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25/06/2017 -  12th Sunday of O.T. - A

25/06/2017 -  12th Sunday of O.T. - A

Prayer for the Pope/ Vigil of S. Vigilio

Ist  reading Jer 20,10-13 from Psalm 68 ;2nd reading  Rm 5,12-15  Gospel Mt 10,26-33

Today, for three times, Jesus tells his disciples: "Do not be afraid." What did they fear? What was the fear of those who followed him? He specifies: "Do not be afraid of men," and "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body," but then also tells why you should not be afraid: "You are more than many sparrows," and if you are more than Sparrows, the one who cares for them will take care of you much more!

Today, for three times, Jesus tells his disciples: "Do not be afraid." What were they afraid of? What about were scared the ones who followed him? He specifies: "Do not be afraid of men," and "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body," but then He also tells why one should not be afraid: "Your value is more than the one of many sparrows," and if you are valued more than sparrows, the one who cares for them will also take care of you!

Fear is a fairly frequent and very serious matter. It often causes insomnia and unexpected reactions so that it ruins relations with men. Where does fear come from? Those who have fear, is telling us that it comes from others,  just from other men who can conspire against us with injustices and violence, being even able to kill. Instead, Jesus tells us that it comes from us because we forget to have a Father who holds the reins of history in his hands. Fear comes from our little or very little faith. Wasn’t it this the reproach the Lord addressed to the scared disciples when they were in the middle of the lake during a storm, while He was sleeping? They had a lack of faith, otherwise they would have learned from Him remaining in peace. Jesus does repeat to us that the hands of our Father are safe and that his gaze never loses sight of us: we can trust him and in Him we can always entrust. The one who needs to be scared, is the one who acts for the bad: that is the one who puts himself in the hands of the enemy, and the enemy only knows how to torture and kill.

We know,as well as Jesus, that it is Him the hated one. We are hated because of him, and because of him we can be persecuted. But He asserts with confidence that if we do not deny him, no matter what it costs, he will eventually recognize us in front of His Father. Jesus does not see our death as the end of our life, and for this reason He considers it to be one of the many episodes regarding us. Even if we get to die, we have to look forward. Well, if we face death for his own love, he will remember it in front of the Father, and so our future will be forever in his hands and in his heart. We do not fear death here, if we can be sure of life in eternity.Death is a reality really scaring us. And how does it exist, and how is it so terrible to ruin our life with its fear? Saint Paul gives us an answer. It has come into the world because of Adam's sin and has developed in all men because every one of them has the root of sin . But now that the new Adam has come in the world, new, obedient and holy man, life has come with him, the one that can not be afraid. Jesus is therefore the solution to our problem. That's why he can tell us and repeat: "Do not be afraid." It's like saying, "I'm next to you. hold me next to you, in your heart, because "I am life", "I live and you will live." With me you certainly arrive where you have to arrive at the end of everything. "Those who die at all ages, even if young, if they are entrusted to Jesus, they are not afraid; in fact they give courage to those who seem to live for a long time. What matters mostly is that the life of a man, whether young or old, will not fold on itself, will not be dominated by things passing by, will not be influenced by selfishness. This happens thanks to Jesus. When He is in the heart of a person, He is the life of that person. And his life is a life that does not die because Jesus is risen and is in glory.A person who enjoys the presence of Jesus is a powerful query for those who continue to seek life in abundance, and therefore justify all kind of abuse and bullying. These people cannot bear the presence of someone who interrogates them and questions their work. Jeremiah says, bringing to light their thoughts and plans: "Denounce it! Yes, we will denounce it ... We'll prevaricate on him! " That is how Jesus was condemned to death. But in death He did not stay. If the Master has walked along this path, can the disciple avoid to walk along the same path? Yes, if he disclaims Him. But if he disclaims Him, he will live again in fear, even stronger. Regarding this, Saint Peter would know something.Without pretending to be blind, we are aware that our Lord is persecuted and slandered, offended and put to death. Do we live with him? Fear can not prevail. Let’s strengthen our love for Him and we will be serene. Our life, though suffering from the pitfalls that are being hold out, will even be a great gift and a great help for many to preserve or begin their loyalty to that Jesus who lives forever!