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22 gen 2023
22/01/2023 - 3rd Sunday in O. T. - year A

22/01/2023 - 3rd Sunday in O. T. - year A

Reading 1 Is 8,23 - 9,2 Psalm 26 Reading 2 1COR 1,10-13.17 Gospel MT 4,12-23

We have just ended the week of prayer for Christian Unity, but our duty to make sure that this unity happens every day in our daily circumstances is not over. Saint Paul is urging us to be always Jesus’s witnesses with our unity to each other. Nobody should be surprised that the brethren in a random Christian community are tempted by selfishness and pride, by which all men are tempted. We are not surprised by the difference between understanding among us and not even by the possibility of developing simpaties more or less keen towards people who have responsibilities or carry out tasks in the Church. However, we cannot allow our differences to become rifts.

Jesus is one only, and we will love him and follow Him even when is difficult, when He is showing up with a cross. Today He invites us to convert. “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”. The invitation to conversion is an invitation to change, to overlook our thoughts and desires to embrace God’s. Jesus addresses the invitation to everyone He meets, because everyone is son of Adam’s, then everyone is on the path which leads far from the Father.

Repent, change direction: do not think always of fulfilling your will, your desires, but look at the Father’s and try to fulfill those, because they give you life and peace!

Jesus realises that this conversion of men does not happen overnight, and that there is the need for telling about it to everyone, always. Therefore, He starts right away calling some people so they can keep performing this service for humanity at all times and in every corner of earth. He knows that they He calls are like everyone else, sinners, in need themselves of conversion, but He does not let Himself to be discouraged. He will train them Himself, He will give them a way to experience a true repentance, using patience, perseverance and strong willingness.

Today we see Him calling them and the way He does so. He calls normal men, busy with their work and social circles. In order to be with Him they need to detach themselves from everything, from things, people but, above all, from themselves, their habits and their own safety nets. What does this mean?

Jesus wants to prepare for us and all the world free men, free from every duty so they are free to learn His obedient love for the Father: they will be then ready to announce His Word and spread in the world God’s love. Jesus starts right away to show the first four called how He has been entrusted to share the “gospel of the kingdom” and bend down in front of men’s infirmity to take care of them. The four called are two sets of brethren, already used to love each other and work together. All the people joining them will learn to live in a fraternal way, with love for one another and fraternal charity.

In the world there are still many people and many peoples “who sit in darkness…dwelling in a land overshadowed by death”: they are waiting for Jesus, and Jesus arrives to them through the words and the fraternal and lovingly care of the Church. We can see the history of the Church filled with men and women who have dedicated their life to the sinners and the suffering, making efforts towards their spiritual and physical healing. We are proud to be part of this Church, and above all we offer ourselves to Jesus with the willingness to carry on with His mission, to make true His love which talks to every person and bends over their wounds.