CALENDARIO / Calendario Cinquepani EN

Calender 8/2012
08 August 2012

YEAR B 2012

1 / 8 Wed XVIIa T.O. [I]

(M: St. Alphonsus M. de 'Liguori, Vesco. And dr., † 1787)

Ger 15,10.16-21, Sal 58; Mt 13.44-46

Those who have ears, listen Mt 13:43

Jesus is telling some parables. Not everyone understands what he wants them to understand. Those oriented to themselves and listen to selfish thoughts will not understand. Can understand who, however, aspires to the kingdom of God and wants to work at his coming. Jesus, in parables, reveals himself and his service to mankind: Let us listen carefully then!

2 / 8 Thurs XVIIa T.O. [I]

(Mf: St. Eusebius of Vercelli, Vesco., † 372, St. Peter Eymard G., sac., † 1868)

Jer 18.1-6, Ps 145, Mt 13.47-53

Like clay in the hands of the potter, so are you in my hands Jer 18.6

Jeremiah uses this simple image to always tell us that we err when we rebel to God. He cares about our lives and do not want it to be useless. Therefore, if necessary, intervene to change the direction of our journey.

3 / 8 Fri XVIIa T.O. [I]

Jer 26.1-9, Ps 68, Mt 13.54-58

Because of their unbelief did not do many miracles Mt 13.58

We are in Nazareth. Here Jesus was known by people as one of them, the son of Joseph and Mary. Nobody wanted to admit that he was the one who made them know the will of God. He can use also for my neighbour or a relative of mine to speak to me!

4 / 8 Sat XVIIa T.O. [I]

(M: St John Vianney, priest., † 1859)

Ger 26,11-16.24, Sal 68; Mt from 14.1 to 12

Improve your ways and your actions Ger 26.13

They want to kill the prophet, but he continues to call to conversion. It is in fact converting the road that allows God to take care of us: as long as we continue in sin God cannot save us, because that's how we choose to be in the hands of the enemy.

The call to conversion is also a characteristic of the preaching of S. John M. Vianney, the Curé d'Ars, whom we venerate today.

5 / 8 Sun XVIII T.O. Year B [II]

Es 16,2-4.12-15, Sal 77; Ef 4,17.20-24, John 6.24-35

My Father gives you the bread from heaven, the true one Jn 6.32

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this revelation. "The bread from heaven" is not what it's raining from the clouds, but one that comes directly from God and nourishes our capacity to love him and love the brothers with his love.

6 / 8 Mon Transfiguration of the Lord [P]

Dn 7,9-10.13-14, Sal 96; 2 Pt from 1.16 to 19, 9.2 to 10 Mc

It was a cloud that covered them with his shadow Mk 9.7

The cloud, in biblical language, is the sign of the active presence of God in the history of his people. The cloud has led this people into the desert and filled the sanctuary of God, and now covers the disciples of Jesus so that they realize that, according to him, they are in the presence of God. From the cloud, in fact, the voice reveals its divinity: "This is my beloved Son"! If we were smart and wake up there would not be the need to tell us: "Listen!"

7 / 8 MAR XVIII T.O. [II]

(Mf: Saints Sixtus II, pope and companions, martyrs, † 258; S. Gaetano, sac., † 1547)

Ger 30,1-2.12-15.18-22; Ps 101; Mt 14.22-36

Just got into the boat, the wind ceased Mt 14.32

Peter was wet because he had not had faith and was sunk in the water, and Jesus back in the boat where the other disciples. The wind stops, now that Jesus is with them. When we take Jesus with us, we need not to fear anything. Our sin and the one of the world shook up the church and threaten it: Jesus is not far, it is just to take it back to us.

8 / 8 Wed XVIII T.O. [II]

(M: St. Dominic, priest., † 1221)

Jer 31.1-7; Sal: Jer 31.10-13; Mt 15:21-28

The Lord has saved his people, the rest of Israel, Jer 31.7

O God, our Father, you saved your people, who disobeyed, even please do save your church! We have disobeyed letting sin to grow in our midst. Let's get back to you, and have mercy! Please grant that your Church is still a gift to the world, a source of unity and inspiration to the care of children and the suffering.

