CALENDARIO / Calendario Cinquepani EN

Calender 11/2012
11 November 2012

YEAR B 2012

1 / 11 Thurs ALL SAINTS [P]

Ap 7,2-4.9-14, Ps 23, 1 John 3.1 to 3, 5.1 to 12 Mt

Great is your reward in heaven: 5.12 Mt

Dear brothers and sisters who are enjoying the rewards that the Lord Himself has prepared, teach us pure love, teach us to do everything only for Jesus, forgiveness is not asked to give the intimate, see that patient who cannot even say thanks , assist the mother, although today it would be my sister's turn - maybe he forgot ...

I believe, Jesus, into your Word, to Heaven, to eternal life!

2 / 11 Fri COMM. of all the Faithful Departed [P]

Giobia 19,1.23-27a, Psalm 26, from 5.5 to 11 Rm, John 6.37-40

Raise him up on the last day Jn 6:40

Despite my poverty, indeed, perhaps thanks to it, because every poorness attracts the eye of God, who is Dad, I knew, even in this life, the power of the Lord revives uplifts and restores life. It is not difficult to me, therefore, to believe that Jesus will raise us up on the last day. From this, great joy and confidence, and a constant yearning for union with Jesus!

3 / 11 Sat XXX T.O. [II]

(Mf: St. Martin de Porres, religious, † 1639)

Phil from 1.18 to 26; Ps 41, Lk 14,1.7-11

For me to live is Christ and to die is gain Phil 1:21

I have not yet reached this maturity, or rather, freedom still feel the strong attraction of this land ... This statement of the apostle, however, is not too high, it is not the stuff of saints such as St. Paul, I know, in fact, people who still live on this earth, enjoying the joys and good things, but watching the final encounter with Jesus as an even greater joy.

Thank you, Jesus, for these brothers ... with the feet on the ground, but his heart fully in you!

4 / 11 Sun XXXI T.O. Year B [III]

Dt from 6.2 to 6, Ps 17, Heb 7.23 to 28, from 12.28 to 34 Mc

The Lord our God is the only one Lord 12:29

Thank you, Jesus, because you "the Lord God ... the only Lord," that the people of Israel had begun to know, has come among us. Now we know who is God. He is a Father who loves us and therefore we always want us with him. In order to give us this gift he has paid an incalculable price: gave you, Jesus, who are his life!

5 / 11 Mon XXXI T.O. [III]

Philippians 2:1-4; Ps 130, Lk 14.12-14

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit Fil 2.3

Whatever you do, moved by these sentiments, I would not do any good to anyone, neither to me nor to others. Only what is done with much love produces love, brings peace, joy and unity, because it carries the blessing of the Lord ... and not a hand of the devil!

6 / 11 MAR XXXI T.O. [III]

Phil from 2.5 to 11; Ps 21, Lk 14.15-24

Blessed are those who take food into the kingdom of God Lk 14.15

Jesus, the gift of your life you have open access for all this bliss, all you have offered the 'ticket' to sit at the eternal banquet of the Father: Thank you! I come now, with joy, everything else is life for me or for my brothers!

7 / 11 Wed XXXI T.O. [III]

Phil from 2.12 to 18; Ps 26, Lk 14.25-33

Do all things without murmuring Fil 2.14

S. Paul, and with him all the Saints, we always recommend the path of obedience and benevolence. They, in fact, in deep faith that had in gift, they see that God is present in all our lives: everything is willed or permitted by him. We, children from accepting any event, even the suffering caused from others, we give them chance to prove who really is Father Almighty!

8 / 11 Thurs XXXI T.O. [III]

Phil from 3.3 to 8, Ps 104, Lk 15.1-10

This man welcomes sinners and eats with them Lk 15.2

The Pharisees murmured against Jesus said this, outraged by his behaviour.

I, however, say: "Thank you, Jesus." I, I recognize how far from the Father I want, what I would do if Jesus upheld only those who are worthy to stand with him?

Thank you, Jesus, you came to find me and bring me back to the Father.

9 / 11 Fri DEDICATION Lateran Basilica [P]

Ez 47,1-2.8-9.12 (Opp. 1 Cor 3:9 c-17-11.16), Ps 45, Jn 2.13-22

Zeal for your house will consume me Jn 2.17

The true home of God is the Church, the unity of believers. For her, Jesus the Savoir, faithful to the mission of the Father, gave all of himself: even today we contemplate the cross, while from his side flow blood and water. Thank you, Jesus, for your Church. You're home for her, and she it is for you!

