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01 mag 2022
05 May 2022

English translation : Maggio 2022

1/5 DOM III° Easter time Year C [III]

Act 5,27-32.40-41; Psal 29; Ap 5,11-14; John 21,1-19

Cast the net to the right side of the boat, and you will find John 21,6

They do not know that it is Jesus speaking to them. The whole night, Peter and other six men have been awake and worked hard on the boat, but uselessly. Now they are going back to the shore: at that time you cannot catch fish. Still, Peter and the other disciples decide to do what that stranger is saying: their obedience is rewarded. Obedience shows also humility, and God likes it very much!

2/5 MON III° Easter time [III]

(m: S. Athanasius, Bishop and Doct., † 373)

Act 6,8-15; Psal 118; John 6,22-29

This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent

John 6,29

It is clear, the Father does not want that his love be wasted. If he gives us a gift, it has to be accepted. He sends his Son: I love the Father when I accept with desire and gratitude his Son. I welcome him when I listen to him with a heart full of trust, when his desires become mine and I imitate his attitudes.

3/5 TUE SAINTS PHILIP and JAMES, Apostles. [P]

1Cor 15,1-8; Psal 18; John 14,6-14

If in my name you ask for anything, I will do it John 14,14

Jesus answers thus Philip’s request, who asked to see the Father. He tells him not only that whoever sees him already can see the love of the Father, but also that we can ask him in the same way that we ask God: he will do it. We want to profit from his promise, and we ask Jesus the Holy Spirit! We will become ourselves a big gift for the Church.

Today we are grateful to Philip and James; they loved and served the Church up to the sacrifice of their lives.

4/5 WED III° Easter time [III]

Act 8,1-8; Psal 65; John 6,35-40

I am the bread of life John 6,35

The image Jesus uses is very simple, easy to understand. In order to live, we need the bread of life, that is, He himself. What kind of life the Lord is speaking of? Surely of the life that is at the centre of our desires, made up of peace, communion and fraternità with all. Without him, this kind of life cannot exist, grow, ripen.

5/5 THU III° Easter time [III]

At 8,26-40; Sal 65; Gv 6,44-51

Whoever believes has eternal life John 6,47

Here too, Jesus speaks of the bread that comes down from heaventhat we are invited to eat. Without i tour life remains empty and poor, to the point of being miserable, made of soil. On the contrary, when we eat of that bread – we need faith to eat it -, our life puts on the characteristics of God’s life, becomes eternal, that is credible, full, complete, joyful.

6/5 FRI III° Easter time [III]

Act 9,1-20; Psal 116; John 6,52-59

My flesh is true food and my blood is true drink John 6,55

Jesus continues speaking of his flesh and his blood. This insistence makes me under stand how much he himself, the concreteness of his person, rather than only his ideas and teachings, is paramount for my life in this world and for the society where I live.

I eat and drink your flesh and blood, your bread and wine, Jesus, so that I can live a life full of love, namely eternal.

7/5 SAT III° Easter time [III]

Act 9,31-42; Psal 115; John 6,60-69

No one can come to me unless it is granted by the Father John 6,65

Some, actually many people have abandoned Jesus. His speech about eating and drinking his flesh and blood – our Eucharist – has scandalized them. They wanted to be the protagonists of their salvation, getting the credit for it: they did not want to live in such a way as to always say “thank you”. To say all the time “thank you” to the Father for the bread of Jesus, to say all the time “thank you”for his Body and his Blood. We stay with him; without him, in reality, there is neither wisdom nor life!

8/5 SUN IV° Easter time Year C [IV]

Act 13,14.43-52; Psal 99; Ap 7,9.14-17; John 10,27-30

My sheep hear my voice John 10,27

Jesus utilizes the image of the relationship between a shepherd and the sheep to show us how we and he are together. We listen willingly to him, we give the due importance to his words, since he knows us, in other words he loves us and trusts us so much that he gives his life for us.

9/5 MON IV° Easter time [IV]

Act 11,1-18; Psal 41-42; John 10, 1-10

I am the gate John 10,9

Another strong image is used today by Jesus so as tell u show we should consider him. He is the gate of the sheepfold.Thieves do not enter through the gate, they come while hiding themselves so that the gatekeeper cannot see them. What are you supposed to understand? Whoever does not pass through Jesus and stay with him, cannot be trusted. He will ruin you.

10/5 TUE IV° Easter time [IV]

Act 11,19-26; Psal 86; John 10,22-30

The Father and I are one John 10,30

It is a revelation to be remembered. Jesus will never start discussing with the Father, or feeling jealousy or envy. He is, and always will be, the Son, which means that he obeys. Therefore we trust him. By trusting him we are kept safe.