9 / 8 Thurs S. Teresa Benedicta (Edith Stein, † 1942) rod. and Mars., Patron of Europe [P]

Hosea 2.16 b.17b.21-22, Ps 44, Mt from 25.1 to 13

Watch, for you know neither the day nor the hour Mt 25.13

We do not know when you come, Lord Jesus but we know that when you departed from us you didn’t abandon us. You gave us responsibility and trust. We do not want to disappoint you. Come, Lord Jesus! Every time you come: we love you and we look forward, we are at your disposal! You found ready S. Teresa Benedicta, so will find us. For her and for our love to you, bless the peoples of Europe!


10 / 8 Fri S. LORENZO, deacon and martyr., 258 † [P]

2 Cor 9.6 to 10, Ps 111, Jn 12.24-26

If any one serves me, the Father will honour him Jn 12:26

What a wonderful promise! God honours those who serve the same Father, His Son Jesus! For this we also honour those who have served Jesus, sorry that there are Christians who do not. Today we honour Lorenzo, who served the poor of his church and for his faith and suffered torture and death. The honour is keeping us ready to serve the Church to suffer martyrdom for the Lord.

11 / 8 Sat XVIII T.O. [II]

(M: S Clare, virgin, † 1253)

Ab 1.12 to 2.4; Ps 9; Mt 17.14-20

The righteous shall live by faith Ab 2.4

Faith makes us acceptable to God and is the source of life. Because of his faith, expressed with a strong and courageous confidence to God, the life of Clare became luminous and exemplary for many, full of great little wonders that still tell about her.

12 / 8 Sun XIXA T.O. Year B [III]

1 Kings 19.4-8; Psalm 33, Ephesians 4.30 to 5.2, John 6.41-51 (52)

He who believes has eternal life, Jn 6.47

Believe, that is, relying on God! He is the eternal life, full, perfect, holy and without end. It is he who can renew and replenish, when we give in to his hands. Jesus tells us without hesitation. We, therefore, we rely on their obedience to Jesus, God, sent to us by the Father.

13 / 8 Mon XIXA T.O. [III]

(Mf: Ss Pontian, pope, and Hippolytus, priest., Martyrs, † 235)

Ez 1,2-5.24-28, Ps 148, Mt 17.22-27

On the third day rise again Mt 17.23

Jesus, how many times have you said to your apostles who'd risen! But they did not understand and do not you ask him. They were even sad! We enjoy that you are resurrected from the dead: this does not make us more afraid because you went there emerging even more splendid and glorious.

14 / 8 MAR XIXA T.O. [III]

(M: St. Maximilian M. Kolbe, Sac. And mart., † 1941)

Ez 2.8 to 3.4; Ps 118; Mt 18,1-5.10.12-14

Who will accept only one child in my name, accepts me 18.5 Mt

The name of Jesus receives the glory from our acts of love. To accept a child is demanding, requires great care and responsibility. Welcoming a child in the name of Jesus is to have a care free of charge, motivated not by the needs of the child, but by faith. There is a acceptance that lasts a few minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes days or even a lifetime. There are parents who accept their children in the name of Jesus, and then those children feel very accepted.

15 / 8 Wed RECRUITMENT of B.V. MARIA [P]

Rev 11:19; 12,1-6.10, Ps 44, 1 Cor 15.20-26; Luke 1.39-56

My spirit rejoices in God my Saviour Luke 1.47

Today is a big party. Our Mother shows us his joy. She has closely in spirit to the presence and action of God, from whom you feel saved. We rejoice with you, because God is the saviour for us. There has perhaps saved from the slavery of all that moves in the world? Right now, many people show their inner emptiness: we look at Mary, we show them that we know there is a hope that life and smile!

