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28/08/2016 - 22nd Sunday of. O.T. - C

28/08/2016 - 22nd Sunday of. O.T. - C 

1st reading Sir 3,17-18.20.28-29 * from Psalm 67 * 2nd reading Hebr 12,18-19.22-24 * Gospel Lk 14,1.7-14

This page from the book of Sirach, offers us today a series of precious instructions, rich of wisdom, and profoundly true, even they are difficult to live. They want to help us in our behavior with the others. This is influenced by the conception that we have for ourselves. How do we consider ourselves? If I consider myself important, if I think that I am better than the others, if I think that I am generous, if I think that I am in the place of God, then my way of approaching the others, even the persons I love, will be rejected. I have to remind myself, in order to understand the reactions that my presence and my words creates, When I nourish this high consideration and povisitveness of myself, this will create bad reception in others and repulsion: they will stay at a distance from me. It is useless that I lament that I am alone. I have to realize this and correct it.

The first rule says “Humble yourself the more, the greater you are, and you will find favor with God.”

What attracts friendship and thanksgiving are not the gifts but humility, humbleness. “Humble yourself the more, the greater you are, and you will find favor with God”. Humility is for the friends of God; and it can be lived also by those who have huge responsibilities and on whom they can be of great influence because of their position. An important person if he/she is not humble, is approached for its social position or for its ‘powers” but not because it is loved. As soon as it goes away from its seat, it will find itself alone, abandoned by all. “ Many are those wo are proud, but to the humble God reveals his own secrets”. God himself has his own preference. He confides to those who are humble; so, if one wants to know the will of God and his plans, stay away from pride, you and the others, because he does not offer your wisdom, and in him there is not future neither stability.

These and other rules have been meditated and lived by Jesus. Today’s gospel episode makes us taste the beauty and the truth of the wisdom of the Lord, who offers some insights and teaching about how we can live our relationships with our friends and not friends, our relatives and strangers, filling them with the fruits of our relationships with the Father. Jesus in fact sees the normal behavior of men, nothing how this is deprived of any reference to God. And thus this behavior creates jealousy, rivalry, confrontations, thoughts of gossiping, criticism and divisions. The Lord accepts the invitation for supper in order to offer to those who invited him simple considerations to think of. I want to repeat them in my own words as I have understood them

Are you invited from the men to their feast, to their meal? are you called to participate from their own life? Try to remember that you are the son of God, that you live in his presence even in the midst of the music, plates full of food and dancing. You are only a son of God, one of the many, and you are in debit with God, incapable to live without his love. Do not look at the face of no one to see if you are more or less important than the others, because for God you are more important, but also weak and fragile and miserable. Look at the others to see how to serve them, to see what attentions do they need in a way that you can help them truly. Put yourself   at the very last so that you will receive the blessing from his presence. Do not give power because in front of God these do not serve you: God will take them immediately from you! And if men will recognize you for your own merits, accept them with humility, because infront of God nothing has changed. If you are generous, that you are able to offer dinners and lunches, do not give importance to your own generosity, but that of God. Be truly generous, but only to imitate God who is gratuity and who is always hidden and humble. Keep in mind that the generosity of God is more beautiful when it is given to those who have nothing, literally nothing. If you share it, he might be generous even with you, and he will make you share his joy.

The words of Jesus are like balsam and pure water and nutritious food. He hides in every word and makes you taste the wisdom that keep away the pride from our heart. Our being near Jesus makes us inhale a new air and this is described in the words of the letter to the Hebrews. We have not come near at a violent or strong reality which makes us feel afraid, as the fire or the tempest, but we are present to a feast of persons full of love and joy, we have been immersed in the grand ocean of the love of the Father who looks for his children to love them and to fill their hearts.

Near Jesus are we in the city which will be our homeland forever, where the angels are always ready to serve us as they have served him and have kept at bay Satan from his presence. being near Jesus we will be able to enjoy, so much so that everyone will be looking for us, because we are all restored from our humbleness and gentleness and we will be accepted by God when he sees the fruits of his beloved Son.