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01 lug 2022
07 July 2022

English translation, July 2022

1/7 FRI XIII° O.T. [I]

(Dioc. memory in Trento: m: Blessed Antonio Rosmini, † 1855)

Amos 8,4-6.9-12; Psal 118; Mt 9,9-13

Hear this, you that trample on the needy Am 8,4

At the time of the prophet Amos too, this kind of behaviour was there .. To be rich in money does not mean to be rich in love and mercy as well. Not even those who deem themselves at rights with God are rich all the time in mercy. Jesus found this out, he who tried to give everybody a taste of the Father’s love. Matthew learned this at once, since he first day of his call.

2/7 SAT XIII° O.T. [I]

Amos 9,11-15; Psal 84; Mt 9,14-17

I will restore the fortunes of my people Israel Am 9,14

The prophet Amos eventually announces the change that is to come. After the punishment by God and the conversion of the people, their prayers are fulfilled. It is what the Gospel announces: pharisees and disciples of John the Baptist fast in order to obtain from God the coming of the Messiah, the Saviour. Here he is, he has come! The disciples of Jesus then do not fast any longer.

3/7 SUN XIV° O.T. Year C [II]

Is 66,10-14; Psal 65; Gal 6,14-18; Lk 10,1-12.17-20

Cure the sick who are there Lk 10,9

Eventually, Jesus sends his disciples to practise the mission that is to be carried on during all centuries. Among the tasks he entrusts to them, this one is stressed: to heal the sick. They are to pay attention to the weakest ones, so as to complete the work of the Father in each person: by enjoying a good health, one can help the brethren more easily. They have started, and with joy we carry on this task.

4/7 MON XIV° O.T. [II]

(mf: St Elisabeth of Portugal, † 1336)

Hos 2,16-18.21-22; Psal 144; Mt 9,18-26

Therefore, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness Ho s 2,14

The prophet recounts the different moments of God’s love for his people. He deals with them as the bridegroom tries to love his bride who is tempted by a lover’s false love. I will allure her“ God says, and “bring her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her: God will make them rejoyce in his intimacy, so that they may know the true love. For this reason we too, seek some moment of silence to enjoy the confidence of our God.

5/7 TUE XIV° O.T. [II]

(mf: S. Anthony Mary Zaccaria, priest, † 1539)

Hos 8,4-7.11-13; Psal 113B; Mt 9,32-38

The one who had been mute spoke Mt 9,33

How is possible that Jesus has a mute man to speak? By chasing away the demon who forced his heart, let alone his mouth, shut. No demon wants that we are in communion among ourselves, since this is exactly the situation where the Father can work in us. Once the demon is chased away the heart can love and let it be loved.

6/7 WED XIV° O.T. [II]

(mf: S. Mary Goretti, virgin and mart., † 1902)

Hos 10,1-3.7-8.12; Psal 104; Mt 10,1-7

It is time to seek the Lord Hos 10,12

Men always seek consolation and help from other men, even those who go after idols and worship what is false. What kind of help will they find in them? The prophet wants his people to be spared from illusions and disappointments: it is time to start and search for one who does not disappoint! The only one is the Lord.

7/7 THU XIV° O.T. [II]

Hos 11,1-4.8-9; Psal 79; Mt 10,7-15

I am the Holy One in your midst Hos 11,9

God continues to reveal himself to his people as the one who loves them, whom the people can trust blindly, to whom they can entrust themselves without any fear. This is how the disciples of Jesus will behave whenever they meet someone; they must speak words of peace, and be completely free from self-interest.

8/7 FRI XIV° O.T. [II]

Hos 14,2-10; Psal 50; Mt 10,16-23

So be wise as serpents Mt 10,16

Jesus goes on instructing his disciples. When they will be in the midst of people without him, they will be like lambs among wolves. It is necessary that they remember how much violence and selfishness is there in the world. They will not behave that way. They will be prudent, so that contempt and enmity may not block at once their proclamation, but they will not shy away from showing their joy, thus drawing souls to the Lord.

