CALENDARIO / Calendario Cinquepani EN

Calender 2/2012
02 February 2012

YEAR B 2012

1/2 IVa Wed. T.O. [IV]

2 Sam 24,2.9-17, Ps 31, Mk 6:1-6

We fall into the hands of the Lord, His mercy is great 2Sam 24.14

King David sinned, trusting in the strength and capabilities of its army, so he must be punished. Knowing from experience the mercy of God, he chooses among the possible punishments, three days of plague, rather than three months to escape from enemies. Knows that it is better to suffer in the hands of God, rather than being in the hands of men. Thank you, Father, just as you teach us to trust you and, in sin, to recognize and experience your mercy.


3.1 to 4 ml (Opp. Heb 2:14-18), Ps 23, Lk 2.22-40

You can leave, O Lord, let thy servant depart in peace, Luke 2.29

For Simeone the encounter with Jesus is the fulfillment of a life for God. Now that he sees with his own eyes the promised Messiah, may meet with his ancestors and to enjoy forever the "Gift of God." Thank you, Jesus, to encounter you. Thanks to those who were able to enjoy this gift in the world and reflect the light of your face.

3/2 Fri IVa T.O. [IV]

(Just dioceses. TN: m: Stephen B. Bellesini, sac., † 1840)

Sir 47.2 to 13, Ps 17, Mt 6.14-29

Pile up for yourselves treasures in heaven for you Mt 6.20

Thank you, Jesus, for this thy holy counsel, for your precious exhortation. Your saints have lived it. For their intercession sustain us and guide us in this thy way: pile up treasures in heaven as they vanish from the earth to relieve suffering.

4 / 2 Sat IVa T.O. [IV] (

1 Kings 3.4 to 13, Psalm 118, from 6.30 to 34 Mc

They told him all that they did Mc 6.30

Thank you, Jesus, how to train your disciples with divine love and wisdom. You tell them the Holy Spirit of humility and communion with you, so that they would like to tell all that they have done in obedience to you. In my examination of conscience, in the evening, I tell myself not only sins, but concrete obedience to your Word!

5 / 2 Sun Go T.O. Year B [I]

Gb 7,1-4.6-7; Ps 146; 1Cor 9,16-19.22-23; 1.29 to 39 Mc

Lifted her up taking her hand Mc 1.30

Jesus is inaugurating the Kingdom of His Father. He leaves the synagogue at Capernaum and enter the house of Simon. They talk of his sick mother-in-law. Jesus touches her with the love that makes the fever escape. And she gets to serve. Health God has given us not to have fun all day Sunday, but to serve in His Church!

6 / 2 Mon Go T.O. [I]

(M: Saints Paul Miki and Companions, martyrs, † 1597)

1 Kings 8,1-7.9-13; Ps 131; 6.53 to 56 Mc

The cloud filled the temple of the Lord 1 Kings 8.10

The cloud that had led Israel in the desert day and night, now fills the temple that King Solomon had finished building.

Thank you, Father, the tangible sign of the cloud showed your presence in the temple. Thank you, Jesus, now and again you are the true temple of God where the cloud of the Spirit lies to enlighten us and lead us to the Father!

7 / 2 MAR should T.O. [I]

1 Kings 8,22-23.27-30, Sal 83; 7.1 to 13 Mc

His heart is far from me Mc 7.6

Jesus is quoting Isaiah and still sees the current observation that the prophet had done his time. He is addressing the Pharisees and the scribes who had come from Jerusalem to inquire about his teaching: trying to correct their behavior hypocritical, that is to look good in front of people, and could cheat and steal without being troubled.

Thank you, Jesus, for those who help me to correct my behaviors so that they can be a manifestation of the Father for men.

8 / 2 Wed T.O. Go [I]

(Mf: St. Jerome Emiliani, † 1537, St. Josephine Bakhita rod., † 1947)

1 Kings 10.1-10, Ps 36, Mk 7.14-23

Blessed be the Lord, who welcomed you 1Kings 10.9

When we, Christians, humbly accept the gifts that Jesus gives us through his Church, to be able to serve with love and loyalty, then who is not Christian is helped to praise God and to believe in him.

9 / 2 Thurs should T.O. [I]

1 Kings 11.4-13, Ps 105, Mk 7:24-30

He could not remain hidden Mc 7.24

Jesus wanted to sit a bit 'on the sidelines with his own, away from the crowd.

Thank you, Jesus, to all those places where we can come to you in solitude: there you can listen to and we can answer what you ask with humility, to be liberated and invigorated by what prevents us to believe with all my heart to your word.

