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01 giu 2022
06 June 2022

English translation, Giugno 2022 (seconda)

1/6 WED VII° Easter time [III]

(m: St Justin, mart., † 165 ca)

Act 20,28-38; Psal 67; John 17,11-19

For their sakes I sanctify myself John 17,19

These words in your prayer, Jesus, are a light for us. Faced as we are with the need of salvation of those we love and of the whole world, and aware of our poverty and smallness, we still own a great resource: we can “consacrate “ ourselves, that is, offer our life to the Father, and live it as his children, obedient to you, Jesus, who are his Word for us. Let us really give our life to our brethern!

2/6 THU VII° Easter time [III]

(mf: Ss. Marcellinus and Peter, martyrs, † 304)

Act 22,30; 23,6-11; Psal 15; John 17,20-26

That they may all be one John 17,21

During these holy days, we, your Church, are united with you, Lord Jesus, and say with trust. “ Come, Holy Spirit, who are the love overflowing between the Father and the Son! Be the mark of the relations among us, disciples of Jesus! We will then know the love of the Father and the Son and will spread it throughout the world. Come, Holy Spirit!”.

3/6 FRI VII° Easter time [III]

(m: Ss. Charles Lwanga and Companions, martyrs, † 1886)

Act 25,13-21; Psal 102; John 21,15-19

Simon, do you love me more than these? John 21,15

It is a hard question …
Peter, however, has the right answer: “Lord, you know everything” . We too, can answer the same, full of peace. If we are not sure that we can say, as Peter did, “you know that I love you” , we still can say, full of trust: “Jesus, you know everything about me. On my part, I know without any doubt only one thing, that you love me. I trust in your love,I entrust me to you and I ask you your Spirit, that I may worhily thank you according to the greatness of your love”.

4/6 SAT VII° Easter time [III]

Act 28,16-20.30-31; Psal 10; John 21,20-25

Paul … welcomed all who came to him Act 28,30

From the house where he was confined, it is written in the last sentence of the Acts of the Apostles, Paul proclaimed Jesus to all who came to him. I myself will try to welcome all persons as if they were sent to me by the Father, so that I may offer them to Jesus: with a smile, with patience, with a word that comforts… I get ready in this way to receive, tomorrow, the gift of the Holy Spirit.


Act 2,1-11; Psal 103; Rm 8,8-17; John 14,15-16.23-26

The Holy Spiri twill teach you everything John 14,26

Jesus taught us many things, but we do not know how to live according to his teaching, or do not understand why we should try. Why to love our enemies? Why to avoid judging other people? Why to carry the cross? O Holy Spirit, you will come, then we will understand. You are the interior teacher, the light of our minds, the strength of our hearts!


Act 1,12-14; or Gen 3,9-15.20; Psal Jdt 13,18-19; John 19,25-27

They were constantly devoting themselves to prayer with Mary the mother of Jesus Act 1,14

Jesus had just ascended to heaven that they, the Apostles with Mary, prayed constantly and with one mind, in obedience to him. The Holy Spirit was about to come, the Church was about to be born.

Thank you, Mary, who still receive from Jesus the task of Mother of the Church: a task of pure, gratuitous love, a task for which I too, member of the holy Body of Jesus, can rejoyce every day.

7/6 TUE X° O.T. [II]

1Kings 17,7-16; Psal 4; Mt 5,13-16

You are the light of the world Mt 5,14

Just before praising so much his disciples, Jesus had drawn their identikit: not running after riches, meek of heart, never despairing, eager to do the Father’s will, pure of heart, merciful, working for peace, full of joy even when persecuted. With these qualities, a person is really a light of love in the dark selfishness and oppression dominating the world, a light showing the face of God who is love, who is Father.

8/6 WED X° O.T. [II]

1kings 18,20-39; Psal 15; Mt 5,17-19

The Lord is God! 1Kings 18,39

The whole people of Israel cries their faith: the Lord had just answered the prayer of his prophet Elijah, sending from heaven the fire to burn his sacrifice. That day the lies of false prophets and their idols were unmasked. We read today this episode of the Old Testament: a precious stone in the history of Israel that cannot fail to be present in our knowledge of God, the Father of Jesus, the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

9/6 THU X° O.T. [II]

(mf: St Ephrem, deac. e Doct., † 373)

1Kings 18,41-46; Psal 64; Mt 5,20-26

Go, and first be reconciled to your brother Mt 5,24

Hearing these words we understand what matters in the eyes of the Father, what decides the authenticity of offering him my faith and prayer. He has no need of rites or prayers: he accepts everything with joy, provided it is an expression of love towards him and at the same time to his children. If brotherly, ‘horizontal’, love is missing, he himself cannot be loved.

10/6 FRI X° O.T. [II]

1Kings 19, 9.11-16; Psal 26; Mt 5,27-32

Go out and stand on the mountain before the Lord 1Kings 19,11

The prophet Elijah, to flee persecution, had found refuge in a cave on the mountain. As a consequence of our faithfulness to Jesus’ love, we too live moments of persecution, sometimes caused by our own selfishness. But the Lord comes, calls us to “come out”, grants us the gift of his presence, comforts us, strengthens us and calls us to do a new work of love.