9/7 SAT XIV° O.T. [II]

(mf: Ss. Augustin Zhao Rong and comp., Chinese martyrs, † 1648-1930; Dioc. memory in Trento: m: S. Paolina Visintainer, virg., † 1942)

Is 6,1-8; Psal 92; Mt 10,24-33

What I say in the dark, tell in the light Mt 10,27

We listen to Jesus in the secret of our heart, in the silence of a church, or inside our room. However, what we are given to understand is not meant for us alone, it is meant for all. It is a treasure for everyone, the most beautiful gift we can offer to those we love, and are loved by him.

10/7 SUN XV° O.T. Year C [III]

Deut 30,10-14; Psal 18; Col 1,15-20; Lk 10,25-37

When I come back, I will reapy you whatever more you spend Lk 10,35

How wonderful, the parable of the good Samaritan! It reveals to us the beauty of Jesus’ heart and invites us to become like him. The Samaritan does not delegate his love to anyone else. “I will provide all is needed” he says,“I will look after the suffering man until the end, since it is God who made possible our encounter.”

11/7 MON St BENEDICT, († 547), Patron of Europe [P]

Prov 2,1-9; Psal 33; Mt 19,27-29

The Lord gives Wisdom Prov 2,6

This word helps us to think of our Patron saint, Benedict whose feast we celebrate. Why do we honour him? He sought the Word of God and received wisdom, such a wisdom that made of him a blessing for many peoples. As the apostles did, he likewise left everything in order to follow the Lord, and received from him the grace of helping the multitudes.

12/7 TUE XV° O.T. [III]

(Dioc. Memory in Trento: m: Ss. Ermagora, Bishop and Fortunatus deac., martyrs)

Is 7,1-9; Psal 47; Mt 11,20-24

If you do not stand firm in faith, you shall not stand at all Is 7,9

The prophet Isaiah wants to reassure King Ahaz that God is present, and can win over the enemies who plot against peace. He must warn him, though, because the king trusts in the strength of his soldiers and has no faith in God. He prefers looking to other kings like him as his allies. To enjoy the assistance of God, one has to entrust himself to him alone, and obey him.

13/7 WED XV° O.T. [III]

(mf: S. Henry, † 1024)

Is 10,5-7.13-16; Psal 93; Mt 11,25-27

You have hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent Mt 11,25

This is the Father’s way, and Jesus is in admiration. Those who are wise and intelligent tend to boast, they think they are greater than others; there is no place in them for God’s wisdom, since it is pure, meek, humble. Whoever is small and simple, instead, can receive it, he did not put up any barrier in his heart. Are you among them? Surely yes! I hope to be in their number, too..

14/7 THU XV° O.T. [III]

(mf: S. Camillus de Lellis, priest, † 1614)

Is 26,7-9.12.16-19; Psal 101; Mt 11,28-30

O Lord, in distress they sought you Is 26,16

To think of you, o Father, when one is suffering, is something only the just ones can do. Suffering never goes away from your poor ones, since poverty implies hard labour and no defence against the abuses of those who are convinced of their superiority.

Thank you, Father, that you sent Jesus, to whom I can go to receive strength and new hope.

15/7 FRI XV° O.T. [III]

(m: S. Bonaventure, Bishop and Doct., † 1274)

Is 38,1-6.21-22.7-8; Psalm: Is 38,10.12.16; Mt 12,1-8

The Son of Man is lord of the sabbath Mt 12,8

Jesus know that the Father sent him so that he can reveal, and give his love to us. It is he who brings to fulfillment God’s love, expressed in times past by giving us his precepts. The rule about the sabbath was meant as an act of love, to help men in their waiting for the Messiah. Now that he has come, he himself becomes the rule; it is he whom we want to listen to and obey, so that joy and exultation be ours.

