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01 dic 2022
12 December 2022

English translation, December 2022

1/12 THU I° ADVENT [I]

Is 26,1-6; Psal 117; Mt 7,21.24-27

Trust in the Lord forever Is 26,4

The prophet Isaiah, by saying this, wants to bring new life to the hope of his people, slaves in Babylon, that they will be allowed to go back to Jerusalem and build it again. In this time of Advent let us intensify our desire to remain firm while waiting for Jesus, obedient to his Word. He can free us from the fear of others, and specially from the mentality aiming at preventing our belief that is our Lord and Father. Then we will live as brothers and sisters. Come, Lord Jesus!

2/12 FRI I° ADVENT [I]

Is 29,17-24; Psal 26; Mt 9,27-31

Have mercy on us, Son of David! Mt 9,27

Jesus walks on the roads of mankind. Even today he stands next to us and is present in spirit wherever there are people who serve and love him, together. He has mercy on us and comes to help those who invoke him with faith and love, as he helped the two blind men who cried to him.

3/12 SAT I° ADVENT [I]

(m: S. Francis Xavier, priest, † 1552)

Is 30,19-21.23-26; Psal 146; Mt 9,35 – 10,1.6-8

The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few Mt 9,37

Jesus is teaching in all the cities and villages; he sees people who have lost the sense of their life, thirsty for his truth, in need of love, but few are those who can help him. Then he invites the disciples to pray the Father, that he send new labourers.

We too, let us keep on saying this prayer.

4/12 SUN II° ADVENT Year A [II]

Is 11,1-10; Psal 71; Rom 15,4-9; Mt 3,1-12

Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven has come near Mt 3,2

Recently we started the time of Advent, which prepares us to live again the birth of the Son of God. John the Baptist proclaims, with an authority as of a king’s herald, that the Kingdom of God has come near, since the King is approaching. To get ready and welcome him, he invites us today to bear “a fruit worthy of repentance”, namely to take off our mask, to flee from hypocrisy and truly live according to the Holy Spirit, in which the King has already baptized us.


Is 35,1-10; Psal 84; Lk 5,17-26

Friend, your sins are forgiven you Lk 5,20

What is sin? They are those attitudes and actions that prevent us living God’s word. Today I remember his word concerning the life among brothers, a word which drives away my anger, my wrong ractions, my desire to be the centre of attention, the imposing on others my ideas… Jesus, through the voice of the priest, in the sacrament of confession, deletes all sins, adding the grace to be stronger when we face new temptations.


(mf: S. Nicholas, Bishop, † 350)

Is 40,1-11; Psal 95; Mt 18,12-14

The word of our God will stand forever Is 40,8

Isaiah, ispired by the Lord, gives hope to his people living within the limits of a day-to-day life by announcing the coming of their Saviour. it is necessary, however, to prepare the heart to welcome him. He has the words that heal and give new strength and new life. Come, Lord, Jesus!


(m: S. Ambrose, Bishop and Doct., † 397)

Is 40,25-31; Psal 102; Mt 11,28-30

Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart Mt 11,29

Jesus, at Christmas, will show us what is the true meekness and humility. He, who is God, who created heaven and earth and rules the universe, has become a new-born child. Thus nobody will fear God any longer, on the contrary, he will be drawn to him. Thank you, Jesus, since we too become small when we welcome you, happy in abandoning ourselves in your hands.


Gen 3,9-15.20; Psal 97; Eph 1,3-6.11-12; Lk 1,26-38

Nothing will be impossibile with God Lk 1,37

Mary, after receiving from the Angel the announcement that she will be the mother of Jesus, asks him: ”How can this be…?”. It will be the work of the Holy Spirit, says the Angel, who adds “nothing will be impossibile with God”.
Mary, you welcomed the word of the Angel humbly, without any resistance or suspicion, that is without the slightest sin; you will help us too, so that we listen always to the Father in a docile attitude.


(mf: S. Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin, † 1548)

Is 48,17-19; Psal 1; Mt 11,16-19

I am the Lord your God, who teaches you for your own good Is 48,17

Isaiah addresses his words to the children of his people to kindle in them the hope that they will be helped to return to their land. Though they are a few in number and are in a precarious situation, they should have no fear. The same reality applies to the Church today. We are “the small flock”, but the Risen Jesus is still ready to accomplish his wonders, provided that we start again listening to him. We will commit ourselves to gather every Sunday to celebrate his Death and Resurrection, and will be more attentive to come to the help of those who are in need in our parish.


Sir 48,1-4.9-11; Psal 79; Mt 17,10-13

The Son of Man is about to suffer at their hands Mt 17,12

Jesus, your life disturbs all those living in selfishness, searching for power and lacking a pure heart. I will stay near to you and you will help me, you will purify me from everything that prevents me loving you and my brethren.

