OMELIE / Omelie EN

01 ott 2019
27/10/2019 - Sunday 30th in O. T. - Year C COPIA

01/11/2019 - All Saints 

Reading 1 REV 7,2-4.9-14 Psalm 23 Reading 2 1JN 3,13 Gospel MT 5,1-12


Today’s solemnity makes us part of the joy promised to whom is faithful to Jesus, to whom welcomed Him as someone sent by the Father, to whom unites himself to Him by living with a spirit of son his entire life! Jesus’ promised are truthful, and therefore His promises come true: he who loves Him, he who is waiting for Him, he who lives for Him till the end starts enjoying that bliss that is going to be never-ending!

Whoever sticks to Jesus is called child of God, the child of the God who is love and mercy, and with Him he enjoys the true peace and life that does not end! Whoever remains united to Jesus has part in the beauty and greatness of His love, therefore also in His passion and His sacrifice.

Today’s readings plunge us into the contemplation of the life and the glory of our brothers who have lived united to Jesus. Of them we see what a shallow gaze cannot see. We try to see their intimate self, the secrets of their heart. They have presented us the beatitudes declared by Jesus on the mountain, they have been showing them through their sacrifices, through their joyful acceptance of the Father’s will, through their openness towards all brethren and all men and women, through their commitment to spreading the gospel, through the offering of their sufferings, both those caused by sickness, and those coming from the presence of men’s sin and their rejection of the faith in God. Many of them have taken their faithfulness to Jesus so far to accept a violent death, come to them from the men’s hands, beloved, but incapable both of loving and of welcoming the Father’s love. Among them are the martyrs of all times, from Stephen to those brethren of ours that have been recently killed and are still being killed only because they call themselves Christians. They are “a great multitude, which no one could count, from every nation, race, people, and tongue. TheyThey stood before the throne and before the Lamb, wearing white robes”!

All Saints, all of them blessed: to their number belong also many parents of ours, grandparents, many ancestors of ours who have shaped and spread, through their efforts and the patience of their faithfulness, a culture of love and generosity which we still benefit from.

Today we rejoice because of their holiness. And while we rejoice we make a note to ourselves to continue their labour. Holiness is given us by God, because it is only His: we offer our whole being to carry it and keep it safe and bearing it’s fruits in order to offer than to our fellow men.

what we shall be has not yet been revealed: we live awaiting the full manifestation of the Lord, that will be the day of our joy. We do not let ourselves be overwhelmed then by the earthly way of thinking, but we let ourselves be carried away by God’s word, the word that today Jesus make us enjoy in a very attractive way: blessed the poor in spirit, blessed are they who mourn, blessed are the meek, blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, blessed are the merciful, blessed are the clean of heart, blessed are the peacemakers!

Thanks be to you, Lord Jesus! Thanks for the holiness we can see lived by many brethren, thanks for the holiness that you let us show to the amazed and confused eyes of the world!


This year the pope has urged us to turn our attention to the mission of the Church. The Church exists in order to offer to men the knowledge of God-love through the acquaintance with Jesus. We meet Him first every day so those who meet us can meet Him as well. We will try to feed on Him more frequently, in order to refocus our interest on Him, our life, because there can be no journey towards holiness without Him, the bread that gives us the strength to keep walking!


You, Jesus, feed our holiness with your Bread, your Body given to us. It keeps us in the communion with You and with all your Saints of all times, because all of them have received strength and Joy, life and grace, goodness and humility from eating the broken Bread, the eucharistic bread!

The love of the saints for Jesus, their obedience to His Word, their care for the little ones and the poor, support us as well. We give thanks to the Father for giving them to us as friends and companions in our journey!