CALENDARIO / Calendario Cinquepani EN

Calender 6/2012
06 June 2012

YEAR B 2012

1 / 6 Fri VIIIa T.O. [IV]

(M: St. Justin Mart., Ca 165 †)

1 Peter 4.7-13, Ps 95, Mk 11.11-26

God be glorified in everything 1 Pet 4.11

St. Peter exhorts Christians to live with care and love the various occupations which fill the day, united with Jesus: we will so glorify, with his help, God our Father, in the words and deeds.

2 / 6 Sat VIIIa T.O. [IV]

(Mf: Ss Marcellinus and Peter, martyrs, † 304)

Gd 17.20-25, Ps 62, Mk 11.27-33

Pray in the Holy Spirit Gd 20

St. Jude the Apostle is exhorting us as well. Praying in the Holy Spirit, what does it mean? We can pray with a spirit concerned only to material needs, or worried or even discouraged. We pray in the Holy Spirit when we praise the Father, and we offer you to live as he wants when he wants and we offer him our crosses, we await His Kingdom when asking for forgiveness for ourselves and for others.

3 / 6 Sun SS.MA TRINITY Year B [P]

Dt 4,32-34.39-40, Ps 32, Rom 8.14-17; Mt 28.16-20

Go and make disciples of all nations Matthew 28:19

This is what is most dear to the Risen Jesus: that all peoples of whatever religion, can know and participate in his divine life. Being a follower of Jesus means being in communion with him, with the Father who sent him and the Holy Spirit, which makes them a family of love. The joy would ignite the whole world if all people were part of it!

4 / 6 Mon IXa T.O. [I]

2 Pet 1.1 to 7; Ps 90, Mk 12:1-12

Grace and peace to you in 2 Pet 1.2

With this blessing St. Paul ends many of his letters. And St. Peter uses this expression, thereby demonstrating that it was customary in the Church. Grace is the gratuitous love of God, accepted and practiced, produces and distributes peace around us. This yours day shall be surrounded by grace, and you shall be a peacemaker!

5 / 6 MAR IXa T.O. [I]

m: S. Bonifacio, Vesco. and Mars., † 754)

3,12-15.17-18 2pt; Ps 89, Mk 12.13-17

They were amazed at him Mc 12.17

Your wisdom, Jesus, and your love, even for those who approach you with malice, we can rejoice and stimulates us to learn from you to live. How kind you are, Lord!

6 / 6 Wed IXa T.O. [I]

2 Tim 1,1-3.6-12; Ps 122; Mk 12,18-27

It is not God of the dead, but of the living Mk 12.27

Some say there is no resurrection. Others think to reincarnation to purify themselves, and thereby attempt to deny the reality of death. We, with Jesus, we believe that God has given us a life that continues to be present in his heart: the death of the body cannot destroy it. He himself has yet to be called the God of Abraham, although Abraham is dead. He, however, is always present.

7 / 6 Thurs IXa T.O. [I]

2 Tim 2.8 to 15, Ps 24, Mk 12.28-34

Jesus replied: "The first is: Hear, O Israel!" Mc 12.28

You, Jesus, you lived on earth and in listening constantly full of love, both of your Father and men. I want to learn this attitude from you, to love in you and with you both the Father and every man.

8 / 6 Fri IXa T.O. [I]

2 Tim 3.10 to 16, Ps 118, Mk 12.35-37

The large crowd listened gladly to him Mc 12.37

Jesus, you take care of those who are poorly educated in the Scriptures, in order to illuminate and correct the misinterpretations given to them by the masters of the Law. Thank you, Jesus! We're glad of you and of your Church that defends us from the partial or incorrect interpretations of the Word of God.

9 / 6 Sat IXa T.O. [I]

(Mf: St. Ephrem, deacon and dr., † 373)

2 Tim 4.1 to 8, Ps 70, Mk 12.38-44

I have finished my course, I have kept the faith 2 Tim 4:7

After meeting Jesus, St. Paul has followed closely, imitating his life with great and intense love. At the end of his existence, lived as a race, he is finally in peace thanks to the faith that it has always guided and supported him.


Ex 24:3-8, Psalm 115, Hebrews 9.11-15 and Mk 14,12-16.22-26

This is my blood poured out for many Mt 14:24

We're used to hear this statement, so that we do not think about its value. What does it mean for Jesus that pronounced it? And had the apostles heard that for the first time? Jesus was conscious of giving his life, and wanted to offer it as an act of love that saves many, everyone who joined to his people to love him. For the apostles it was an incredible surprise. For me the desire to be transformed into a gift of love.

