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01 apr 2022
04 April 2022

English translation: Aprile 2022


Wis 2,1.12-22; Psal 33; John 7,1-2.10.25-30

I know him, because I am from him John 7,29

Jesus is peaking with the Jews, who are mistaken by thinking that they know him. He tries to shed light on them through his witness, stating that he knows the Father, since he has been sent by him. Scandalized, they try to arrest him.

Come, Holy Spirit, help us to welcome Jesus with gratitude!


(comm: S. Francis da Paola, hermit, † 1507)

Jer 11,18-20; psal 7; John 7,40-53

Never has anyone spoken like this! John 7,45

The Pharisees and the elders, devoted men but jealous of Jesus, send their guards to arrest him. They come back without Jesus, and express their admiration by his words. For this they are reproached.

Jesus, you set us free so that we can welcome your love.

We thank you!

3/4 SUN V° LENT Year C [I]

Is 43,16-21; Psal 125; Phil 3,8-14; John 8,1-11 (or the radings of year A)

Christ Jesus has made me his own Phil 3,12

St Paul, having been won by the risen Jesus on the way to Damascus, is ready to spend the whole of his life for him. He wishes to leave everything behind and deems as rubbish his past formation, gained after many years of labour and renounciations. Nothing can compare with the love and light of his Lord.

Thank you, Jesus, you have put in me too the desire to live and die for you.

4/4 MON V° LENT [I]

(comm: S. Isidore, Bishop and Doct., † 636)

Dan 13,1-9.15-17.19-30.33-62; Psal 22; John 8,12-20

I testify on my own behalf John 8,18

Jesus knows that he has come from God. The Father himself bore witness to him at his baptism in the river Jordan. He can then speak with such certainty and love to his adversaries, that they may be helped in believing in his Word.

Thank you, Jesus, for your love. With your help I will be able to be perseverant in your service.

5/4 TUE V° LENT [I]

(comm: S. Vincent Ferrer, priest, † 1419)

Num 21,4-9; Psal 101; John 8,21-30

The one who sent me is with me John 8,29

Jesus is aware that his Father sent him. Already as a 12 years old boy he was aware of this, when he answered Mary and Joseph: “Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s hands?”. He has been truly faithful to all the Scriptures, especially to what concerned his passion and death. At that time he fully proved to be one with the Father, the Love that is given as a gift until the end.

6/4 MER V° T.Q. [I]

Dn 3,14-20.46-50.91-92.95; sal: Dn 3,52-56; Gv 8,31-42

You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free John 8,32

By putting our full trust in you, Jesus, and in your Word, we will be made free from all conditioning.You yourself assures us of this. You are Truth since you make manifest to us the hidden God. When we come to know him, all the deceptions and lies in the world will no longer be an obstacle for us: we will be free to love

7/4 THU V° LENT [I]

(comm: St J.B. De La Salle, priest, † 1719)

Gen 17,3-9; Psal 104; John 8,51-59

Before Abraham was, I am John 8,58

Jesus is speaking with the jewish elders who don’t want to welcome him, who cannot recognize him as the one sent by God and his Son, as the promised Messiah. Jesus strives to help them, but finds that their hearts are closed. He affirms to be in God, to have existed since before Abraham: therefore they would stone him.

Jesus, have pity, help us to know how to welcome you!

8/4 FRI V° LENT [I]

Jer 20,10-13; Psal 17; John 10,31-42

The Father is in me and I am in the Father John 10,38

Jesus speaks to the chiefs of the people, who ask him wether he was the Messiah. He remarks that the works accomplished in the preceding days witness to that. He had healed the man born blind, multiplied the loaves, he had taken care of the people as “the shepherd of the sheep”. Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of believing that you are sent by the Father, that you are his heart and his Word.

9/4 SAT V° LENT [I]

Ez 37,21-28; Psal: Jer 31,10-13; John 11,45-56

I will be their God, and they shall be my people Ez 37,27

Since 70 years the people of Israel had been scorned and exploited in Babylon. A few only were left who adored the true God and followed his laws. The prophets had transmitted to him the cry of the people, and he had listened to them: he would bring them back to their land.

Thank you, Jesus, you who are ready to satisfy the yearning full of hope of those who suffer and again consider you as their God.

