CALENDARIO / Calendario Cinquepani EN

01 gen 2022
01 January 2022

English translation of Tavodo 2022 Calendar


Numb 6,22-27; Psal 66; Gal 4,47; Lk 2,16-21

Mary, treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart Lk 2,19

In Mary’s heart are kept all the words she heard and all the facts she saw: words and facts concerning her Son Jesus. In her heart they bear a fruit of peace, serenity, generosity and humble charity. We too can rejoyce of it, since she is a mother also for us. We will endeavour to imitate her during this new year, so that we too will be a blessing for the world.

2/1 SUN II° after Christmas [II]

Sir 24,12.8-12; Psal 147; Eph 1,36.15-18; John 1,1-18

The Word became flesh John 1,14

The Word, who was with God, He who was and is united with the Father to do only what He shows to Him; through whom everything has been made, the earth and the heaven and all they contain; He who gives life and the way to approach God in the truth. He is the same who became flesh in the womb of the Virgin Mary. Glory be to your Name, Lord Jesus!

3/1 MON T.N. [P]

(mf Holy Name of Jesus)

1John 2,29 3,6; Psal 97; John 1,29-34

After me comes a man who ranks ahead of me John 1,30

Today let us listen to John the Baptist bearing witness to Jesus: he says that He is the Lamb of God, whose life knows no beginning and who is with us. Strengthened by his words, let us thank Jesus, we invoke him, we love him, thus living witness to his love.

4/1 TUE T.N. [P]

1John 3,7-10; Psal 97; John 1,35-42

Look, here is the Lamb of God! John 1,36

John knew that the title ‘Lamb’ could be understood by the people who were listening to him. They could grasp that Jesus had been prophesied in the lamb given by God to Abraham as a replacement for his son Isaac in the sacrifice he was about to offer. Jesus offers himself in sacrifice in place of us sinners and wins for us salvation and blessing. .

5/1 WED T.N. [P]

1John 3,11-21; Psal 99; John 1,43-51

Can anything good come out of Nazareth? John 1,46

It is Nathanael who objects thus to Philip’s statement. He knows that the Messiah will come from Betlehem, of David’s stock. Jesus appreciates his love for the Scriptures, then Nathanael no longer doubts, He recognizes that God, though Nazareth is such an insignificant village, has drawn from it his Bloom, his Anointed, the One who will annnounce Him to the whole world.


Is 60,16; Psal 71; Eph 3,23a.56; Mt 2,1-12

We observed his star at its rising Mt 2,2

The Magi speak with utter certainty. They are sure that their life, and everybody’s life, is not complete and cannot be joyful, if they fail to meet the new ‘King of the Jews’. He really is a new King, since even the stars are moving for Him. Which great grace I have received, compared with the Magi, to already know His love, His justice and His mercy

7/1 FRI T.N. [P]

(mf: S. Raymond of Peñafort, priest., † 1275; Dioc. memory in Trento: mf: S. Valentne, Bishop.)

1John 3,22-4,6; Psal 2; Mt 4,12-17.23-25

Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven has come near Mt 4,17

Jesus, your word shows us the road we have to take. You speak to us with love, you want to be our guide, you want that your life be your gift to us. You are the King, meek and good, and through you we taste the love of our Father in heaven. Thank you, my heart will look to you, and in this way I will enter the Kingdom whose King you are.

8/1 SAT T.N. [P]

1Gv 4,7-10; Sal 71; Mc 6,34-44

Jesus saw a great crowd,… they were like sheep without a shepherd Mk 6,34

Jesus, seeing the crowd that arrived before him, does not think of resting with his disciples and starts teaching them ‘many things’, specially about the Father’s love. He speaks with authority and the crowd that listens to him feels in their hearts that the hopes for God’s Kingdom are again alive Moreover, Jesus, as Good Shepherd, satisfies their hunger with bread and fish in abundance. Thank you, Jesus, you who lead and nourish all those who follow you.


Is 40,15.9-11; Psal 103; Titus 2,11-14; 3,47; Lk 3,15-16.21-22

You are my Son, the Beloved Lk 3,22

‘A voice from heaven’ proclaims these words. Today I, too, amazed, listen to them. I remember that I remarked in the prayer of a psalm addressed to the king the first part of this sentence, while the second part is on the mouth of Abraham, when he was climbing with his son the mountain of the sacrifice. Now these words are for Jesus: he is the king who starts climbing the mountain where he will be sacrificed!

10/1 MON I° O.T. [I]

1Sam 1,1-8; Psal 115; Mk 1,14-20

He saw James and John his brother … immediately he called them Mk 1,20

Jesus is announcing the Kingdom of God, whose King He is. One of the signs of this Kingdom is the new community that Jesus is building up. He begins by calling some men to follow him; they are able to do it because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The first followers are already brothers; this points to the fact that in his Kingdom all will be brothers, not servants.