16 / 8 Thurs XIXA T.O. [III]

(Mf: St. Stephen of Hungary, † 1038)

Ez 12:1-12; Ps 77, Mt 18.21-19.1

The master of that servant was moved with compassion Mt 18.27

Jesus tells Peter that asked how many times to forgive the brother who sins. The parable really helps to understand that we must not count how many times we forgive because God has not counted how many times has forgiven us. The compassion of God is total, complete, and perfect: our compassion is her children. If you do not forgive is a sign that we do not want to be children of God.

17 / 8 Fri XIXA T.O. [III]

Ez 16,1-15.60.63; Is 12.2-6, 19.3 to 12 Mt

The two shall become one flesh Mt 19.5

Great confusion today about men and women, marriage and family. God has no confusion, this is only from sin. Are to educate young people (and not only them) about God's intentions regarding the family: they are the 'instructions' about sexual and relationship skills. We do investigate any appliance to use: we will not instruct to use the talents of our lives? We would avoid much suffering to us and many others.

18 / 8 Sat XIXA T.O. [III]

(Mf: S. Agapito, Marta., † 274)

Ez 18,1-10.13.30-32, Ps 50, Mt 19.13-15

Repent and live Ez 18.32

God wants to see us happy, like a mother wants to see her children happy. For this we observe, and you realize if we are walking on streets that lead to unhappiness, suffering and sadness. He invites us to continue living as he taught us: it is the only way to be in joy and become a source of joy for our brothers.

19 / 8 Sun XXA T.O. Year B [IV]

Pro 9.1 to 6, Psalm 33, Ephesians 5.15 to 20; Jn 6:51-58 (59)

He who eats me will live because of me Jn 6:57

We would like me to live, Jesus you show me the way to a real life, deep, useful to the world. It is you who give us this life, and how? When I eat you, then life grows within me. Eating you, that is bringing you into me, having no other desire than to be one with you!

20 / 8 Mon XXA T.O. [IV]

(M: St. Bernard, abbot and Doctor., † 1153)

Ez 24.15-24; Sal: Dt 32.18 to 21, from 19.16 to 22 Mt

Come! Follow me Mt 19.22

A young man, observing the commandments of God, realizes that he is not completely satisfied. He searched the full life, eternal. He asks to Jesus and Jesus shows the way: let the things go and follow who remains forever!

S. Bernard has done so and has helped hundreds of young people to find Jesus!

21 / 8 MAR XXA T.O. [IV]

(M: St. Pius X, Pope, † 1914)

Ez 28.1 to 10; Sal: Dt 32,26-30.35-36; Mt 19.23-30

With God all things are possible Matthew 19.26

God can show us the deceitfulness of richness, which suddenly leaves you when you don’t expect: in fact they are not with you when you leave this world. God you can put in our hearts the desire to be his. God can give us joy to give up wealth in order to choose to be entirely of Jesus.

22 / 8 Wed XXA T.O. [IV]

(M: Maria Regina B. V.)

Ez 34.1 to 11, Sal 22; Mt from 20.1 to 16

(Opp. Is 9.1 to 6, Ps 112, Lk 1:26-38)

The peace will not end on the throne of David Isaiah 9.6

With words like these, the angel presented to Mary the child that would be born from her. The peace promised by Isaiah has arrived, firstly in Mary's life. She, enjoying Jesus, his Son, enjoys the richness of God and of all his good. This is precisely the peace: to be partaker of eternal, stable and joyful good. Pain and suffering do not prevent this peace, make it more valuable.

23 / 8 Thurs XXA T.O. [IV]

(Mf: St. Rose of Lima, rod., † 1617)

Ez 36.23-28, Ps 50, Mt 22:1-14

Those invited were not worthy 22.8 Mt

Guests to the Messianic wedding were firstly Jews. Rejecting Jesus, they rejected the joy and fullness of life. Others are ready to accept this gift that God wants to share with men. Today as I want to say my yes, I come to enjoy with your joy, O my God, I come to enjoy your Son Jesus!