10 / 2 Fri T.O. Go [I]

(M: St. Scholastica rod., Ca 542 †)

1 Kings 11.29-32, 12.19, Ps 80, Mk 7,31-37

Looking toward the sky, he sighed, Mc 7.34

Jesus walked away from the crowd, accompanying a deaf-mute. He seeks unity with his Father, looking up to him. He can be sure that when he will call him, He will come!

Thank you, Jesus, I receive the relief at hearing your voice and get your attention when, in a secluded place, I turn the word of forgiveness through the priest.

11 / 2 Sat Go T.O. [I]

(Mf: B. V. Mary Immaculate of Lourdes - 1858)

1 Kings 12.26-32; 13.33-34, Ps 105, 8.1 to 10 Mc

Sin caused the extermination on the face of the earth 1 Kings 13.34

Sin spoken here is the one of Jeroboam, king of Israel, which has forced its people to worship idols. This decision caused "the wrath of Yahweh," which over the years extinguished the offspring of the king himself.

It is always a sin, that is turning away from God, the ruin of the world: therefore the Father has given to Mary, Lourdes, to intervene to invite her children to repentance!

12 / 2 Sun VIa T.O. Year B [II]

Lv 13,1-2.45-46, Sal 31; 1 Cor 10.31 to 11.1, from 1.40 to 45 Mc

They came to him from every quarter Mc 1.45

You, Jesus, even if you’re considered "unclean" for touching a leper, you're wanted by the people. Thank you, Jesus, that I too can come to you participating in the Eucharistic celebration. With that I can touch you, indeed, welcome me and help raise awareness of the power of your name.

13 / 2 Mon VIa T.O. [II]

1.1 to 11 Gc, Psalm 118, from 8.11 to 13 Mc

The rich ... like the flower of grass wither Gc 1.10

This word of God helps us not to give importance to material goods, honor, esteem of men, well-being: it is important that our lives please to God, the Father, that our lives look like that of Jesus, in humility and love .

14 / 2 MAR Ss Cyril († 859) and method († 885), patron of Europe [P]

Is 52.7-10, Ps 116, Lk 10.1-9

The Lord has consoled his people Is 52.9

Our God testing his people, but also comforts him. This is what happened to the people of Israel in Babylon, after decades of oppression. Although not all were converted by learning the lesson, "God has intervened to rescue them.

Thank you, Father, that through the intercession of the patron saints of today and help us pass the test that the Christian people are living in this time in Europe.

15 / 2 Wed VIa T.O. [II]

Gc from 1.19 to 27, Ps 14, Mk 8:22-26

Brought to him a blind man, begged him to touch 8.22 Mc

Jesus had just finished a conversation with the Pharisees who wanted a sign from heaven. Now he offers them a further sign of his messianic mission: in a secluded spot touches the eyes of the blind, and he spat it heals. Even the Pharisees, the blind, to believe in him will need to let himself be touched by his love.

Thank you, Jesus, the gift to see you and see you in the Father's love.

16 / 2 Thurs VIa T.O. [II]

2.1 to 9 Gc, Ps 33, Mk 8.27-33

You shall love your neighbor as yourself Gc 2.8

In this word there is a way of peace for all people. When I had the grace to know how to change my program to help a person, I had peace and joy in my heart. Come, Holy Spirit, to guide me yet!

17 / 2 Fri VIa T.O. [II]

(Mf: Seven Holy Founders of the Servants of Mary)

Gc 2,14-24.26; Ps 111; 8.34 to 9.1 Mc

Faith without works is dead James 2.26

True, when I truly believe in Jesus Christ, my life shines out of his wisdom, his love, his courage, his peace and joy. Jesus revives my faith in you, so to become solid and mature to give honor and glory to the Father.

18 / 2 Sat VIa T.O. [II]

Jas 3:1-10; Ps 11, Mk 9.2 to 13

It's nice for us to be here Mk 9.5

Obedience to Jesus, follow him where he wants, not only brings us to the cross, but also the joy and peace that make us his witnesses.

O Holy Spirit, make us attentive and docile to the will of God for us!

19 / 2 Sun VIIa T.O. Year B [III]

43,18-19.21-22.24-25 Is, Ps 40, 2 Corinthians 1.18-22, Mk 2:1-12

Son, you are forgiven your sins Mark 2:5

Jesus, just when I thought that sin was wrong, did not feel the sweetness of your words. Now I rejoice to hear that you are always child, even when I'm wrong, and that you and I can heal me because I want to come back and stay with you as your employee. I could not hope or wish for anything more! Thanks!

