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21 apr 2019
21/04/2019 Easter Sunday - C

21/04/2019 Easter Sunday - C

Reading 1 ACT 10,34.37-43 * Psalmo 117 * Reading 2 COL 3,1-4 * Gospel JN 20,1-9 (Evening LK 24,13-35)


Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is at the very core of our faith, it is the starting point of our hopes, it is the source and the guarantee of our charity. We are not surprised then that today’s word of God is given us without reservations, to the point that it is almost too difficult to choose (in this comment I will refer to the readings above, outside the brackets).

The right hand of the Lord has struck with power”! In this way the Psalm refers to the stone that was rejected by whom had responsibility in the construction process, but put at the center of the building by God Himself. We know that the stone is Jesus. He was really rejected, thrown away with the waste: and that is still true, often with regard to people that think they are important in the world. And it is still God Himself to keep putting Him at the center of every truly solid building, He presents Him as ‘heart’ and ‘life’ and ‘light’ to every person and every institution becoming meritorious in human society. God makes of Jesus, even if He is on the cross, a source of communion, joy, peace and serenity, for people and groups, for families and for entire peoples!

God made possible for Jesus to rise from the dead! This is not an idea, even if it would be a beautiful one, but a real event happened on the third day and witnessed by many, by women who became afraid and by very surprised man! The latter had a little difficulty to believe, nay, they did not want to believe. Jesus had to appear, and not only that, but also eat with them and in front of them, let them touch Him and let them hear Him. The difficulties of these disciples, apostles included, are another proof for us of the veracity of the event. Jesus has really risen! If those disciples, so sure they did not want to believe, ended up believing, it is a sign they received very convincing proof! Now then I can say: “I trust their doubts, and I believe”!

Jesus has really risen! If Jesus has risen, my life cannot be as before. This is reminded me by Saint Paul. Since Jesus has risen, my thoughts are focused on His glory, are concentrated on “what is above”. The final dimension of life guides everything else. Now I live knowing with certainty that my place is with God together with Jesus, and therefore I live in a way to get there, I live looking forward to that moment. “Your life is hidden with Christ in God”! I do everything and I decide everything in the light of what Jesus has said and done. What men say and do, what I myself have thought until now, it is not important any more. Now I live like hidden: I am not interested in being noticed, to put up a good show in this world, to be recognized, because what is giving fulfillment to my life is the Word of Jesus and His love! He, like Saint Peter says in the first reading, is “judge of the living and the dead”, and therefore I am very careful towards His words, His desires, what he has shown during His life.

This is a consequence of believing that Jesus is alive. This is why, maybe, to believe seems difficult! To believe influences life, makes it different from the expectations that normally people put in us. While everybody is weighted down by sadness and fear, whoever believes in the Risen Jesus is happy and strong, even able to rejoice. While everybody else are busy and worried regarding earthly things, health and wellbeing, success and economic development, the believer are able to think of spiritual things, to grow and allow to grow in the ability to love, forgetting about themselves.

The passage from the Gospel is describing the first reactions the disciples have shown when they found out that Jesus’ tomb is empty. Mary of Magdala is pinning the happening on unknown profaners. Simon Peter and “the other disciple” run, and their jaws drop when they see the interior of the tomb and the position of the bandages still there in place, to testify that no profanation has occurred. They start believing that what is happening is all part of a particular plan devised by God. When they will be able to read this event in the light of the Scriptures, then the faith will be clear and solid, strong and bright! Then they will believe the words Jesus repeated many times in different occasions.

We are inheriting their faith, and we enjoy it in a simple way. The song of Hallelujah, the typical song in this day, will help each one of us to strengthen our faith, no matter what it demands of us, in order not to confuse it with that hesitation that has accompanied for many days the very disciples’ faith!

Poorly, but with all my heart, I am saying as well today: Jesus has risen, He has really risen!