10/11 Sat XXXI T.O. [III]

(M: St Leo the Great, pope and dr., † 461)

Phil from 4.10 to 19; Ps 111, Lk 16.9-15

No servant can serve two masters Lk 16:13

Father, all I get from you: life, love, peace! And all I am I want to give it to you! Accept, moment by moment, my fatigue, my service to others ... my life. Thanks for the great joy of loving you every moment, and for the possibility to do it with your Son Jesus, your greatest gift!

11/11 Sun XXXIII T.O. Year B [IV]

1 Kings 17.10-16; Psalm 145, Hebrews 9.24-28 and Mk 12.38-44

Came a poor widow and put in two pennies Mc 12.42

We know that these two offerings to the temple coins were all that this woman had. But she also knew that she had a God who loved her and whom she could entrust its entire existence. I do not have only two pennies; do I know that I have a Father who deserves my trust?

12/11 Mon XXXIII T.O. [IV

(M: St. Josaphat, Vesco. And mart., † 1623)

Tt 1.1 to 9, Ps 23, Lk 17.1-6

Increase our faith! Luke 17.5

The way Jesus responds to this request of the Apostles seems that their faith was not little, but was non-existent. In fact, the faith, in other words the trust in the Lord, is there or is not there. If I cannot trust him in difficult situations, it means that, in reality, even in the most simple I do not trust him, but instead I trust only myself.

Jesus, 'born in me the faith!

Tues 13/11 XXXIII T.O. [IV]

Tt 2,1-8.11-14, Ps 36, Lk 17.7-10

We are useless servants Luke 17:10

Humility is really the characteristic that best suits your disciple, Lord Jesus! Is it not a great honour to serve you? And yet, is it not your grace to bear fruit in some good work? Thank you, Jesus, for your mercy I can serve you, Father, Spouse, my Saviour!

14/11 Wed XXXIII T.O. [IV]

Titus 3:1-7; Ps 22, Lk 17.11-19

Jesus, Master, have mercy on us Lk 17.13

Those ten lepers turn to Jesus a question worthy of God in their time, in fact, to heal a leper was equivalent to a call one from the dead, it was like to clean from sin. Today it's me, Jesus, to come to you with faith, I am poor and needy, I am truly a sinner! But I believe in your love and your gift of God: I know you will give me eternal life and communion with the Father, I know I love, serve, forgive, praise! Thank you, Jesus!

15/11 Thurs XXXIII T.O. [IV]

(Mf: St. Albert the Great, Vesco. And dr., † 1280)

FM 7-20, Ps 145, Lk 17.20-25

The kingdom of God is among you, Lk 17:21

Pharisees, blinded by pride and sought their own interest, not to recognize that you, Jesus, you were for them and for all the people the gift of God, his kingdom. When I accept you, living in one of your words, then the Father can give me real life, he can introduce me to his kingdom of peace and joy. Really your kingdom is already among us, Jesus Thank you!

16/11 Fri XXXIII T.O. [IV]

(Mf: St. Margaret of Scotland, † 1093, St. Gertrude, rod., † 1302)

2 Jn 1.3-9, Psalm 118, Luke 17.26-37

Walk in love 2 Jn 1.6

This is, in a word that I can now keep in mind. It's short, but it is enough to illuminate and guide every action, every thought, every decision of this day, nay, of my whole life. "Love and do 'what you want," summed S. Augustine.

What is true love, then, to learn from Jesus today, so I will try to walk with you, Jesus!

17/11 Sat XXXIII T.O. [IV

(M: St. Elizabeth of Hungary, religious, † 1231)

3 Jn 5-8; Ps 111, Lk 18:1-8

When the Son of Man will come, will he find faith on earth? Luke 18.8

You'll come to visit me too long this day, Jesus you are faithful! You tell me you do not expect anything fancy at thy coming: Only a heart that has faith in you! Jesus, you are the one who truly loves me for free, who saves! Come!

18/11 Sun XXXIII T.O. Year B [I]

Dn 12:1-3; Ps 15, Heb 10,11-14.18, Mk 13.24-32

Heaven and earth will pass away but my words shall not pass Mc 13.31

Thank you, Jesus, for your insurance so clear. Thank you for this is not an empty claim of an ordinary man, but it comes from you, who have conquered death for the benefit of all mankind. Thank you, because in the affairs of this world in turmoil your words give peace and security and give the joy of singing today: Alleluia!

19/11 Mon XXXIII T.O. [I]

Rev 1:1-4; 2.1 to 5, Sal 1, Lk 18:35-43

What do you want me to do for you? Lk 18.41

Jesus is found by those who seek him with love and complete trust in him. He knows how to satisfy our basic needs and deeper, is always available to help. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Tues 20/11 XXXIII T.O. [I]

Ap 3,1-6.14-22, Ps 14, Lk 19:1-10

Today I must stay at your house Lk 19.5

Jesus, you stay with me today! I think you're close! This joy will make me able to make myself a gift of love for others.