11/12 SUN III° ADVENT Year A [III]

Is 35,1-6.8.10; Psal 145; James 5,7-10; Mt 11,2-11

Are you the one who is to come? Mt 11,3

The disciples of John the Baptist ask Jesus this question. Jesus answers by inviting them to open their eyes and listen to what he’s doing and announcing. His works are those foretold by Isaiah concerning the Messiah. For John the Baptist then it will be clear that Jesus is the Messiah sent by God. He can draw this conclusion by comparing what the Scriptures announce with Jesus’ life. It is exactly what the Risen Lord taught the two disciples of Emmaus. It is the same lesson he teaches us.


(mf: Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe - 1531)

Num 24,2-7.15-17; Psal 24; Mt 21,23-27

I hoped in you Psal 24

Here is, Father, something pleasing to you: the hope, the trust in you! It does not allow me to become proud, instead it allows you to show yourself as Father, great in forgiveness and in giving life. Hope and trust let me live in peace and joy: come, Lord, I hope in you!


(m: S. Lucy, virg. and mart., † 404 ca)

Soph 3,1-2.9-13; Psal 33; Mt 21,28-32

The tax collectors and the prostitutes are going into the Kingdom of God ahead of you Mt 21,31

How is it possible that sinners are the first ahead? Yes, all those who welcome Jesus in their lives are in the heart of God the Father! Those who think they can save themselves are left alone, as that man who refused the wedding garment. The pharisees listened to Jesus, but were sure that they did not need him. Instead, I plead: Marana tha!


(m: S. John of the Cross, priest and Doct., † 1591)

Is 45,6-8.18.21-25; Psal 84; Lk 7,19-23

Blessed is anyone who takes no offense at me Lk 7,23

Jesus addresses today these words to me, to you. Though Jesus became a man like all of us –actually, for this very reason! – his life amazes, urges on, gives hope, peace, light, comfort. Jesus, I want to stay with you always: I do not get scandalized that you come to us with such a humble love!


Is 54,1-10; Psal 29; Lk 7,24-30

What did you go out into the wilderness to look at? Lk 7,24

Jesus speaks of John the Baptist, who was preaching the coming of the Messiah in the desert of Judah. Jesus invited the people to admire him as a person who had not been corrupted by the dominant mentality, but lived poorly; he knew that God provides to the needs of those who serve him. He was a man who did not want to be remarked, to the point that his dress was for him just a protection out of respect for his body.


Is 56,1-3.6-8; Psal 66; John 5,33-36

John testified to the truth John 5,33

The aim of Jesus’ words is to possibly help the jewish leaders: they did not put their trust in John the Baptist, who prepared the hearts to welcome the Messiah. He invites them to admit that he, Jesus, is the long-awaited Messiah.

Come, Holy Spirit, and help both us and those who are far as well, to welcome Jesus.

17/12 SAT Beginning of CHRISTMAS NOVENA [P]

Gen 49,2.8-10; Psal 71; Mt 1,1-17

All the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen Mt 1,17

The evangelist Matthew today presents us the genealogy of Jesus, starting with Abraham. Thus he shows that Jesus is inserted into the history of sinful humanity, he who was without sin, in order to heal it and bring it back to the Father. He became its guide, strength and secure road. It is up to us to welcome, and follow him!

18/12 SUN IV° ADVENT Year A [IV]

Is 7,10-14; Psal 23; Rom 1,1-7; Mt 1,18-24

She will bear a son, and you are to name him Jesus Mt 1,21

Whenever we are fully available to live the Word of God, as Mary did, then we too bear Jesus, the Word, and become cooperators with God. Whenever something troubles us, the Father knows how to intervene to reassure us, support our obedience and, thanks to him, we find his peace again.

19/12 MON IV° ADVENT [P]

Judg 13,2-7.24-25; Psal 70; Lk 1,5-25

Do not be afraid, Zechariah, for your prayer has been heard Lk 1,13

Whenever we call on God the Father with all our heart and we obey him with love, he will hear and satisfy our prayer, in his own time. It is exactly what happened to Elizabeth and Zechariah. The Father has exceeded their expectations and hopes!

20/12 MAR IV° ADVENT [P]

Is 7,10-14; Sal 23; Lk 1,26-38

Greetings, favoured one! The Lord is with you Lk 1,28

We are in the Christmas novena, waiting for Jesus. We wait for him, who has been donated to Mary as her son. As she was invited to rejoice, her joy will be given to us, too. We wait for him with the same love she waited for him, so that we can give him our gifts; out time and our energies.

21/12 WED IV° ADVENT [P]

(comm: S. Peter Canisius, priest and Doct., † 1597)

Song 2,8-14 or Sof 3,14-17; Psal 32; Lk 1,39-45

Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb Lk 1,42

The Holy Spirit suggested these words to Elizabeth, and she spoke them to Mary at the time of her visit. Truly Mary is blessed by God the Father, more than all women, and Jesus, the fruit of her womb, is still more blessed. When we pray the Hail Mary, we too affirm this truth and repeat this blessing!

22/12 THU IV° ADVENT [P]

1Sam 1,24-28; Psal: 1Sam 2,1.4-8; Lk 1,46-55

He has looked with favour on the lowliness of his servant Lc 1,48

Mary exclaims her joy for her God. If God calls on her, trusting that he can ask her availability, he is truly a lovable God. No subjection in front of him, neither there is any imposition. He can identify the small ones, who count for nothing, and give them their value. He is a wonderful God!

