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10/07/2016 - 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time - C

10/07/2016 - 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time - C

1st Deut. 30,10-14 * from Psalm 18 * 2nd Col .1,15-20 * Gospel Lk 10,25-37

When I buy an home electric appliance whatever it is, big or small or an electronic medical machine or a kitchen instrument or any kind of machine used for work, the salesman always gives me a little book or a few pages for instructions of how to use it. And I take this book and put it aside with care. Before I use the machine I read the book, then I will try to understand how it works and then I will use it. If I do not do this, I will not be able to find out how it works, hot to put the buttons and it takes little for me to understand the use or misuse of the instrument. Today even the children’s toys are accompanied with an instruction book as are the medicines. The instruction book! Think about it: even our life is that complex, that if we want something to last longer and give satisfaction, we need the book of instruction. Our savior did not only think of it but also put it for our use. “Obey the voice of the Lord, your God, observe his commandments and his decrees, written in this book of the laws, e convert to the Lord your God with all your heart”. The voice of the Lord your God is your own book: for those who know how to read, that voice is also written! For those who do not know how to read there are those who can explain it to you. Besides, at least in a part, God has put this inside of you, incorporated and now we can say: “This word is near you, it is in your own mouth and in your own heart, so that you can put it in practice”. For this reason we have heard the dialogue of Jesus with the doctor of the law. The latter wanted Jesus to take position in regards to the law, that is, as regards to its content of the book of the instruction of our own life. And what did Jesus answer? He simply asked that man: “What is written in the Law”. How do you read it? As if he said: the answer to your own question is inside of you, it is already present in the book of instructions of the human life. This is it. And that man knew the knew it by heart, as all of us, because all the Hebrew people recited more than once during the day those few lines of the Sacred Scripture.

The fundamental instruction, the key to the reading and others is this: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart...and your neighbor as yourself:.

Sometimes for us it is not sufficient to read the book, we need also to see with our own eyes our machine working in order to learn how to use it. And this is what the scribe asked Jesus. And the Master recounted a fact. Listen to it well and you will learn how to use it well during your life. A samaritan was travelling in the land of Judah for business and suddenly something happened which was not connected to his work but he met someone who was attacked and left almost dead. However this man becomes more important than his own things and he becomes his main attain. In contrast to someone else who, retained himself to love God with all his heart but which in fact meant ignoring the others, he stopped and used his own strength, money and time to save this man who he did not know. For him loving God meant adoring God in this man. Loving God means putting in practice that which God asks us to do, that is, giving attention to whom is weak and fragile, “to the orphan and the widow”, to the ones who are defenseless and suffering. The book of instructions find its visible application and concreteness: “go and do this yourself”, tells him Jesus. Now you have seen how the life of man works, in this way your own life will be seen in the manner most adequate, will not destruct itself and will bring fruit in a way that you remain satisfied and you will sow around you peace and joy of life!

However we are not fully satisfied. The life lived fully and fully realized is not that of the good Samaritan, but it is that of Jesus himself. We look at him to see how even our own life can be realized. He did not give only a little of his time and of his own money to safe this poor man, but he offered himself to save all the men, suffering because of their own sin and of the sin of those who are left half dead. San Paul attempts to describe the work of Jesus which has brought peace, that it is participating in the life of God of love, he brought it to all creatures. And Jesus, to continue this work of peace, started the Church and has offered himself to be the head. I too am part of this Church and I continue not by myself, but with others, under the guidance of Jesus to live in the world the love of God with all my heart, a love given to those whoa re suffering, to the people who are oppressed and tired., I cannot forget that me too sometimes am oppressed, and thus I need to be saved by my brothers, but I am not satisfied to be restored by them, but, getting up, I will start to serve and give the love of the my Father.