11/1 TUE I° O.T. [I]

1Sam 1,9-20; 1Psam 2,1.48; Mk 1,21-28

I will set him before the Lord all the days of his life 1Sam 1,11

These words remind me what a priest told us. While visiting his parents, his father drew him aside and told him: ‘Look, now you are a priest; as you offered your life to God, I likewise offered you. Fulfil your service. I will not expect that you come and visit me. You belong to the Lord.’ Thank you, Jesus, for the faith of all those parents who offer theirs sons to You.

12/1 WED I° O.T. [I]

1Sam 3,1-10.19-20; Psal 39; Mk 1,29-39

He cured many who were sick with various diseases, and cast out many demons Mk 1,34

Thank you, Jesus, that you are there. Today – like every day – we can meet you: in the silence of a Church, or during the Holy Mass, or where some are gathered to listen to you, pray to you or follow you. Thank you, you are merciful, able to free us from the traps of the devil and from every sickness.

13/1 THU I° O.T. [I]

(mf: S. Hillary, Bishop. and Doctor., † 367)

1Sam 4,1-11; Psal 43; Mk 1,40-45

Jesus stayed out in the country, in desert places Mk 1,45

When we don’t obey Jesus, we force Him to stay away from us. All those who don’t welcome Him, put obstacles to the coming of his Kingdom; but He keeps on drawing to Himself those who know their poverty and need.

14/1 FRI I° O.T. [I]

1Sam 8,4-7.10-22; Psal 88; Mk 2,1-12

Stand up, take your mat and go to your home Mk 2,11

Jesus, you are great: simply, with a word of yours, you have a paralytic walk again! Jesus, you are the Strong one: that love that brought you up on the cross, frees me from my sin, from the ties with the Evil one, and ‘plunges’ me again in that love that has willed me and created me: in the Father’s heart, sea of joy and peace. Jesus, life of my life!

15/1 SAT I° O.T. [I]

(Dioc. Memory in Trento: m: S. Romedius, hermit)

1Sam 9,14.17-19; 10,1; Psal 20; Mk 2,13-17

I have come to call not the righteous but sinners Mk 2,17

Thank you, Jesus, you reval to us your mission of Good Shepherd. You sit down and eat with sinners, you show them your love so as to bring them back on the right road, until they reach God. I thank you that you care of me as well, I am a sinner like them.

16/1 SUN II° O.T. Year C [II]

Is 62,15; Psal 95; 1Cor 12,4-11; John 2,1-12

Do whatever he tells you John 2,5

In the mind of those servants, to bring water – which was there for the ritual purification – to the bridesgroom’s table, was something absurd, defying any logic. Still, thanks to their obedience, Jesus could manifest himself as the Messiah. Thank you, Jesus, for every time that you make me able in the same way to obey your word, which I find in the mouth of your priests as well. Thank you also for the work of intercession of Mary your Mother, during the whole history of the Church.

17/1 MON II° O.T. [II]

(m: S. Anthony, abbot, † 356)

1Sam 15,16-23; Psal 49; Mk 2,18-22

Surely, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of rams 1Sam 15,22

To offer animals in sacrifice, as it was the custom in the Temple, or in our day to give an offer in the Church, fasting or fulfilling religious dulie, all this could in reality be just something exterior, while the real life is not following the desires of the Lord. Instead, to obey to God – even when it costs us something – does not mean t ogive something, but to offer ourselves as a gift to God; this is true love, since it is the gift of oneself.

18/1 TUE II° O.T. [II]


1Sam 16,1-13a; Psal 88; Mck 2,23-28

The Lord said: “ Rise and anoint him; for this is the one!” 1Sam 16,12

God the Father speaks to Samuel, his prophet, exhorting and guiding him to do his will by anointing the boy David as king for the people of Israel. Jesus, you who are the true King of the children of God, your new people, guide them towards their unity, for which you prayed.

19/1 WED II° O.T. [II]


1Sam 17,32-33.37.40-51; Psal 143; Mk 3,1-6

“Stretch out your hand!”. He stretched it out, and his hand was restored Mk 3,5

Jesus, your acts of love are loaded with the omnipotence belonging only to God. You, however, make it possible for us to imitate you; you want that our words, our actions, even our feelings, be expressions exclusevely of love. Adding to all this our effort, our offering will become the most beautiful prayer for the unity of the Christians.

20/1 THU II° O.T. [II]


(mf: S. Fabian, Pope and mart., † sec. III; S. Sebastian, mart., † 304)

1Sam 18,69;19,17; Psal 55; Mk 3,7-12

He sternly ordered them not to make him known Mk 3,12

Jesus, you order the evil spirits not to manifest who you are; they won’t do it out of love for you or those who listen to you. Only those who love you can speak about you in the right way. Lead us with your light, that we may be witnesses for you especially with our life, rather than only by words.

21/1 FRI II° O.T. [II]


(m: S. Agnes, verg. and mart., † 304)

1Sam 24,3-21; Psal 56; Mk 3,13-19

Jesus went up the mountain and called to him those whom he wanted Mk 3,13

Thank you, Jesus, for your wtness. You spent the night in prayer, and with the light received from the Father you have chosen the twelve apostles from among your disciples. They had to be united among themselves in order to be able to stay with you. Bless and listen to those who pray for the unity of the Church.