23/12 FRI IV° ADVENT [P]

(comm: S. John of Kety, priest, † 1473)

Ml 3,1-4.23-24; Psal 24; Lk 1,57-66

What then will this child become? Lk 1,66

John is born. His mother is old. The father was mute, and starts speaking. The child’s name is a new one within that family, but in it there is a revelation, announcing that God is love, that we do not have to fear him. Thanks to that child, we will see divine works, new, beautiful, holy. Let us wait filled with amazement.

24/12 SAT IV° ADVENT [P]

2Sam 7,1-5.8-12.14.16; Psal 88; Lk 1,67-79

He has shown the mercy promised to our ancestors Lk 1,72

The canticle of Zechariah is not from him, but from the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who – in the words spoken by an old priest serving in the Temple - overturns all normal expectations. The people of Israel waited for punishments – it is always like that -, instead it is mercy that arrives. And it is such a mercy, that it will reach even the ancestors long dead, in the realm of the dead. We will see how it will happen, in the meantime let us give thanks, full of hope.

25/12 SUN CHRISTMAS of the LORD [P]

Night Mass: Is 9,1-6; Psal 95; Tit 2,11-14; Lck 2,1-14

Mass of the day: Is 52,7-10; Psal 97; Heb 1,1-6; John 1,1-18

The true light was coming into the world John 1,9

The world is covered with thick darkness. Men cannot see the future, have no hope. Now, thanks to a child who sanctifies the hay in a stable, they start seeing a light. The first to see it are some shepherds, the scum of that society. They need most a hope. They perceive that God trusts them. It is really a true light!

26/12 MON S. STEFHEN, First Martyr [P]

Act 6,8-10.12; 7,54-60; Psal 30; Mt 10,17-22

You will be hated by all because of my name Mt 10,22

Is it possible to speak of hatred during the Christmas Octave? Yes. Not in order to hate, certainly, but to endure the hatred that was directed at Jesus himself. Stephen is the first disciple who dies as a witness to the love of Jesus. Let us not cry over this death, on the contrary let us rejoice, since it is a gift of love, a life offered for the salvation of many.

27/12 TUE S. JOHN, Apostle and Evangelist [P]

1John 1,1-4; Psal 96; John 20,2-8

He saw and believed John 20,8

The feast of the disciple “whom Jesus loved” allows us to see an aspect of the Lord’s birth. His birth is the first act of his resurrection, a birth to a new life without the stink of death. John is the first “to see and believe”, that is he saw what nobody else was able to see, and believed in Him who by his birth started offering his life. The stable of his birth is the first act preparing the scene of the empty tomb!

28/12 WED Ss. INNOCENTS Martyrs [P]

1John 1,5 - 2,2; Psal 123; Mt 2,13-18

Herod is about to search for the child, to destroy him Mt 2,13

A sinister man, this Herod. He wanted to be accepted by men and God alike by building the temple, but he had no love, neither for men nor for God. Why did Jesus come just during his reign? Whenever men want to destroy humanity, then the life-giving goodness and the hand of the Father are manifested. The children Herod ordered to be killed are the ones who sing the glory of the Father, the giver of life, and of the Son, who came to show what is love.

29/12 THU V° day in the Octave of Christmas [P]

(comm: S. Thomas Becket, Bishop and mart,. † 1170)

1John 2,3-11; Psal 95; Lk 2,22-35

He is destined for the falling and the rising of many Lk 2,34

He is a child, but his mission is powerful, superior to almost any upsetting forecast and expectation… Due to his presence many people – those in power – will fall into the abyss, while the poor ones – small and excluded – will arise. Until Jesus will be in the world, this constant overturning of human plans will take place. I will rise from my sin, and keep on praising the Child, together with the Father who donated him, and the stretched hands of the Woman so that I can kiss him.


Sir 3,2-6.12-14; Psal 127; Col 3,12-21; Mt 2,13-15.19-23

Get up, take the child and his mother, and flee to Egypt Mt 2,13

The Holy Family is a family fleeing in the night. Joseph leads the tiny caravan of this strange pilgrimage. Yes, it is a pilgrimage: Mary, Joseph, Jesus do not know where to go, what they do know is that everywhere they go the Father’s hand will guide them, and everywhere the Father’s face will wait for them. A unique pilgrimage, and it becomes the goal of many pilgrims. Today I will move too, so as to reach this Family.

31/12 SAT VII° day of the Octave [P]

(comm: S. Silvester I, Pope, † 335)

1John 2,18-21; Psal 95; John 1,1-18

The light shines in the darkness John 1,5

The stars alone are lights that shine in the darkness. Lights surrounded by dark. So it is with Jesus. We can identify him even when around us all is dark.
We end a year with thanksgiving. The new year will find us grateful, namely humble. We give thanks because we are aware that we need the others and God, we need his Father’s love and his gift, Jesus. And Jesus will be the light which will illumine the new year from beginning to end.

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