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31/07/2016 - 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time - C

31/07/2016 - 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time T.O. - C 

1st Reading Qo 1,2; 2,21-23 * from Psalm 94 * 2nd Reading Col 3,1-5.9-11 * Gospel Lk 12,13-21

Let us start listening to the first words of the first reading: “ Vanity of Vanities, everything is vanity”. And then the Lord, yes –because he is the Word of God! – helps us to observe all that surrounds us and all the facts that happen to us, maintaining a certain distance. In practice we are exhorted to look at everything, even that we we do, even our preoccupations with the ability to look at them from a personal point of view. The ultimate point of arrival is the Kingdom of God, and thus our life with him: that which we do how much does it help us to bring us near to the heart of the father? The things about which we are preoccupied, are important for our journey? Preoccupations, problems, tiredness always come or relate to the realities that pass by. Thus it is worth it to be anxious about them? We should not take from our sight that which is important, that which remains for ever, for eternity. From this attention comes wisdom and also a fruit of peace and serenity. If we would do this, who will be angered? Even the unexpected events will not be able to take away our peace, we will be able to face them with a holy and healthy “indifference’. This is what the apostle Paul wants to tell us. We are no longer citizens of this world, we are only temporary here. We are dead to the world, that is the things that pass interest us very little, because our glance is fixed on where Christ is, he who is our life. If we pay attention to this reality, our existence here transforms itself, “impurity, passion, immorality, wrong desires and that desire which is idolatry”. We are surrounded by these things, and it seems that all the world has nothing to propose us, nothing to offer us and nothing to thing. We are truly in another world. And we are so clearly, that we wish to go going against the current, always looking to bring to people that we meet the beauty of a pure life, a sober life, a poor life, that is a free life free from all that which hampers us to see others asour brothers and to love them for what they are and not for what they have or for what they know they can give!

The lesson which Jesus offers us we can call it a “lectio magistralis”, a lesson which is good enough to be a famous university lecture The world seems to live on the accounts one has in the banks, the actions which one plays in the money lenders, the millions that we augment from the backs of the poor. Jesus does not start arguing with no one to give the right to that who expects the rights. However, he does not say it this simply. He says it with a brief story so that everyone would be able to understand it and share it with others.   In this story a man, a common man, makes his own programs of business, trying to make profits from his daily occupation. He is a true businessman: he makes people work, has his own business partners, house builders and he is happy doing this. His own plans would today ahve been well approved and shared. But Jesus imagine the intervention of God, a true God, who address him with the word “stupid”. stupid is the man who plans egoistically his own life and his work. Stupid is the man who forgets to be able to count his own money, but not his own days. Stupid is the man who programs his own thins to be able to program his own final.

Stupid are we wo are jealous of our brother who possesses all his hereditary heritage. Stupid is he who continue to fight for the riches of the world who can serve us only for a few days or years. Who know how much money remain? And afterwards? Of you today live in anger and avarice and in disagreement how can you live tomorrow when you cannot eat, breathe, walk or can even win your own arguments? Can you can to paradise with this animosity in your own heart? Will you be able to get embraced by God of peace, God of mercy, God who loves being with the Father? Jesus tell us that there is a lot to doubt. If you today live but   accumulating money and treasures in his world, you will not find these when you die. Jesus tells us that you have to be rich in front of God. How do you do this? Jesus does not say this because he has already said this many other times before. You have to be rich in front of God making acts of mercy. This is so simple. You can do it yourself and it is simple. Remember what Qohelet says: “vanity of vanities and all is vanity” and also what Paul tells us “Sear and look for the things where there is Christ.” And thus do not be like the “stupid” man! There is always a cross to bear but the entire world will be more beautiful and your future will be more certain.