16/7 SAT XV° T.O. [III]

(mf: B.V. Mary of Mount Carmel)

Mic 2,1-5; Psal 9B; Mt 12,14-21

In his name the Gentiles will hope Mt 12,21

Here ends the long quote from Isaiah that the Evangelist Matthew invites us to listen, as if to help us in understanding who Jesus is. He is the beloved servant of God, who brings his Spirit to all men. To do that, he performed wonders and spoke with meekness, and due to that he was opposed by whoever pursued their own interests, while pretending to love God.

17/7 SUN XVI° O.T. Year C [IV]

Gen 18,1-10; Psal 14; Col 1,24-28; Lk 10,38-42

Sitting at the Lord’s feet, she listened to him Lc 10,39

You have already guessed: she is Mary, Martha’s sister. She loves Jesus in the right way: first of all she listens to him and waits from him to be told what to do and how. The first step of love consists in listening, the second in putting it into practice. Whoever reverses this sequence loves himself alone.

18/7 MON XVI° O.T. [IV]

Mic 6,1-4.6-8; Psal 49; Mt 12,38-42

… to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God Mic 6,8

This is the counsel given by the prophet to the people of Israel, eager to please the Lord and enjoy his alliance. The same counsel is found in Jesus’ life and teaching, and is the behaviour he expects from each person. With love and humility he makes us discover that he comes from God. We need no other guarantee. The humble understand and are converted, as the pagan people of Niniveh was by listening to Jonah, though in reality he was neither very humble nor merciful.

19/7 TUS XVI° O.T. [IV]

Mic 7,14-15.18-20; Psal 84; Mt 12,46-50

You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea Mic 7,19

There is no God better than ours, Micah tells us. No God, indeed, casts all our sins of his worshippers into the depths of the sea; on the contrary, all gods are ready to dole out punishments. Our God, alone, knows how to love his faithful, however weak and incapable of imitating him. Therefore, let us try our level best to listen to him and obey him, as Jesus exhorts us today.

20/7 WED XVI° O.T. [IV]

(mf: S. Apollinaris, Bishop and mart., II sec.)

Jer 1,1.4-10; Psal 70; Mt 13,1-9

He go tinto a boat while the whole crowd stood on the beach Mt 13,2

Jesus knows how to protect himself from harm and at the same time to look for a way that everybody may hear him, without distinction. We find him now on the boat, so that nodody can rush to touch him. HIs words fall like rain on everybody, like the manna or the fowl in the desert, when Moses was leading the people of Israel. Yes, the words of Jesus are nourishment, are a gift coming down from heaven!

21/7 THU XVI° O.T. [IV]

(mf: S. Lawrence of Brindisi, priest and Doct., † 1619)

Jer 2,1-3.7-8.12-13; Psal 35; Mt 13,10-17

To those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance Mt 13,12

Jesus answers with these words his disciples, who cannot understand why he speaks in parables. Through the parables everybody can grasp something, but only the one who loves is able to understand that Jesus speaks of himself, he makes himself known, thus revealing the Father too.


Song 3,1-4 or 2Cor 5,14-17; Psal 62; John 20,1-2.11-18

Go to my brothers and say to them: “ I am ascending to my Father and your Father” John 20,17

Jesus speaks to Mary Magdalene, who is drying her tears. He did not come to meet her to do her a favour, rather in order to give her a mission. She is to go to the disciples with a message, though they will think that she is deluded. Jesus’ message is splendid, it is a summary of the Gospel. The Father of Jesus is our Father too, and Jesus, as a result of the resurrection, is again one with him.

23/7 SAT S. BRIGIT († 1373), Patroness of Europe [P]

Gal 2,19-20; Psal 33; John 15,1-8

It is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me Gal 2,20

We feast the Saint Patroness of all Eurpean peoples. She lived a life totally immersed in the love of Jesus, therefore she is an example not only for each person, but for entire populations. No social life can be more beautiful and joyous than the one having at all times its point of reference in the Son of God.