11/6 SAT St Barnabas, Ap. (m) [P]

Act 11,21b-26;13,1-3; Psal 97; Mt 10,7-13

You received without payment, give without payment Mt 10,8

Jesus had freely granted the Twelve “the power of casting out demons and curing all kinds of sickness”, before sending them to proclaim that the Kingdom of God was near. In our time too, all who made the experience the coming of Jesus and tasted the change, the joy, the hope, the fulness that he freely brought with him, cannot keep this huge gift for themselves.

Having experienced this, and drawing strength from it, the generosity of St Barnabas, full of wisdom, knew how to accompany St Paul, the great missionary.

12/6 SUN SS. TRINITY Year C [P]

Prov 8,22-31; Psal 8; Rom 5,1-5; John 16,12-15

He will glorify me John 16,14

Thank you, sweet Holy Spirit, for you glorify Jesus by reminding us of his Word, by helping us to live it and thus we can give glory to our Father in heaven. Today we sing full of joy: “ Glory to the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit”, the Trinity united in their great love for us!

13/6 MON XI° O.T. [III]

(m: S. Anthony of Padua, priest and Doct., † 1231)

1Kings 21,1-16; Psal 5; Mt 5,38-42

If anyone wants to take your coat, give your clock as well Mt 5,40

This guy, it’s clear, is treating me from on high, he tries to get something out of me… but he is a child of my Father in heaven, we are of the same famil: God knows how he finished so low and wicked! He needs love. Jesus asks me not to judge him, instead he invites me to pour in his heart a little of his own love: he will start again hil life as child of God!

14/6 TUE XI° O.T. [III]

1Kings 21,17-29; Psal 50; Mt 5,43-48

Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect Mt 5,48

Two days ago we have contemplated our God, One in the Trinity, God who is love. We will always keep alive in heart and mind this true image of the true God: its effect will be that our life will be helped in becoming perfect, that is in being modeled on his love, a perfect love because divine, unaffected even by our lack of gratitude.

15/6 WED XI° O.T. [III]

2Kings 2,1.6-14; Psal 30; Mt 6,1-6.16-18

Your Father, whos sees in secret, will reward you Mt 6,18

We are not even aware that we depend so much on what others think, and thsi reality is an obstacle our interior freedom.

Thank you, Jesus, for you told us that, by faith, the Father dwells in us and that our life can be a living relationship with him all the time. With your grace, I will endeavour to grow in this interior life, certain that my freedom and joy will grow as well.

16/6 THU XI° O.T. [III]

Sir 48,1-14; Psal 96; Mt 6,7-15

Our Father who are in heaven Mt 6,9

Our Father who are in heaven: wherever we go we are kept under your loving gaze, that sees and knows all, the cause of our trust. ovunque andiamo, siamo sotto il tuo sguardo amoroso, che tutto vede e sa, e ci infonde fiducia. No matter the situation which we are living, should it even look as a dead-end, you are there with us and let us see the way out. Thank you, Father, for your love embracing all my life, all humanity, all the universe. Thank you, you want to be present also in the heaven which is my heart.

17/6 FRI XI° O.T. [III]

2Kings 11,1-4.9-18.20; Psal 131; Mt 6,19-23

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also Mt 6,21

On earth many treasures glitter, drawing to them our heart, thirsty as it is all the time for joy: beauty, success, friends, money… all of them, however are not sure, unexpectedly they can fade away, cannot give a true joy. Jesus alone never cheats or abandons us: let us tie our heart to him alone!

18/6 SAT XI° O.T. [III]

2Chr 24,17-25; Psal 88; Mt 6,24-34

No one can serve two masters Mt 6,24

No one can serve two masters, all the more so if God is one of them. In reality, he is no master, he’s Father. With him, therefore, either we have a relation as faithful children answering his love, or there is nothing. Besides, if this trusty relation with him does not exist, at its place comes a slavery to selfishness, money, things of the earth and passions for what cannot but pass. O Father, I want to serve you as your child, and give you tank: you care for me in many unexpected ways.

19/6 SUN SS. BODY and BLOOD of CHRIST Year C [P]

Gn 14,18-20; Psal 109; 1Cor 11,23-26; Lk 9,11b-17

You give them something to eat Lk 9,13

The apostles obeyed, and the five loaves in their hands have given to all the joy of being filled. You, Jesus, could already see a new Bread coming from the hands of your apostles and enter into us, so that we are truly filled: a gift that only your love could create, a Bread making us allo ne with you… its price would be the cross! Thank you, my Jesus!

20/6 MON XII° O.T. [IV]

2Kings 17,5-8.13-15.18; Psal 59; Mt 7,1-5

First take the log out of your own eye Mt 7,5

You are right, Jesus! My eye is dimmed by many impurities: envy, stinginess, pride, negligence … Purify my heart, and the type of look that comes out of it. Then I will be able to see the Father’s love, enveloping me together with every person, and become an instrument of this your love.