11/5 WED IV° Easter time [IV]

Act 12,24 - 13,5; Psal 66; John 12,44-50

I have come as light into the world John 12,46

Every morning we wait the light. It is the light that allows us to work, to walk with security, to see and recognize each other, to evaluate what is good or evil in the effects of our actions, to distinguish the colours and the beauty and the usefulness of everything. Jesus has come as light; without him we should really be poor and un happy…

12/5 THU IV° Easter time [IV]

(mf: Ss. Nereus and Achilleus, mart., † sec. III; S. Pancras, mart., † 304)

Act 13,13-25; Psal 88; John 13,16-20

I know whom I have chosen John 13,18

Jesus, as you know your disciples, you know me, too. You knew Judas, you trusted him to the point that you numbered him among your friends. You could see that his heart was not wholly for you, but you wanted t ogive him a sign of the Father’s affection. With this example you help not to presume of myself because you loved me, but to remain always in security in you alone.

13/5 FRI IV° Easter time [IV]

(mf: B. V. Mary of Fatima - 1917)

Act 13,26-33; Psal 2; John 14,1-6

Do not let your hearts be troubled John 14,1

Since you are there, Jesus, I am tranquil. Nothing and nobody can worry me. I am not worried about my past, since I entrusted it to you, nor about the future, since you are the way on which I will arrive to the knowledge of the Father and to rejoyce of the fulness of his life.

14/5 SAT S. MATTHIAS, Ap. [P]

Act 1,15-17.20-26; Psal 112; John 15,9-17

I am living you these commands so that you may love one another

John 15,17

We feast one of your apostles, o Lord Jesus. Matthias accepted to take Judas’ place and make of it a place of light and faithfulness. He has lived the love you taught, and accepted the decision of the Eleven as God’s will and a sign of love for you. Your Church rejoyces first of all of the mutual love your disciples have lived.

15/5 SUN V° Easter time Year C [I]

Act 14,21-27; Psal 144; Ap 21,1-5; John 13,31-33.34-35

Now the Son of Man has been glorified John 13,31

Jesus says these words when he sees that his passion is approaching. Judas already went out to carry out his project, in the night. Now the life of the disciples may become a light, thanks to the love that each of them will be able to receive and give. Moreover, the love that will reign among them will be the glory of God; that mutual love will be the revelation of the Father and of the Son.

16/5 MON V° Easter time [I]

(Dioc. memory in Trento: m: S. Giovanni Nepomuceno, priest and mart., † 1383)

Act 14,5-18; Psal 113; John 14,21-26

The Holy Spirit will teach you everything John 14,26

We listen to conferences and homilies, they can be interesting, beautiful. What do we understand? A heap of notions or informations? What is it that the Father wants to tell us? Will we understand that we are loved, and the way we can love? We will listen while praying, so as to be attentive to the Spirit of the Lord.

17/5 TUE V° Easter time [I]

Act 14,19-28; Psal 144; John 14,27-31

The world must know that I love the Father John 14,31

How can we know that you love the Father? You yourself, Jesus, answer our question; you fight the prince of this world, who will overcome you. His, however, will be only an apparent victory since nobody can steal from you the love. You will keep your love for all, including those who serve the evil prince of this world.

18/5 WED V° Easter time [I]

(mf: St John I, Pope and mart., † 526)

Act 15,1-6; Psal 121; John 15,1-8

Abide in me as I abide in you John 15,4

Lord Jesus, to us you revealed the intentions and the ways of the Father. He is like a farmer who looks after his vineyard: he prunes each vine, he wants that all of them bear fruit. I will bear fruit when I look like him, and do not go away and separate from Jesus. The fruit of my life will be the fruit of your presence in me.

19/5 THU V° Easter time [I]

Act 15,7-21; Psal 95; John 15,9-11

My joy may be in you John 15,11

Which is your joy, Jesus? You have shown it to us. You exult with joy when you contemplate the Father and see how much he loves the small ones. Today you rejoyce because you see that we are small and loved by the Father, therefore rich in love for each other. This joy of yours fills already today our hearts. Thank you, Jesus!

20/5 FRI V° Easter time [I]

(mf: S. Bernardin of Siena, sac., † 1444)

Act 15,22-31; Psal 56; John 15,12-17

I have called you friends John 15,15

Really, Jesus, you look at us as sharers in your life, your task, your mission! We are strangers to you. You esteem us and you put into our hands this world to be fixed, filled, illumined, saved. You will give us the necessary tools: love, joy, wisdom, interior strength!

21/5 SAT V° T.P. [I]

(mf: Ss. Christopher Magallanes, priest and Companions, mart., † 1927)

Act 16,1-10; Psal 99; John 15,18-21

Servants are not greater than their master John 15,20

To prepare us, Jesus, you remind us of this obvious truth. The enmity that the world vows against you will fall on us too, since we are yours. We cannot then expect that people clap their hands to us. We will go on being faithful to you, without letting the surrounding evil lead us astray or silence us.