21/11 Wed XXXIII T.O. [I]

(M: Presentation of the Blessed Mary V.)

Rev 4.1 to 11, Ps 150, Lk 19.11-28

(Opp. Zc 2, 14-17, Ps 44, Mt 12.46-50)

Let them bear fruit until I get back Luke 19.13

All what I am and all that I find in my hands is your gift, Lord! I can make of it an instrument for building up your kingdom, waiting for your return. And today, I find myself in bed with a fever, what can I do for you? I will offer you my loneliness and pain of my sick body: join them, Jesus, to your holy passion with which you have saved!

22/11 Thurs XXXIII T.O. [I]

(M: St. Cecilia, rod. And martyr, about 250 †)

Rev 5.1 to 10, Ps 149, Lk 19.41-44

In view of the city he wept over it Luke 19.41

Even today, Lord Jesus, you suffer for your many children who do not receive you, and so cannot enjoy the gift of true peace that only you can give. I offer you my tears now, my commitment to do the will of the Father: a small thing, but in your hands may become a step towards you to someone that your heart is waiting.

23/11 Fri XXXIII T.O. [I]

(Mf: St. Clement I, pope and martyr, † 101, Columba, abbot, † 615)

Rev 10.8 to 11; Ps 118, Lk 19.45-48

Every day, taught in the Temple Luke 19.47

You felt it like an imperative task that the Father has entrusted you, and you remained faithful, even if you had reason for persecution and hate. Today, you still teach, Jesus, in the Church: I want to benefit from this valuable service. You, letting me know the Father, enlighten and make my life precious!

24/11 Sat XXXIII T.O. [I]

(M: SS Andrea Dung-Lac, priest. And Company, Vietnamese martyrs, † century XVI - XVIII)

Rev 11.4 to 12; Ps 143, Lk 20.27-40

God is not of the dead, but of the living Lk 20.38

A Christian who denies the resurrection (and unfortunately this happens too!) Is really ridiculous! As can we be called believers in Jesus, died and rose again, and then say that ... "from there nobody ever came back"? It would be equally ridiculous, if indeed there was no resurrection, and if God let call himself with the name of three death dissolved in the, "God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob."

Glory to you, God of the living!

25/11 Sun XXXIV T.O. N.S. JESUS 'Christ the King Year B [P]

Dan 7:13-14, Psalm 92, Rev. 1.5-8, Jn 18.33-37

My kingdom is not of this world John 18:36

You, Jesus, you're the King according to the heart of the Father, the king who serves, so that each one could enjoy peace, communion, serenity. I want to learn from you, Jesus, my King!

26/11 Mon XXXIV T.O. [II]

Ap 14,1-3.4-5, Ps 23, Lk 21.1-4

It was not found lie on their lips Rev 14.4

You, Jesus, love of the Father who is revealed, you are the Truth! The words of my mouth will be truth if they will come from you, because you're mercy, kindness, gentleness, peace ... How many lies still on my mouth! Purge me, Lord Jesus!

Tues 27/11 XXXIV T.O. [II]

AP 14.14 to 19, Ps 95, Lk 21.5-11

Be careful not to be deceived Lk 21.8

How could I succeed, Lord Jesus, when I unfortunately am so weak and unwise? I will guard your word, the true light for every step, I'll keep myself united to you with prayer and to your Church, at which you promised your presence alive until the end of the world. I'll wait, my Lord, with serenity!

28/11 Wed XXXIV T.O. [II]

Rev 15.1-4, Ps 97, Lk 21.12-19

With perseverance you will save your lives Lk 21:19

Do not grow weary, then, do not lose heart! Moreover, every love is not love even if you do not pass the test of loyalty. We want to be turned to Jesus, with confidence, even when the evidence seems too big and too long: we shall see the salvation that he is already preparing for us and we will still marvel at its grandeur.

29/11 Thurs XXXIV T.O. [II]

Ap 18,1-2.21-23; 19,1-3.9; Ps 99, Lk 21.20-28

The powers of the heavens shall be shaken: Luke 21.26

Thank you, Father, for the sun and stars, the quiet harmony of the universe that surrounds us is the gift of your love. But even more, thanks to the heavens and the new earth that you're preparing for us, your children. A heaven and earth that will not pass, and where your love will reign.

Fri 30/11 S. ANDREA, Ap. [P]

10.9 to 18 Rm, Sal 18; Mt from 4.18 to 22

Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved Rom 10.13

I have often called your name, Jesus, in small circumstances of life: I have always found help and peace. So I'm confident that if I called you in faith, even the last day you will give me salvation, the eternal one.

Today, the Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, I thank you especially for the Orthodox brethren, with whom we believe and trust in your holy name.

In primo piano