11 / 6 Mon Xa T.O. [II]

(M: St Barnabas, ap.)

1 Kings 17.1-6, Ps 120, Mt from 5.1 to 12

Seeing the crowds, he went up the mountain Mt 5.1

I admire you, Jesus, when you're alone with your disciples to be trained, they may become, like you, a light for all people to live according to your heart. I want to be with you to learn the true life and receive the Holy Spirit.

12 / 6 MAR Xa T.O. [II]

1 Kings 17.7 to 16; Ps 4; Mt 5:13-16

Let your light shine before men Mt 5.16

We, who have the gift of believing in Jesus, today we welcome His exhortation to live his word, so our life will be light, peace and support for all.

13 / 6 Wed Xa T.O. [II]

(M: St. Anthony of Padua, priest. And dr., † 1231)

1 Kings 18.20-39, Ps 15, Mt 5.17-19

I am your servant 1 Kings 18.36

How to recognize the true faith in God? Certainly from the work that this faith make possible! When, by faith, I stay in love for all, I witness that I believe in the true God, and help everyone else to turn to him. It's nice to serve the true God who is Father, who is love.

14 / 6 Thurs Xa T.O. [II]

1 Kings 18.41-46, Ps 64, Mt 5.20-26

Leave there thy gift, go and be reconciled to 5.26 Mt

Thank you, Jesus, for wanting me to prove that I love you, loving as first the brother who has something against me. You want to help him heal the wound from which he suffers because of me.

15 / 6 Fri S. HEART OF JESUS Year B [P]

Os 11,1.3-4.8-9; Psalm: Isaiah 12.2-6, Ephesians 3,8-12.14-19, John 19.31-37

Shall He enable you to be strengthened by his Spirit Eph 3:16

In the heart of Jesus there is peace, mercy, fidelity, every gift of holiness, we pray that he can communicate to us and our loved ones his gifts. We are also grateful to those who pray for this for us.

16 / 6 Sat Xa T.O. [II]

(M: Immaculate Heart of Mary B. V.)

1 Kings 19.19-21, Ps 15, Mt 5.33-37

(Opp. Is 61.10-11; sal: 1 Sam 2, Luke 2.41-51)

The more comes from evil Mt 5.37

Thank you, Jesus, for you recommend us simple and pure talk, without beating about the bush, so you've talked about, our only master. Thanks to free us of the evil deception, using beautiful words and beautiful phrases to confuse us and distract us from the truth.

17 / 6 Sun XIa T.O. Year B [III]

Ez 17.22-24, Ps 91, 2 Corinthians 5.6 to 10, from 4.26 to 34 Mc

The kingdom of God is like a seed of mustard Mc 4.31

A mustard seed is lost in the garden. Once planted do not find it anymore. Only after a while you see the plant, which grows slowly. So is the kingdom of God: it is invisible, but becomes small steps of love, support, solidarity, communion ... and gives comfort and hope to many. Receive Jesus into your heart, and you will be a grain, seed of the kingdom of God!

18 / 6 Mon XIa T.O. [III]

1 Kings 21.1 to 16; Ps 5; 5.38 to 42 Mt

Let him have your cloak Mt 5.40

Thank you, Jesus, that help me to detach myself from the things of the earth, to be meek and submissive, to love, and I trust you, I will obey, because I know you love me and support me in doing what you ask me.

19 / 6 MAR XIa T.O. [III]

(Mf: St. Romuald, abbot, † 1027)

1 Kings 21.17-29, Ps 50, Mt 5,43-48

Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect Mt 5.48

Thank you, Jesus, help us to look to the Father of heaven and imitate him, as you did, you will find in the light and strength to live holy.

20 / 6 Wed XIa T.O. [III]

2 Kings 2,1.6-14, Ps 30, Mt 6,1-6.16-18

When you pray, go into your room 6.6 Mt

Thank you, Jesus, teach me to pray as you prayed: the secrets of the heart, without showing off, completely turned to the heavenly Father who loves us so much and is the source of all good.

21 / 6 Thurs XIa T.O. [III]

(M: St. Aloysius Gonzaga, religious, † 1591)

Sir 48.1 to 14, Ps 96, Mt from 6.7 to 15

Mt 6:10 Thy kingdom come;

The prayer that Jesus puts in our hearts every day brings a great desire to see the kingdom of God. To see the kingdom of God is to see Jesus, the King, at work. It is to see that he leads the men and distribute to them tasks of love. If I pray so, then I'm willing to let Jesus entrusted by a service of love!

