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06 nov 2022
06/11/2022 – 32nd Sunday in O. T. - year C

06/11/2022 – 32nd Sunday in O. T. - year C

Reading 1 2 MACH 7,1-2.9-14 Psalm 16 Reading 2 2TS 2,16 - 3,5 Gospel LK 20,27-38

The main topic of today’s readings is faith in the resurrection. We believe that God is God, nothing can come over Him, not even death. God does not create men so they can die, but so they might live. And all men created by Him, live for Him. This is how Jesus ends His contribution to answer the Sadducees, who had tried to land Him in troubles by bringing the topic up. They, the rich people of Jerusalem, who were not considering Word of God anything but the only first five books of the Scriptures, so the Pentateuch, used to agree with our fellow people now. What do the former say? They say: « We cannot see the dead anymore, so everything ends with death».

It is the typical reasoning of the rich (and whom would like to be one), who need to justify their meanness, their blindness which cannot see the poor, their clear injustices. «Since everything ends with death, we need to live as comfortably as possible», they say. And the word «comfortably» includes the many types of selfishness coming into play to produce enjoyments and pleasures. These were the Sadducees, these are our friends, young and adults, and often these are us, who think we are believers, but then we live as death was a disgrace, the worst of all, ignoring the possibility of hell.

Jesus is speaking about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as people who are alive, and He talks this way because the very Scriptures are saying the same. God has saved His people for the love of Abraham, and He has made promises which are forever valid. If Abraham was no more, God’s promises would no longer have any value! Even the name God wants to be singled out with among men’s god’s is referring to the patriarchs, their life, their obedience. God said to Moses: «Thus you shall say to the Israelites, ‘The Lord, the God of your ancestors, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you’: This is my name forever, and this my title for all generations».

How can we possibly think our life ends with death? Is God unable to overcome death? If this was the case, our true god would be death, and fear of death our guide. They who use death as wage want to become our master, and they succeed if we venerate death. The latter is God’s enemy, the Adversary, who, in order to compel us, to be obeyed, uses fear, fear of death. But we, sure of living forever because our life is in God’s hands, do not let ourselves be frightened.

We are, and will always be, as the seven sons of the faithful and brave woman who was able to teach them fear of God. These sons, sure that life is in His hands, have not been afraid of death, nor of the sufferings accompanying it. They have let themselves be killed not to abandon the God of life.

We live at Jesus’s school, nay, we live with Him. He is always persecuted in the world, and we live with Him. He is rejected by those who think they are clever, and we live with Him. He is mocked by those who are in charge, and we live with Him. He is ignored by those who can decide, and we live with Him. He is silenced by those who write and those who speak in public, and we live with Him. He has died on the cross, and we live with Him because we know we will live with Him, and no threat and no injustice will be able to take away from us the life God has prepared for us after the current has ended.

Maybe is not completely true we are always sticking with Jesus in all the situations above, bit this needs to be our desire and our prayer. We pray in fact in order to obtain from our Father perseverance, and the Father will give it to us, because He Himself desires and wishes for us to be united to His Son, the true and eternal Life which is pouring from His heart, the source of Life.

The Life, which is the Son of God, is a life still unknown even to the angels, and we will inherit it. This life will be our greatest joy, the moment we can see that also the people we love are immersed in it.