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15 nov 2020
15/11/2020 - 33rd Sunday in O. T. - A 

15/11/2020 - 33rd Sunday in O. T. - A 

Readin 1 PRO 31,10-13.19-20.30-31 * Psalm 127 * Reading 2 1THES 5,1-6 * Gospel MT 25,14-30


Today’s readings open with a nice piece: the praising of the perfect woman, the woman who is difficult to find, but who you might find more often than what you think. She is the busy woman, always doing something. However, while she is working, she just does not stop thinking of her family, or neither of herself, but she keeps God's poor in mind, they who nobody think of, and who cannot provide for themselves: she feels responsible for letting them get the signs of the Father’s love. They too are loved by her God, who makes use of His capable servants in order to take care of His inexperienced or incapable children.

The woman who lives in this way is an image worth of the servant who knows how to manage the talents that the master has left in his care before leaving.

The very famous parable told by Jesus in fact is describing the life of whoever love Him, and who continue to love Him also in that time in which they cannot see Him and in which He seems to be absent. The man who leaves on a journey, who has some servants more or less faithful, and comes back after a long time remembering still the tasks he has left with each one of them, who can He possibly be other than Jesus Himself? He leaves everything He has to His servants, to some more and to some less, according to their abilities. One could even say that He is leaving the world in their hands. Left alone, some servants take care only of their master’s “things”: this is a sign they love Him, that they have a soft spot for Him, that they are sure about His coming back, that they want the best for Him. They are not worried about feeling “fulfilled”, because they want their Father’s plans to come true! However, there are some servants who do not take any care of their master’s things, and they only think of their own things. This is showing that they are losing their relationship with Him, they do not love Him, are not waiting for Him, and therefore they cannot feel anything but fear of Him and of His possible return.

Between these two behaviours we find all of us. Some of us are joyfully waiting for the return of the “Son of men”, and therefore live doing His will. Some of us live always focused on themselves, and therefore they are not waiting for the coming of the Lord, and, in case, they are afraid of it! But often every each one of us lives both lives on and off.

While we wait for the Lord, what are we meant to do? We only have His talents, and therefore we are managers of goods that are not ours. What are these infinite richness? Surely Jesus, when He was talking about talents, was not thinking of leaving us to manage money, fields, buildings or earthly trausures. I believe the talents which Jesus thinks we should dedicate our time and our energies to, would in reality be much bigger and different realities, far from the earthly things!

An immensely great and precious talent is His Word. It is a creative Word, full of wisdom, truthful, full of life, His life. Another talent is faith, the faith in the merciful love of the Father and letting ourselves be taken by the joyful fulfilling of His will. Another talent is hope, as awaiting the benefits promised by Him before eternity. Another talent are our hands, able to extend to give signs of love, communion and peace to the Children of God, because they are our brethren. A precious talent is also the alertness of the heart that can pay attention both to our small things and the ultimate things, and therefore is filling every moment of the life with wisdom without letting itself being tricked by appearances, by the fake certainties of the material things and human successes, always soon gone. This teaching is coming from the Apostle Saint Paul, who in his life has been a master for us in using properly all the talents received by his and our lord Jesus.

Whoever desires joy which lasts forever is not looking for freedom by running from Jesus, but the freedom to always live for Him, using all the talents for His kingdom. He will hear someone telling him: “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Come, share your master’s joy”!