10/4 PALM SUNDAY Year C [P]

Lk 19,28-40; Is 50,4-7; Psal 21; Phil 2,6-11; Passion: Lk 22,14 - 23,56

Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me Lk 22,42

Thank you, Jesus, for your witness of being completely available to the will of the Father. One moment you are acclaimed, the next you are oppressed by men’s wickedness; you bear everything with love to save us through your unjust condemnation and atrocious suffering. We thank you because from your cross you draw us to you.


Is 42,1-7; Psal 26; john 12,1-11

I have put my Spirit upon him Is 42,1

We are in the Holy Week. Let us fix our look on Jesus, meek and humble of heart, full of Holy Spirit, of patience, fortitude and faithfulness. He has come down from heaven, from the Father, that we may become like him. We offer him the whole of this week as a humble and great ‘thank you’.


Is 49,1-6; Psal 70; John 13,21-33.36-38

Where I am going, you cannot come John 13,33

Jesus Gesù confides with his apostles in the intimity of the Last Supper he eats with them. He is living the full offering of his life to the Father, he brings this offer even into his death. He tells them that they are not capable to follow him now; only after receiving the Holy Spirit they will follow.

Thank you, Jesus, for offering yourself in sacrifice, on my behalf too.


Is 50,4-9; Psal 68; Mt 26,14-25

Where do you want us to make preparations for you to eat the Passover? Mt 26,17

While Judas organizes Jesus’ betrayal, the other Apostles offer their service to prepare the feast. In these days let us prepare likewise, in our hearts and our houses, the place of honour to the Lord Jesus.


EX 12,1-8.11-14; Psal 115; 1Cor 11,23-26; John 13,1-15 (Mass “in Coena Domini”)

Unless I wash you, you have no share with me John 13,8

These words are told to Peter, to me, to you. It is as if he said: unless you accept my service, my love for you, you cannot either be faithful to me, or stay in my family, the Church.

Jesus, thank you for your love, freely offered, and for your service made present through your priests : support them with the strength of your Spirit.


Is 52,13 - 53,12; Psal 30; Heb 4,14-16; 5,7-9; John 18,1 - 19,42

The righteous one, my servant, shall make many righteous Is 53,11

This word is truth itself. How many times, Jesus, faithful servant of the Father, you have justified us, every time that we have come to you to ask your forgiveness in the sacrament of confession, opening our heart to your ministers!

Thank you, Jesus, for your sacrifice on the cross: by it you overcame death, even the death of my heart.


The word of God is living and active Heb 4,12

Many times I have remarked this truth. The Word of Jesus gave me life, prevented me to do evil actions, gave me the strength to do good actions, granted me joy in putting it into practice. Thank you, Jesus, that I can listen to you, since you are the true life, filled with a deep peace. Even your silence today speaks to me…


Act 10,34.37-43; Psal 117; Col 3,1-4 or 1Cor 5,6-8; John 20,1-9 or Lk 24,13-35

Stay with us, because it is almost evening Lk 24,29

The two disciples of Emmaus wish that the man who accompanied them on the road may stay with them. He accepts their invitation. While at supper, they recognize from his gestures that he is Jesus, that he is risen! Full of joy, they go to share the good news with the other disciples, whom they think full of sorrow. Every Sunday Jesus manifests himself to us and fills us with his joy! Alleluiah!


ACt 2,14.22-33; Psal 15; Mt 28,8-15

Suddenly Jesus met them Mt 28,9

The women obey the angel’s word: they go to Jesus’s disciples and bring the announcement of his resurrection, and he, the Risen One, meets them. When we obey with love and joy to his messengers, Jesus meets us, too. In fact he says: I will manifest myself to the one who loves me”.


Act 2,36-41; Psal 32; John 20,11-18

Do not hold on to me John 20,17

Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb with the spices necessary to complete the preparations to honour Jesus’ body. Only, it is not there. She asks the man she thought to be the gardener, and that man calls her by her name. In that voice she recognizes her God and Lord and wants to grasp his feet. He, however, tells her not to hold on to him: he did not appear to rejoyce her, but to entrust her with a new mission.


Act 3,1-10; Psal 104; Lk 24,13-35

The Lord has risen indeed Lk 24,34

Those who saw Jesus die on the cross and his burial, and later they met him alive, marked with the wounds of the crucifixion, have given this witness. In our faith in him we too say with utter certainty that he is living forever: we have indeed the experience of his new life by living the love for our brethren.


Act 3,11-26; Psal 8; Lk 24,35-48

Why do doubts arise in your hearts? Lk 24,38

In front of the risen Jesus the disciples still doubt. And the doubts keep on rising in the hearts of the faithful, until they will face the cross for him. Whoever shares his crucified love will doubt no longer.