22/1 SAT II° O.T. [II]


(mf: S. Vincent, deac. and mart., † 303)

2Sam 1,14.11-; Psal 79; Mk 3,20-21

My brother Jonathan! Greatly beloved were you to me 2Sam 1,26

Jonathan had just given his life for his people by dying next to his father, king Saul. He was a man ‘lovable and kind’ with a pure heart. He had proven his qualities to David too, by warning him several times of Saul’s schemes against him. Thank you, Jesus, for the witness of all those Christians from different denominations who in our very days die because of their faith in you. Thank you, the blood of those brothers and sisters is a prophetic sign of the unity in your Name.

23/1 SUN III° O.T. Year C [III]



Ne 8,24.56.8-10; Sal 18; 1Cor 12,12-30; Lc 1,14; 4,14-21

Jesus, filled with the power of the Spirit, returned to Galilee Lk 4,14

Jesus, led by the Holy Spirit, had spent a long period in solitude, with all his being attentive to the Father. Now he comes back to the places of his infancy and youth. This time of prayer had given him a new strength in the Spirit, a strength of love, a strength for bringing comfort and new life to all who suffer. Jesus, I too will deem precious and fertile the time I will pass alone with you…

24/1 LUN III° O.T. [III]


m: S. Francis of Sales, Bishop and Doct., † 1622)

2Sam 5,17.10; Psal 88; Mk 3,22-30

Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit can never have forgiveness Mk 3,29

Jesus, you have always spoken with love, have performer miracles God alone can do, and the people admired you; some, on the contrary, jealous and slaves of power, slandered you, thus refusing your forgiveness and your salvation. Give, o Jesus, your Spirit of unity to all Christians, that the world believe in you and be saved.



At 22,3-16 or At 9,1-22; Psal 116; Mk 16,15-18

The one who believes and is baptized will be saved Mk 16,16

These words of the Lord drove St Paul to run so as to reach many peoples and announce them the Gospel. Being loved by Jesus, he tried to love everybody by bringing everywhere the Name which saves. Those who invoke the name of Jesus belong to the same Body. Let us keep on praying that none of them forget it.

26/1 WED Ss. Timothy and Titus, Bishops (m) [P]

2Tim 1,18 or Tit 1,15; Psal 95; Lk 10,19

Don’t be ashamed of me his prisoner, but join with me in suffering for the Gospel 2Tim 1,8

Two disciples of St Paul are together today in witnessing, through their obedience, to the Gospel’s truth. They truly lived it, sarin in the Paschal mystery. With Christ they suffered, to bring the joy of the Risen One to sinful men.

27/1 THU III° O.T. [III]

(mf: S. Angela Merici, verg., † 1540)

2Sam 7,18-19.24-29; Psal 131; Mk 4,21-25

Pay attention to what you hear Mk 4,24

Jesus knows that his Word is true; he also knows that the temptation of rejecting it is strong. Therefore He exhorts us to be careful, to take seriously his teaching.

28/1 FRI III° O.T. [III]

(m: S. Thomas of Aquina, priest and Doct, † 1274)

2Sam 11,1-10a.13-17; Psal 50; Mk 4,26-34

The Kingdom of God is as if someone would scatter seed on the ground, and would sleep and rise night and day, and the seed would sprout and grow Mk 4,27

This is one of the many parables presenting an aspect of the new Kingdom that must be built in the world. Whoever hears about Jesus will keep on hearing this name in his heart; but if he is careless, not interested or unjust, he won’t develop any meaningful changes in his way of thinking or acting.

29/1 SAT III° O.T. [III]

(Dioc. memory in Trento: m: S. Joseph Freinademetz, priest, † 1908)

2Sam 12,17.10-17; Psal 50; Mk 4,35-41

Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him? Mk 4,41

Would you like to have been on the same boat with Jesus? It was not a pleasure to see the waves enter in it, and find yourself with the water up to your knees or your side. Well, now you are on that boat, on which the Church suffers and moans because the world enters with its lies. Will you wake up Jesus? Surely, but without being alarmed. He is there, though he sleeps. He will wake up, and the sea and the winds will obey him still.

30/1 SUN IV° O.T. Year C [IV]

Jer 1,45.17-19; Psal 70; 1Cor 12,31-13,13; Lk 4,21-30

He passed through the midst of tremando went on his way Lk 4,30

Jesus did not get scared because of the rejection of his acquaintances, not even because of their violence. He knew that the hour of his sacrifice had not come, but it was starting. His sacrifice is always present in his life, it must be there, since he is not of this world. Now he goes and lives it elsewhere.

31/1 MON IV° O.T. [IV]

(m: S. John Bosco, priest, † 1888)

2Sam 15,13-14.30; 16,5-13; Psal 3; Mk 5,1-20

They saw the demoniac sitting there, clothed and in his right mind Mk 5,15

Eventually, this man who was suffering and caused suffering to others, does not suffer any longer, and has stopped hurting others. He has met Jesus. The spirits which were inside him and influenced him, have fled in hearing the Lord’s voice. How many spirits still have to go out of me, out of you, out of every person? Let us hear, and let others hear the Word that Love causes Jesus to speak.

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