21/6 TUE XII° O.T. [IV]

(m: S. Louis Gonzaga, relig., † 1591)

2Kings 19,9-11.14-21.31-35.36; Psal 47; Mt 7,6.12-14

Do not give what is holy to dogs Mt 7,6

Jesus does not want us to be naive or unprepared, but wise, clever in a holy way. If someone asks me about the mysteries of my faith just to mock, and talk badly of them, my explanations would not help; the right attitude would be to avoid the discussion and remaining patient and loving. More than by words and exhortations, this is the witness that can help those who are closed to, and against the love of the Lord.

22/6 WED XII° O.T. [IV]

(mf: S. Paulinus of Nola, Bishop, † 431; Ss. John Fisher, Bishop, and Thomas More, martyrs, † 1535)

2Kings 22,8-13; 23,1-3; Psal 118; Mt 7,15-20

Beware of false prophets Mt 7,15

Today too, false prophets abound, unfortunately: often they are not far from us, if they are not already in our heart… They promise wonderful things, but lead us to death.

Thank you, Jesus, because you look after us and give us your light to discern: what kind of fruit do they bear? Do they keep me united to you, to the cross, to your Church, or do they bring me far from you, the cross, the Church?

23/6 THU XII° O.T. [IV]

2Kings 24,8-17; Psal 78; Mt 7,21-29

He taught them as one having authority Mt 7,29

Jesus, while teaching the crowd, had stressed the importance of taking seriously his words, for they save man from eternal ruin. Jesus can speak with such authority, he is the Word, the Father’s complete Word: he is the Son, sent to save all men through the gift of himself on the cross.

Thank you, Jesus, you talk to me very clearly that I may wake up and be saved!


Is 49,1-6; Psal 138; Act 13,22-26; Lk 1,57-66.80

What then will this child become? Lk 1,66

He will live in the desert, alone with his God; he will receive from on High the Word; he will call his people to conversion; he will show who is the Lamb of God; he will be his witness, his martyr. His only boast will be that he is the friend of the Bridegroom, the friend of Jesus!

25/6 SAT XII° O.T. [IV]

(m: Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Lam 2,2.10-14.18-19; Psal 73; Mt 8,5-17

(or Is 61,9-11; cant.:1Sam 2; Lk 2,41-45)

Go, let it be done for you according to your faith Mt 8,13

This answer of Jesus to the centurion’s prayer, who appealed to him for his suffering servant, sheds light on the many times I asked Jesus: “ why don’t you listen to my prayer?” Now I understand: was it Jesus who did not listen to me, or rather was it that I did not believe…?

Jesus, help me in my little faith!

26/6 SUN XIII° O.T. Year C [I]

1Kings 19,16.19-21; Psal 15; Gal 5,1.13-18; Lk 9,51-62

In Trento, sollemnity: St VIGIL Bishop and martyr, † 400, Patron of the Diocese [P]

Ez 34,11-16; Psal 39; Eph 2,11-22; John 10,11-16

They went on to another village Lk 9,56

That village in Samaria did not welcome you, Jesus: you were on your way to Jeryusalem, a town foreign to their cult to God. In Jerusalem you were to accomplish your offering to the Father, the true, spiritual cult acceptable to him.

I too, would love to be “the other village” which is united to you in the true adoration of the Father: help me, Jesus, but also you, our holy Patron Vigil, stretch out your hand to me!

27/6 MON XIII° O.T. [I]

(mf: S. Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop and Doct., † 444)

Amos 2,6-10.13-16; Psal 49; Mt 8,18-22

The Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head Mt 8,20

Jesus does not want neither great crowds, nor disciples at any cost. He knows that his path will reach its goal by passing through the death on the cross. He wishes to be accompanied by true disciples, who accept walking on this path with him, and seek him alone, nothing else.

28/6 TUE XIII° O.T. [I]

(m: S. Ireneo, vesc. e mart., † 202 ca)

Amos 3,1-8; 4,11-12; Psal 5; Mt 8,23-27

Lord, save us! We are perishing! Mt 8,25

The boat was covered by the waves, while you slept… Let us learn from your first disciples, Jesus, to turn always to you, in small or great difficulties alike. Aiming at making our prayer acceptable to you, we will try to pray with a true faith, with a heart full of trust and serenity

29/6 WED Ss. PETER and PAUL, Apostles. [P]

Act 12,1-11; Psal 33; 2Tim 4,6-8.17-18; Mt 16,13-19

But who do you say that I am? Mt 16,15

Saint Peter, Jesus was happy hearing your answer to this question: he perceived in it the presence of the Holy Spirit. Really you and Saint Paul likewise, whom we feast together today, have been brought by the Holy Spirit to plenitude of love for, and witness to Jesus. Now in heaven you can sing “alleluia”, but remember your poor brethren, who are still pilgrims on earth.

30/6 THU XIII° O.T. [I]

(mf: First holy Martyrs of the Church in Rome, † 64)

Amos 7,10-17; Psal 18; Mt 9,1-8

Your sins are forgiven Mt 9,5

How beautiful, how great, how consoling and life-giving this Word from you, Jesus! You are ready to repeat it to me, too: every time that in my heart I ask your forgiveness and – a sure and concrete way - when I come to you in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Thank you, Jesus!

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