Act 4,1-12; Psal 117; John 21,1-14

Jesus stood on the beach John 21,4

Jesus is faithful to the promise he gave his disciples: they will see him again after his mort and resurrection. He comes in front of them, disconcerted by his death, with his risen body and he makes possible for them to recognize him by his love, thanks to the obedience to his word. This same obedience is the faith that obtains the wonder of a miraculous catch of fish!


Act 4,13-21; Psal 117; Mk 16,9-15

Go into all the world and proclaim the good news Mk 16,15

Thank you, Jesus: you trusted in your disciples, though they were imperfect. You sent them to give everybody as a gift the fruits of your life, death and resurrection; fruits that we can still enjoy today in your Church. Saint George, thank you because you help in loving, and witnessing for, Jesus.

24/4 SUN “of the Divine Mercy” II° Easter time Year C [P]

Act 5,12-16; Psal 117; Ap 1,9-11.12-13.17.19; John 20,19-31

Put your finger here John 20,27

The risen Jesus had already appeared to the Apostles in the evening of the first day after the Sabbath. Thomas was not present, though, and he refused to believe what his brothers were telling him. In his great mercy Jesus, eight days later – thus inaugurating the new weekly cycle – “stood” in their midst, and had him touch his side.

Thank you, Jesus, of your patient waiting. We too, want to tell you with Thomas: “My Lord and my God”.

25/4 MON St. MARK, Ev. [P]

1Pt 5,5-14; Psal 88; Mk 16,15-20

The one who believes and is baptized will be saved Mk 16,16

I thank Jesus that the good news of his love has reached me as well. I thank him that I could welcome and contemplate him in the gospels. I thank him that I have been plunged in his love through Baptism in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

St Marc, you too help us to know and live Jesus’ love. We thank you.

26/4 TUE II° Easter time [II]

Act 4,32-37; Psal 92; John 3,7-15

The wind blows where it chooses John 3,8

Jesus speaks with Nicodemus, who asks him questions. He reminds him of the wind; when it blows, we hear it, but one cannot know where it comes from or where it will go. The same is valid for one who is moved by the Spirit of Jesus: we can’t foresee the reactions. Does he receive a slap on the cheek? He does not hit back, but continues smiling.

27/4 WED II° Easter time [II]

Act 5,17-26; Psal 33; John 3,16-21

All who do evil hate the light John 3,20

Every time I don’t beahve according to the will of Jesus, though they may be very small things, I prefer to hide it, so as not to be corrected. Jesus, you help me to recognize my weaknesses, without hiding them, and to welcome your correction and forgiveness. Thank you.

28/4 THU II° Easter time [II]

(mf: St Louis Mary de Montfort, priest, † 1716; St Peter Chanel, priest and mart., † 1841; S. Gianna Beretta Molla, † 1962)

Act 5,27-33; Psal 33; John 3,31-36

Who believes in the Son has eternal life John 3,36

To believe in the Son does not just concern our mind, but is, or becomes concrete obedience, that kind of obedience that transforms us in children of the Father, people who reveal his wisdom. Whoever approves the abortion, or suggests to young people to live together without the christian marriage, or attends the Sunday Mass when he feels like… this person does not live nor reveal the “eternal” life of the Father present in the Son.

29/4 FRI S. CATHERINE OF SIENA, († 1380), Patroness of Italy and Europe [P]

1John 1,5 - 2,2; Psal 102; Mt 11,25-30

All things have been handed over to me by my Father Mt 11,27

Jesus understands that few people have welcomed him, though he performed several miracles. He waits, patient and attentive, that the Father may reveal him for who he is: his Son, God come on earth. All the Father’s love has indeed been given to him, the power of granting eternal life to whoever receives him. St Catherine, intercede for Europe, that the presence of the Kingdom of Jesus may be openly manifested!

30/4 SAT II° Easter time [II]

(mf: St. Pious V, Pape, † 1572; Dioc. Memory in Trento: m: St. Massenza)

Act 6,1-7; Psal 32; John 6,16-21

The sea became rough because a strong wind was blowing John 6,18

As the disciples of Jesus on the boat that night, we are in a world buffeted by strong winds, that is many diffuculties. We feel our fragility and the need for someone to come to our rescue. Only in Jesus we will find a sure anchor: God, his Father, sent him to us as our Saviour. Come, Lord Jesus.

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