, what kind of God would he be? It would be ridiculous! But if God is alive, then also Abraham is alive; he lives a life that is still unknown to us, therefore we call it ‘resurrection’.

20/11 SUN XXXIV° O.T.


2Sam 5,1-3; Psal 121; Col 1,12-20; Lk 23,35-43

Jesus, remember me Lk 23,42

These are the words of a sinner who is about to die on a cross. Jesus too is about to die. Therefore that sinner is sure that Jesus will live, that his life will be as king in a new Kingdom.

I want to confess this faith in the same way: Jesus is, and always will be, King. Therefore I will obey him, though the price to pay be the mockery of those who mock him.

21/11 MON XXXIV° O.T. [II]

(m: Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the Temple)

Ap 14,1-3.4-5; Psal 23; Lk 21,1-4

This poor widow has put in more than all of them Lk 21,3

More than all of them? Certainly! The others have put in gold, money, material wealth. She has put in her love, a love rich in faith and in abandon to God. She confessed, with her gesture, that God is a true and trustworthy Father, who can love the poor.

22/11 TUE XXXIV° O.T. [II]

(m: S. Cecilia, virg. and mart., † 250 ca)

Ap 14,14-19; Psal 95; Lk 21,5-11

Beware that you are not led astray Lk 21,8

I let myself be led astray when I attach myself to the pleasures of this world, while losing sight of the greater, more beautiful reality which is the presence of the Lord. Again, I let myself be led astray when I am alarmed by my awareness of the end of this world, and then I am not attentive to the voice of Jesus, who calls me to live with responsibility and in peace the present time, this very moment.

23/11 WED XXXIV° O.T. [II]

(mf: S. Clement I, Pope and mart., † 101; S. Columban, abbot, † 615)

Ap 15,1-4; Psal 97; Lk 21,12-19

By your endurance you will gain your souls Lk 21,19

Jesus foretells persecutions to those who follow him, and serve him with love; to be faithful to him is in reality an occasion of witnessing for him, and is source of peace and salvation.

Holy Spirit, thank you for your help!

24/11 THU XXXIV° O.T. [II]

(m: Ss. Andrew Dung-Lac, priest, and Companions, Vietnamese martyrs, 16°-18° centuries)

Ap 18,1-2.21-23; 19,1-3.9; Psal 99; Lk 21,20-28

Salvation and glory and power to our God Ap 19,1

It is a great multitude in heaven that sings this song. I want to join my voice, since the action of God in the story of my life is really a purification from the evils of this world, from the sins that lay a trap to love, from the wealth that leads astray. Our God sent Jesus to save us all, with his cross and his risen presence.

25/11 FRI XXXIV° O.T. [II]

(mf: S. Catherine of Alexandria, virg. and mart., † III-IV century)

Ap 20,1-4.11 - 21,2; Psal 83; Lk 21,29-33

The dead were judged according to their works Ap 20,12

The Book of Apocalypse seems a strange book. Some get scared when they read it, but it has been written for the consolation and joy of the faithful. We are going to be judged according to our works. Which are they? Which works God, the Judge, is going to see? He sees that we have loved Jesus, that out of love for him we have loved the brethren and carried his cross. Let us go with joy to his judgment!

26/11 SAT XXXIV° O.T. [II]

Ap 22,1-7; Psal 94; Lk 21,34-36

Be alert at all times, praying Lk 21,36

Jesus has just announced how tragic is the plight of the world. Heaven and earth will pass away. How can a Christian live in this continuous incertitude? He will be careful, not to be caught by enticing things as in a net, and constant prayer will be the key to do that. This means that time after time he will lean towards the Father, together with Jesus!

27/11 SUN I° ADVENT Year A [I]

Is 2,1-5; Psal 121; Rom 13,11-14; Mt 24,37-44

You also must be ready Mt 24,44

Ready to what? Ready to meet the master with love. The ‘master’ gave me a responsibility, thus showing me his great trust in me. I can’t wait until he comes back, so as to show him my faithfulness!

28/11 MON I° ADVENT [I]

Is 4,2-6; Psal 121; Mt 8,5-11

I will come and cure him Mt 8,7

Jesus is ready to satisfy the request of the Roman centurion. There is a problem, though. Jesus is a Hebrew and the centurion is a pagan. The Hebrews do not enter the houses of the pagans. The solution consists in the centurion’s faith: “Only speak the word”. The Word of Jesus will go through the walls.

I will always look for this word, so effective!

29/11 TUE I° ADVENT [I]

Is 11,1-10; Psal 71; Lk 10,21-24

Blessed are the eyes that see what you see! Lk 10,23

We are in the time of Advent: we wait to see a new face, and hear a new voice. When we will see and hear it, we will be blessed, since then we will be united to God the Father, the only one who sees the face, and hears the voice of the Son.

30/11 WED S. ANDREW, Apostle [P]

Rom 10,9-18; Psal 18; Mt 4,18-22

Follow me Mt 4,19

They were fishermen. To follow him they had to leave behind their boat and their nets; their possessions, their work. Who knows how much love they heard in the voice of Jesus, that they were immediately won over and run after him as persons in love, never turning back! Andrew is not drawn by the example of his brother. Now a unique love is present between the two brothers: they live their first experience of true communion.

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