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17 apr 2022
17/04/2022 – Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord - year C

17/04/2022 – Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord - year C

Reading 1 ACT 10, 34. 37-43 Psalm 117 Reading 2 COL 3, 1-4 Gospel JN 20, 1-9

Today in every reading we hear about joy, a joy which does not express only some satisfaction, but involves the whole life, because it sees the whole world made part of an unexpected novelty. In fact, today we celebrate the event which has given and is still giving continuously meaning and value to each situation. What would the world be if Jesus had not risen from the dead? Would it not be just a big cemetery? Would it not be maybe only a place in which the selfishness of rich and powerful men clashes and where everyone would feel swept by obscure forces, threatened by the horror of a death which is relentlessly coming? What would be the life of every single man if nothing but a valueless ant without hope? What our sufferings and our troubles would be? Our desires of peace and communion would remain unheard, as neverending illusions which we would not even be brave enough to think of anymore!

Today we sing the song of joy, the ever-resounding hallelujah: the one who the powerful wanted forever dead has risen from the dead, the one who was coming from an insignificant village has risen, has risen the one who knew only how to do his poor job as a carpenter. Death could not keep Him, the death which had swallowed Him had to release Him back into the world. And He has come back in the world, but without being ruled by the world anymore. The heavy rock of His tomb has been overthrown, the seals set by the men have been broken, all precautions put in place for Him are useless. The balms are useless now, the tomb is not of any use anymore but as a witness against death and as the announcement of the beginning of a new era. Now men can dream, now they can desire the most beautiful things, can ban fear. Jesus, the only man who could speak about God, a God who is Father, a God who loves, is alive forever. His word will continue to be heard, His face will continue to give hope, His hands will continue to touch our sick hands, paralised, empty and unable to caress.

Now we start thinking of the things above, because they are the only truthful, the only ones worth of men. We feel new, owners of a new life, which has as a beginning God’s love and as the end His glory. Now our life is not of an ant anymore, because we have become the recipients of the Son of God’s one: He let us eat Him, makes Himself food for us, and so He transforms us, is showing us our value, and gives meaning to every hour of our existence. And what about the sins we have committed up to now? And all the evil of which we have not only been spectators, but of which we are accomplices, the evil we have sown in the world by obeying the enemy of God and men? This is the thing, the apostle Peter is assuring us: the Risen is the judge of the living and the dead. He grants the forgiveness of the sins to whoever believes in Him. Since today he has risen from the dead, we can believe “in Him”.

Today we begin admitting the faith in God by taking into account Jesus, who has died loving and has risen in order to be able to never stop loving. Today our faith in God receives a new foundation: we do not believe anymore in a superior God and omnipotent, creator of a big world who scares us, but we believe in the God who has sent in the world His Son to make us aware that we are loved, we are desired, that our presence is precious to His eyes.

Today we are part of the revolution born in Peter’s and John’s heart, when the saw the bandages in which Jesus' body was wrapped in. Disappointed and bitter, sad and scared, first of all they became silent and thoughtful, then joyful and invincible witnesses of the new life appeared in the world in this day full of light. Hallelujah!

Our song is every man’s song and of the whole creation. Finally today our world becomes God’s world, a new world in which fear of death does not rule anymore, in which sin is not the only motivation in men’s heart. A new hope is letting us take on life with the joy and the serenity of a child who knows he is loved and protected by safe hands and a tender heart. Hallelujah!