24 / 8 Fri S. Bartholomew, Ap. [P]

Rev 21.9 to 14, Psalms 144, John 1.45-51

You will see greater things than these! Jn 1.50

Beautiful your promises, Lord Jesus! Living with you everything is big: inner peace, brotherhood with your friends, the joy of giving me to those who is alone and is suffering and the possibility to offer hard times and misunderstandings. Believing in you we see miracles, we see that bad people become example of goodness!

25 / 8 Sat XXA T.O. [IV]

(Mf: St. Louis, † 1270, St. Joseph Calasanz, priest., † 1648)

Z 43.1-7, Ps 84, Mt from 23.1 to 12

Only one is your guide, the Christ Matthew 23.10

Jesus enjoys being on the road by which we reach the Father to enjoy all his love. For this reason, he becomes our guide and warns us from following others who present themselves as teachers. He also warns us by making ourselves guides for the brothers, we would be blind guides. Among us must always be there humbleness. Nobody is perfect and we all need to be holding the hand of the Lord.

26 / 8 Sun XXI T.O. Year B [I]

Gs 24,1-2.15-17.18, Sal 33, Ephesians 5.21 to 32;

Jn 6.60-69 (70)

You have words of eternal life John 6:68

Peter wants to follow Jesus. Many have turned away from him because he did not understand him. But Peter, with the other eleven, has realized that Jesus should be followed not because they understand him, but because he is "the Holy One of God", a gift that the Father has sent us to enrich with his life, eternal life.

I do not want to judge your word, Jesus, but accept it and live it.

27 / 8 Mon XXI T.O. [I]

(M: St. Monica, † 387)

2Ts 1,1-5.11-12, Ps 95, Mt 23.13-22

Shall our God make you worthy of his call 2Ts 1.11

It is the prayer of the apostle for his Christians. He asks the Father that their life is full of kindness for one another and for all, so that through them God may be known as the God of love and peace, the God who lives among men to save them from self-interest and idolatry by deceitful of what the world offers.

28 / 8 MAR XXI T.O. [I]

(M: St. Augustine, Vesco. And dr., † 430)

2Ts 2,1-3.13-17, Ps 95, Mt 23.23-26

But you neglect justice, mercy and faithfulness Mt 23.23

Jesus is able to criticize. Scolding is a characteristic of true love. He accuses religious people: they are very careful to observe all the rituals, forgetting to have patience and compassion and generosity. The Father has to see that we give to others his patience, his compassion, his loyalty.

29 / 8 Wed Martyrdom of St. JOHN THE BAPTIST [P]

Jer 1.17 to 19, Sal 70; 6.17 to 29 Mc

I am with you to save you Ger 1.19

John the Baptist, like Jeremiah, is faithful to God and is not afraid of the power of Herod. This cannot bear to be told that he must obey God, and silences that voice dramatically. But God saves his prophet, it secures the eternal kingdom. The real good for us is not the living in this world, but being forever in the heart of the Father.

30 / 8 Thurs XXI T.O. [I]

1 Cor 1.1 to 9; Ps 144; Mt 24.42-51

In him you have been enriched by all the gifts 1 Cor 1.5

In him! Giving their adherence to Jesus, Christians share in the riches of God's love, a love that transmits, on those who experience it, knowledge, wisdom, prudence, loyalty and above all humility. What is lacking to those who live full of these goods?

31 / 8 Fri XXI T.O. [I]

1 Cor 1.17 to 25, Ps 32, Mt from 25.1 to 13

They went out to meet the bridegroom 25.1 Mt

How many lessons contain the parables of Jesus! Our life is an approach to him who loves us to give him our love. He died for our love. Don’t we keep us ready to give him honour and glory? Will we do what we feel most comfortable, or will we do everything we need for our life to give joy and glory to him?

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