22/5 SUN VI° Easter time Year C [II]

Act 15,1-2.22-29; Psal 66; Ap 21,10-14.22-23; John 14,23-29

Do not let your hearts be troubled John 14,27

Many times Jesus repeats this recommendation. He knows that his disciples are easily scared or troubled, as it happened on the boat, when he was sleeping. When he spoke these words to them, he was still in danger, and the danger will always be present in the disciples’ lives. What contributes to the Kingdom of God is not the number of years we live, rather our faithfulness to him.

23/5 MON VI° Easter time [II]

Act 16,11-15; Psal 149; GJohn 15,26 - 16,4

You also are to testify John 15,27

Our witness is the sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit. He is the truthful and faithful witness. Whenever he is present in us, our life becomes a demonstration that Jesus can save from the deep evil spreading to all our human relationships. He makes us joyful in loving.

24/5 TUE VI° Easter time [II]

Act 16,22-34; Psal 137; John 16,5-11

If I go, I will send him to you John 16,7

Until we can see Jesus next to us, we seek to enjoy his presence, the comfort his voice gives, and looking into his eyes. We risk remaining prisoners of our senses, tending to satisfy our own ego. When he will disappear from our sight, we will be free to follow the interior inspirations he suggests to us, the voice of his Spirit.

25/5 WED VI° Easter time [II]

(mf: S. Bede Venerable, Bishop and Doct., † 735; S. Gregory VII, Pope, † 1085; S. Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi, verg., † 1607)

Act 17,15.22 - 18,1; Psal 148; GJohn 16,12-15

He himself gives to all mortals life and breath and all things Act 17,25

Thse words bring us on the Acropolis in Athens, pronounced by Paul to the learned men of that town, gathered around him. He wants to attract the attention of those men, used as they are to have a high opinions of themselves, and bring them to adhere to what he says. They are true words, those spoken by Paul, but their source is not the cross and they will bear no fruit.

26/5 THU VI° Easter time [II]

(m: S. Philip Neri, priest, † 1595)

Act 18,1-8; Psal 97; John 16,16-20

A little while, and you wil see me John 16,16

Jesus is in the midst of his disciples, and they still do not understand him. They fail to perceive how precious is the cross. For a while they cannot see it, but a little while, and you will see me: after the death on the cross there will be a new life, unknown but source of constant joy..

27/5 FRI VI° Easter time [II]

(mf: S. Augustin of Canterbury, Bishop, † 604)

Act 18,9-18; Psal 46; GJohn 16,20-23

The Lord said to Paul: “Do not be afraid…” Act 18,9

The Lord can speak to us during the night as well. He starts his short message as if with his signature: Do not be afraid, and encourages Paul to speak, to refrain from keeping silent: what could he say if he lacks courage? He will announce Jesus, and he will do it with the cross on his shoulders. Instinctively, we refuse this image, later instead we are drawn to it. He had foretold it: When I will be raised on high, I will draw all to me!

28/5 SAT VI° T.P. [II]

(Dioc. Memory in Trento: mf: B. Maria Serafina of the Sacred Heart, † 1911)

Act 18,23-28; Psal 46; John 16,23-28

I am leaving the world and am going to the Father John 16,28

Jesus, your homeland is in heaven, from there you came to us. You are about to end your mandate of fulfilling the love of the Father for us sinners. You cannot yet see its fruit, but you are sure that it is getting ripe. You can go back to the Father, and you will continue sending us your breath, your Spirit which will lead and support us.

29/5 SUN ASCENSION of the LORD Year C [P]

Act 1,1-11; Psal 46; Heb 9,24-28; 10,19-23; Lk 24,46-53

They were continually in the Temple blessing God Lk 24,53

The Apostles have seen Jesus disappear in the cloud: but before that, he had encouraged them not to be afraid of the world, on the contrary! They have received the charge of bringing his name all over the world. They are not yet ready, they are aware of this fact. Therefore, we find them not in a school, but in the place of prayer. Here, whatever others may say, they praise and bless the Lord. This i show they prepare themseves!

30/5 MON VII° Easter time [III]

Preparation to Pentecost

Act 19,1-8; Psal 67; John 16,29-33

The Holy Spirit came upon them Act 19,6

Paul come sto Ephesus, the great city completely pagan, strewn with images of idols all over. Twelve men have a bit of faith, certainly, but are without proper instruction and proper baptism. After baptizing them in the name of the Lord Jesus, Paul imposes his hands on them, and a big change takes place! They too speak of Jesus with joy and truth! The Holy Spirit has come to console and strengthen them.

31/5 TUE VISITATION of the B.V. MARY [P]

Soph 3,14-17 or Rom 12,9-16; Psal: Is 12,2-6; Lk 1,39-56

Blessed are you among women Lk 1,42

We end the month consecrated to Mary, our mother, by celebrating one of the important moments of her faith. She believed the angel’s message, and ran to Elizabeth. She could be in need of her help, but Mary herself had to be helped, since the angel had gone, and she was alone. Now the voice of Elizabeth encourages her to persevere, to believe without any doubt the word given her as a gift.

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