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16 giu 2019
16/06/2019 - The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity - C

16/06/2019 - The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity - C 

Reading 1 PRV 8,22-31 * Psalm 8 * Reading 2 ROM 5,1-5 * Gospel JN 16,12-15 

God’s Wisdom is introduced in the readings. What is important for it is to make clear to us its unity with God, its eternity with Him, its presence in the work of creation; its presence does not have to make us jealous, on the contrary, gives us joy and it itself is joyful, in particular because of men’s existence. This page, written in an environment strictly monotheistic, as it is the Judaism one, prepares the minds and the hearts to welcome the full revelation of the divine life that Jesus will give us! God is one, only one, but it is a God the essence of which is love. Now love cannot be expressed unless there is a relationship. This is why, with the words that are given us by our human experience and our culture, we say that the only God is a unity of three Persons. This does not mean at all that God is coming out of the merging of three gods, but that in His Unity and uniqueness there are relationships based on love. It is a pity that our words are not enough and not precise, and even our ideas are poor and incapable to embrace and express the depth, the richness and the beauty of God. We use then our concepts with great humility, knowing that they are neither precise nor complete, even worse, knowing that they might even disfigure and poorly depict the magnificence of the divine Light.

The page from the Proverbs introduces Wisdom as the architect that is managing the works of the Builder, and he enjoys his occupation. Jesus, in a way that is closer to our heart, calls God using the name Father, Father who generates the Son, united to Him by the same joy and the same intent, united by the same light, who is the Spirit, called by Jesus “Spirit of truth”. Others use different images coming from nature in order to concentrate the mind on the unity of a God that is not closed in on Himself. A Christian coming from Islam once told me he liked thinking of God as the sun. You cannot touch the sun, you cannot even look at it, but it reaches you with the light of its rays, and these are warming you up! Sun, light and warmth are three different things, but they are the same being. The light is announcing the presence of the sun and the latter is giving you warmth! In the same way, Jesus shows you the Father and the latter reaches you with the Spirit's grace.

Jesus today, talking to His disciples, shows the need for the Holy Spirit's work: It is the same to guide them to fullness of truth. They are not able to carry the weight of Jesus’ “things”, so to speak, they are not able to carry the weight of Jesus’ cross, to suffer with Him. The coming of the Spirit of truth will make them joyful to be able to take part in their Lord's effort. The whole truth it is not only what the mind can hold, but also that life experience that happens while doing what the Word says. Mary has arrived to the whole truth when she had given birth to Jesus and she had served Him lovingly for many years: she could make efforts and love in a way to take fully part in God’s plans! What Jesus wants to show us of His redemptive mission is experienced by us through the Holy Spirit!

Saint Paul is telling us about these things in another way. “We even boast of our afflictions, knowing that affliction produces endurance, and endurance, proven character, and proven character, hope”. Through faith we can brag about the hope in God’s glory.

Everything is given us thanks to Jesus: He brings us peace with the Father and covers us in the Holy Spirit! We discover then to be the object of the attentions of the most Holy Trinity, in Its care, fully immersed in the warmth of the fire of Its love! Thanks to the revelation of God’s Trinity we know His heart, His desire to forgive us, to have us as His table companions, to fill us of all the joy we can take, to increase it even more through making us part of His love for men that still are groping in the dark and in fear, in doubt and in desperation.

How lucky we are to know our God's secrets! Who knows them is not in the dark any more regarding even the meaning of his life. Who knows the mystery of the most Holy Trinity is able to hope and enjoy to the very end of his days, because he knows the value of tiredness and of every passing hour. Everything in fact is enlightened by the light coming from that sun that is our God! It is still necessary to announce this mystery in our days: many people suffer from identity crisis, emptiness and desperation because they do not know, and therefore they cannot love, the God of love!