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07/08/2016 - 19th Sunday of Ordinary time - C

07/08/2016 - 19th Sunday of Ordinary time - C 

1st reading Book of Wisdom18,6-9 * dal Psalm 32 * 2nd reading Hebrews 11,1-2.8-19 * Gospel Lk 12,32-48

A gaze of hope towards a difficult future. And we find ourselves at the doors of a difficult future which can be a big challenge of our faith, of our perseverance, of our love for the Lord and the brothers. The difficulties that we face on the educational level for the young generation and the youth, starting from the children, on an institutional level of the family and as regards to the public expression of our Christian faith. The economic difficulties are and will be only as a consequence of sin, that is the ways of facing the life against god, the God revealed by Jesus as Father for all.The first reading refers to the difficulties of the Hebrew people in a time when on them sued to be imposed ways to become pagans, contrary to their own faith. “The holy children of the just offered sacrifices ins secret”: praxis that was repeated along the centuries hundreds of times, and still it seems that today we must prepared ourselves to live our faith in secret. A faith, our faith, that comes from the faith of Abraham: obedience to the invitations of god, obedience to accept the words that at first seems to be not understandable, but which lead us to salvation and to a sure life. The obedience of Abraham was repeated to his own descendants that continued to desire not cities of this world, in which there is always injustices but heavenly cities, where God can give security and peace to those who live according to his own wisdom.

We now are the descendants of Abraham, descendants of faith because we put our faith on he who is the fruit of our faith, the son of David, Jesus. We today live in obedience to the instructions and teachings of Jesus, which he gave to his disciples. Continue to nurture this dream, which is for everyone, of a city where it is not necessary to lie in fear of one another, where we can sing together to give courage to one another: we transform thus all situations and difficulties in occasions for showing our fidelity to God who is a God of mercy and peace.

Jesus continues to speak about the readiness and continuous vigilance. He exhorts   his disciples to obedience, and he does this with words which refer to the master who loves far, who came out of the house, who is late to return but certainly will return. Their obedience will make them united for his arrival. These are parables which transform into stories the future life of the disciples. They live without the visible presence, but live for him, making reference to him. The times will be difficult, the night arrives, and the expectation continues. They must t persevere, continue doing their own work, which they received, a task which will be of reciprocal help. There will be always a time of temptation, and thus one will   and thus everyone will get to know who he is, who is the true disciples of Jesus. This is always called the one who serves: there is no better word for this. It is the same word which the prophets used for the Messiah! However even his own disciples will be able to be called with the same title. They should not feel better than others, but they should live with joy and full of love. It is the title which is also given to Mary in answering to the angel. The history of the church is described really well with these stories of Jesus. He sees the church as a small flock who is not afraid even if it is living among he wolves. This small flock will make visible the kingdom of God and will live in a way through which it will be manifested the beauty and the richness of the love of the King, sent and who came to guide the people to be human and not wolves. In the Kingdom the men will be brothers and all the relationships between them will be characterized by love: they will be able to live this miracle. The true love is always miracle, an intervention of God of that god who is Father of all. What do the disciples of Jesus do? They will use the things of this word, which they have, to be able to give them to others for the building of the Kingdom of God.. They will use them for love. These will become a treasure in front of God and they will be source of joy for the poor and suffering, for those who suffer injustices. They will repeat that which Zacchaeus has done after he met Jesus, who went to divide all his belongings with the poor. It will become a treasure of acts of love, realized with the donations all freely given. They are happy because they know that they are recognized by God himself, who of the God of mercy. Their own joy will be assured even in times of priviation and poverty.