24/7 SUN XVII° O.T. Year C [I]

Gen 18,20-32; Psal 137; Col 2,12-14; Lk 11,1-13

Lord, teach us to pray Lk 11,1

The disciples remarked that Jesus used to pray in a way they found uncommon. First of all, he prolonged his prayer, and silence was part and parcel of it. They expected him to teach them how to pray, while he was waiting until they asked. Now the two desires meet. Say: Our Father... Whoever prays must have in his heart the certitude of being a child of God, of being loved already.. otherwise he will pray like the pagans, who do not know God.

25/7 MON S. JAMES, Ap. [P]

2Cor 4,7-15; Psal 125; Mt 20,20-28

We also believe, and so we speak 2Cor 4,13

Saint James is the first of the Apostles to bear witness to Jesus with his martyrdom. He believed, and so he spoke. What could he say? Certainly he spoke about Jesus, though everywhere there is a Herod who is not happy with it. James did not love the ‘politically correct’but the truth, since that is the main need of the poor: and Jesus is the truth!

26/7 MAR XVII° O.T. [I]

(m: Ss. Joachim and Annae, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Ger 14,17-22; Sal 78; Mt 13,36-43

Let anyone with ears listen! Mt 13,43

Jesus ends with these words a parable; among the good seed appare the weeds, though of course the sower did not sow it. Listen! What does it mean? Pay attention, lest in your heart, in your family, in your children, in your parish, wherever, another sower come who wants to do evil to you, to the family, to the parish. Be alert then, and keep on praying!

27/7 WED XVII° O.T. [I]

Jer 15,10.16-21; psal 58; Mt 13,44-46

Your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart Jer 15,16

Jeremiah thanks God for his Word, which has filled his heart with joy. Alla round he could find reasons to be worried and sad, but the Word of God repays of everything. This explains why a person is like that man who looks after a treasure or a precious pearl, as Jesus told us. Compared with that treasure or pearl everything else looses its value. Did you understand? It is Jesus, Word of God, the pearl and the treasure: whatever you have must aim at getting it.

28/7 THU XVII° O.T. [I]

Jer 18,1-6; psal 145; Mt 13,47-53

Every scribe .. brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old Mt 13,52

Jeremiah learns from a potter, and Jesus from fishermen. The potter is free to do what he wants with the clay, while fishermen know how to distinguish which fish are good and which are not good. Thanks to the Word offered to me by God as a gift, I can evaluate what is good in my actions and also in the words of the world.

29/7 FRI S. MARTHA (m) [P]

1John 4,7-16; Psal 33; John 11,19-27 or Lk 10,38-42

I believe that you are the Messiah, the Son of God John 11,27

Martha answers with these words the question that Jesus asked her, if she believes that he is the resurrection and the life. The words she uses in her answer, she herself cannot fully grasp them, though they are indeed true, life-giving: You are the Christ, the Son of God. We repeat them, time and again. These words build up in us the true spiritual life.

30/7 SAT XVII° O.T. [I]

(mf: S. Peter Chrisologus, Bishop and Doct., † 450)

Jer 26,11-16.24; Psal 68; Mt 14,1-12

In truth the Lord sent me to you Jer 26,15

Jeremiah speaks to the chiefs who would love to see him dead. He tells them: you can kill me, but let it be known to you that I am in this situation because I obey to God. The Gospel reports that John the Baptist has really been killed, and that Jesus will meet the same fate. Let us not be concerned about what powerful people can do, but about carrying out every time the will of the Father.

31/7 SUN XVIII° O.T. Year C [II]

Qoh 1,2; 2,21-23; Psal 89; Col 3,1-5.9-11; Lk 12,13-21

Be on your guard against all kinds of greed Lk 12,15

How many people worry about their inheritance! That brother in today’s Gospel is not the last to do so. One may listen to the parable that follows, and still to be persuaded to be in the right, to the point that he would prefer not to have heard it. Deposits in the bank? Savings? What are they for? Will they make fools of us, or are they going to make us rich in front of God?

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