20 / 2 Mon VIIa T.O. [III]

Gc from 3.13 to 18, Ps 18, Mk 9.14-29

Glory not, and do not tell a lie against the truth Gc 3.14

The boast of anything is always against the truth. Jesus said: "I am the truth." He will not if they have never claimed, but acknowledged that everything was given by the Father.

21 / 2 MAR VIIa T.O. [III]

(Mf: St. Peter Damian, Vesco. And dr., † 1072)

4.1 to 10 Gc, Ps 54, Mk 9.30-37

Humble yourselves before the Lord Jas 4.10

Humiliation, being humble is certainly a way of peace, promotes unity for which Jesus prayed, allows God to be featured in our relations.

Lord Jesus, 'that you learn to be humble!


Gioli 2.12 to 18, Ps 50, 2 Corinthians 5.20 to 6.2;

Mt 6,1-6.16-18

Forgive, Lord, your people Gioli 2.17

It is the earnest prayer of Joel and all the people, because God away the deserved punishment of the famine and the continuing losses from enemies. It is prayer that we raise in this Lent to the Father, because he acted to let us find solutions to the difficulty of proclaiming the Gospel to the young and the problem of instability of Christian families. I want to join, offering my most diligent efforts in prayer, in various forms of fasting and pittance.

23 / 2 Thurs after Ash [IV]

(Comm: St. Polycarp, Vesco. And mart., † 155)

Dt 30.15-20; Ps 1, Lk 9.22-25

Whoever loses his life for my sake, will save it Luke 9.24

I had to make a very important decision, and final, but I was hard-fought. While I was in adoration before Jesus in the Eucharist an inner voice told me: "What are you doing?". I answered immediately: "Jesus, your peace, wherever it is, but your peace! This voice said, 'Who wants to save his life will lose it. " I realized that Jesus wanted from me a pure and generous yes.

The saint whose memory we recall today testifies to the urgency of our "yes" to the Lord.

24 / 2 Fri after Ash [IV]

Is 58.1-9, Ps 50, Mt 9.14-15

Can the wedding guests mourn while the bridegroom is with them? Mt 9:15

Why did Jesus invites us to rejoice with joy now that we have begun the journey of penitence of Lent? He Eli, who reveals himself as our "husband", we want to fill with his love. We shall participate to his passion making space to him the with the sacrifice of fasting, and he, at the wedding of the coming Easter, we will share his victory over our weakness and fear to follow.

25 / 2 Sat after Ash [IV]

Is 58.9-14, Ps 85, Lk 5.27-32

Follow me! Lk 5.27

It is a great gift to be called by Jesus to follow him. Every Christian is called to live in him, though in different ways: who in the family, who in a religious community, who as a priest, who as an educator, who in social and political disinterested ... Here I am, Lord Jesus, guide me today and always !

26 / 2 Sun Ia T.Q. Year B [I]

Gen 9.8-15, Ps 24, 1 Pet 3.18 to 22, from 1.12 to 15 Mc

Repent and believe in the gospel of Mark 1:15

Believing that Jesus is the Son of God is not enough! This does not give peace and joy, it is necessary that he become the "All". And how can we believe, as certain that Jesus is not enough to fill your life, even to a layman?

Jesus, thank you: I have seen men and women, young and old, for which you are really everything!

27 / 2 Mon Ia T.Q. [I]

Lv 9,1-2.11-18, Ps 18, Mt 25:31-46

Before him will be gathered all nations Mt 25.32

At the end of time the Son of Man comes in his glory to judge all men, of whatever race, tribe and religion. What will be the criterion for judging? That they gave shelter and rescued or not the brothers who were hungry, thirsty, naked, sick and in prison.

Thank you, Jesus, this time of Lent when I want exercise to have a careful look at your suffering brothers and sisters.

28 / 2 MAR Ia T.Q. [I]

Is 55.10-11; Ps 33, Mt from 6.7 to 15

Thy Will be done Mt 6.10

Jesus is teaching his disciples to pray. They, being children, are invited to do the will of the Father. He himself gave us the example in the Garden, when he said: "Father ... not my will be done, but yours be done".

29 / 2 Wed Ia T.Q. [I]

Jonah 3:1-10; Ps 50, Lk 11.29-32

God saw their works Jonah 3.10

The inhabitants of Nineveh, from the smallest to largest, in the words of Jonah recognized the voice of God. They realized the evil of their deeds and violence of their hands, and pledged to seek mercy with God forty days of fasting.

Thank you, Jesus, the liberating experience of fasting: it is a prayer that you listen willingly, because it is not made of words alone.

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