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07 giu 2020
07/06/2020 -  Holy Trinity Sunday - A 

07/06/2020 -  Holy Trinity Sunday - A 

Reading 1 EX 34,4-6.8-9 * Psalm DN 3 * Reading 2 2COR 13,11-13 * Gospel JN 3,16-18


During every Mass is read a prayer that is called Preface. With it we start the Eucharistic Prayer after the liturgy of the Word. It always ends with the song of the Seraphims: Holy, holy, holy! The prophet Isaiah (c 6) is witnessing this song, that we make resound with many different melodies. Truly holy is the Lord, truly great our God and worth being praised and sung by every voice, by ours also, which certainly cannot compete with those of the angels! God however likes our voice, because in it He can hear the desire of our heart and the joy of our spirit, a joy like the children's who know they are loved. We after that complete the song of the Seraphims with the words with which the disciples have accompanied Jesus entering Jerusalem: blessed is He who comes…! Hosanna in the highest! In this way our prayer becomes an act of faith, faith in the equality of Jesus’s dignity and the Father’s, faith in the Father’s love which gives us the Son, faith in the Holy Spirit which fills us with joy in order to recognize the former and the latter united as a single light! This song ends the great prayer of the work of grace and involves in it the entire assembly, which prepares itself to live in silence the greatest mystery: the presence of God in the bread and wine.

God is one, and before the uniqueness of God we bow and we worship Him filled with fear, as Moses on the mountain Sinai. Despite knowing that God is “rich in kindness and fidelity”, that He is called “merciful and gracious God”, we are filled with fear in His presence, because He is mysterious, so superior to us, we are not capable of doing anything but recognise our indignity due to the sin always present in us. Moses, despite the indignity of men, asks God to “come along in our company”. And God has granted this! The short sentences of today’s gospel are showing us how God has come among us. He, wanting to be in our company without scaring us, has sent His Son, His only Son. He has covered Him in human flesh, not to frighten us, to meet us in our everyday life, in our normal environment, in order to let us enjoy the beauty and the tenderness of His love in an encounter face to face with Jesus' eyes!

To Nicodemus Jesus discloses this beautiful plan of God’s: He “so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life”. He who meets Jesus does not die for fear, on the contrary, receives the fullness of the divine love, so much so to become a lucky container. Whoever meet Jesus and welcome Him are saved, are preserved from the peril of sinking in the emptiness of uselessness and in the suffering typical of whom do not feel love. Whoever meets Jesus begins to recognise the only God in the beauty of their internal life made of a loving relationship.

Today we admit knowingly this knowledge of God who lives in Himself the experience of communion. God is a Trinity! God is single, ma His uniqueness is not coming from solitude, instead is coming from love, which links different hearts like three flames are shedding a single light!

God is Trinity: this faith is so entwined with our life to become its revelation and prophecy. The joy, the mutual help, the peace that make us a single heart and a single soul, are nothing else but the reflection or the echo of the marvellous unity of the Three Divine Persons.

The apostle Paul is blessing us calling upon us as single blessing the action of life-giving of Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. From Jesus the grace, from God the Father love, from the Spirit communion: the grace makes us amiable and full of hope, love makes us caring towards our brethren and active in looking for their benefit, communion unites us in a way that difference does not become a source of jealousy or envy and division. Grace, love and communion are God’s gifts which gather us in a single family, making among us tenderness, sweetness and the fullness of God’s life shine!

Today is the day in which not only with our voices, but with all our being, we need to say: Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit! Glory to the love of the single God, unity without differences, glory to who is, who was, and who is to come, glory to Him, who, unable to be contained by the entire universe, lets Himself be hosted in our hearts and walks among us!