22 / 6 Fri XIa T.O. [III]

(Mf: St. Paulinus of Nola, Vesco., † 431; Ss John Fisher, Vesco. And Thomas More, martyrs, † 1535)

2 Kings 11,1-4.9-18.20, Ps 131, Mt 6.19-23

Layup treasures in heaven for you Mt 6.20

This exhortation of Jesus is a great gift, to be accepted with gratitude. Every work of charity and generosity, every act of love is a treasure deposited in heaven, and already here on earth, produces peace and joy in my heart. Thank you, Jesus!

23 / 6 Sat XIa T.O. [III]

2cr 24.17-25, Ps 88, Mt 6.24-34

Do not worry about tomorrow Mt 6.33

We have a great and good Father, who thinks of us. We trust him, as the kids are with Mom and Dad! We give you joy in obedience to Jesus, his Son.


Is 49.1-6, Psalm 138, Acts 13.22-26; Lk 1,57-66.80

The child grew and became strong in spirit, Luke 1.80

Even a child is capable of great things: not about doing anything great, but about bringing itself in the things of God, which are great. Children imitate their parents: when they see their love to Jesus, took possession of them do it their own, and become strong in faith and capable of Christian life.

25 / 6 Mon XIIa T.O. [IV]

2 Kings 17,5-8.13-15.18, Ps 59, Mt from 7.1 to 5

Remove the plank from your eye Mt 7.5

Jesus, I thank you for instructing me and I feel that it is only up to you to judge men. I also feel that, before looking at the faults of others, I should recognize mine, which are larger, and that first of all I have to try to correct myself!

26 / 6 MAR XIIa T.O. [IV]

2 Kings 19,9-11.14-21.31-35.36, Ps 47, Mt 7,6.12-14

In Trent solemnly: S. VIGILIO v. and M, 400 †, the patron saint of the diocese [P]

Ez 34.11-16, Ps 39, Ephesians 2.11 to 22, Jn 10:11-16

I lay down my life for the sheep John 10.15

It's the 'good shepherd' who offers his life for the sheep, the true shepherd who is God. Jesus who offers his life for us, but also everyone who receive from him his Spirit to guide God's people at the meeting with the Father. Today we thank God in Trent because we've had in S. Vigilio a true picture of the Good Shepherd! I pray for bishops and priests can continue according to his example.

27 / 6 Wed XIIa T.O. [IV]

(Mf: St. Cyril of Alexandria, Vesco. And dr., † 444)

2 Kings 22.8 to 13, 23.1-3, Ps 118, Mt 7.15-20

By their fruits ye shall know them Mt 7.16

It's easy to recognize the plants ... More difficult, but more importantly, recognize the people! Is the very kind and caring person the one who tells the truth? I have to trust the kindness? No. If his words are not those of Jesus or are not in tune with him, I will not be fooled: the wolf in sheep's clothing is not only in fairy tales!

28 / 6 Thurs XIIa T.O. [IV]

(M: St. Irenaeus, Vesco. And mart., † c.202)

2 Kings 24.8-17, Ps 78, Mt 7.21-29

The crowds were astonished at his teaching Mt 7.28

When one speaks the truth simple and straightforward, surprising. Why? We are so accustomed to lies and empty words, that we are astonished and amazed when someone brings us to the wisdom of Him who made us and shaped! Listen to This is Jesus, too!

29 / 6 Fri App St. Peter and Paul [P]

At 12.1 to 11, Ps 33, 2 Tim 4,6-8.17-18; Mt 16.13-19

You are the Christ, the Son of the living God Mt 16:15

Simon, a fisherman from Galilee, from that day is called Peter, began to believe that Jesus is the man sent by God to lead men, and opens his mouth to express his faith. He becomes a secure base to support the building. On the faith the Church is built, stone by stone: I am too one of them among the others, so rough, but strong and safe!

30 / 6 Sat XIIa T.O. [IV]

(Mf: Saints first martyrs of the Church of Rome, † 64)

Lam 2,2.10-14.18-19, Ps 73, Mt from 8.5 to 17

I will come and will heal him 8.7 Mt

Jesus, this is your response to the centurion's faith. This is your answer to my faith, my prayer confidant. Thank you, Lord Jesus, who plays every request and answer any questions of the heart, humble and simple. Today I ask you to heal me with pride, chronic illness of my heart.

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