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25/12/2017  Christmas

25/12/2017  Christmas


Night           Isaiah 9,1-3.5-6 Psalm 95/96                Titus 2,11-14               Luke 2,1-14
Dawn          Isaiah 62,11-12            Psalm 96/97                 Titus 3,4-7                   Luke 2,15-20
Day             Isaiah 52,7-10             Psalm 97/98                 Hebrews 1,1-6             John 1,1-18


Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace… Our thought goes to the nations, peoples or regions in which people are suffering or dying because of the violence and the hatred coming from the economic interests of wealthy countries. Of course, even there the light has to shine, the voice of the angels has to be heard, has to resound Mary’s contemplative silence. But maybe that “and on earth peace” can be heard sung for us as well.

What is «peace»? it is fullness of life, personal, family and social life! Fullness of life can be found only where there is love! Peace exists where there is fullness of love. And where is this? Which man is perfect in love?

We are all sinners, that is to say, wanting love: I said all, I do not think you will fell offended. If you, just because I said you are wanting love, are hurt, then you only confirm what I said.

On earth peace…! Jesus fills the hole of love that is within me. I am wanting love, first of all, because I have never been loved with a perfect love. My parents loved me, but their love was not perfect. All the other relatives and friends loved me, but their love was ill, inadequate. So many consequences on human psychology due to the lack of love, to sick affections, to the delusions and disappointments created by a misdirected or disoriented love! So much work for psychologists and psychiatrists! All this because true and perfect love is missing! And I do not have love also because, above all, I let myself be won over by selfishness and I do not have learnt how to love!

Now “on earth peace”! Jesus comes to make love perfect. He is perfect love, full, divine. If he becomes part of my life, he will bridge the gaps, fill the holes, heal the consequences of the lack of love! Wherever Jesus comes in, life starts again, is reborn, builds back strength…! Wherever Jesus does not come in the emptiness reigns, the lacking, the inadequacy, disappointment…

All of what is true for a single person, it is also true for the family. Which family can say that they have a perfect love among themselves and towards the others? If Jesus arrives, if he is welcomed, here is a new love, full, here is true life, the peace! On earth peace!

The same thing goes among families. Why on earth are there ill feeling and hate between families? It is because there is no perfect love there, or there was not in the past between their predecessors. And, if there was not before, nobody can expect it to be there now! Here comes Jesus, peace on earth! Between two families, between two houses, between two groups of relatives, behold, today Jesus can come in, perfect love: in this way, peace is established.

The same thing happens between different parties. Why on earth they cannot stand each other? Love is not there, there are gaps to be bridged. Nobody knows how to do it, only Jesus does!

We could keep going: between peoples, between individuals of different religion, … Today comes the announcement: God is showing His glory, and this bridges the gaps on earth, the lacking of love! God shows his love, the fullness of his love, and where men welcome him, here are blooming serenity, harmony, communion, health and true peace!

Another remedy for sick humanity does not exist! Another light against the darkness of the world does not exist! Another effective medicine for the ruin of the heart and the mind, of families, both between the two spouses and between parents and children, and between siblings, does not exist! Another way of effective intervention for the lack of affection felt during childhood does not exist! Another source of wellbeing does not exist!

For this reason we are here, tonight: everything be silent, everything that is luring us and seducing us during the day; everything that occupies our thoughts and desires and aspirations is darkness and emptiness, because it blocks love, it keeps us concentrated only on ourselves: let that light shine, that light that is not created by human hands, but comes from high above!

Peace on earth to all whom give “glory to God in the highest”!


Peace to all of you, every each one of you, in order to start or keep looking with trust and hope to the Highest, in order for the Light of the Father to shine upon your face, and from your face to reflect all around you! During this night, begins then the new day, that day that is lighten up by the son, but by the Son of God, by the lamb, came to give his own life for his frinds!