CALENDARIO / Calendario Cinquepani EN

Calender 7/2012
07 July 2012

YEAR B 2012

1 / 7 Sun XIIIa T.O. Year B [I]

(Just dioceses. TN: m: B. Antonio Rosmini, † 1855)

Sap from 1.13 to 15, from 2.23 to 24, Ps 29, 2 Corinthians 8,7.9.13-15; 5.21 to 43 Mc

A great crowd followed him Mc 5.24

Lord Jesus, I rejoice when I see so many brothers on Sunday gathered around you: we draw from your love, which becomes for us the concrete gift of bread and the Word. And, as has happened on that day the woman hidden in the crowd, your paternal affection joins us and heals us, one by one. Thank you, Jesus!

2 / 7 Mon XIIIa T.O. [I]

Am 2,6-10.13-16, Ps 49, Mt 8.18-22

The Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head Matthew 8.20

Jesus does not reject the scribe who wanted to follow, only makes him clearly. Follow him no means to seek security and consolation from this world, but be with him, the poor, in the hands of the Father, seeking only the coming of his kingdom.

Yes, Jesus, we understand, at least a little '... but we want to be with you!

3 / 7 St. MAR THOMAS, Ap. [P]

Eph 2:19-22, Ps 116, Jn 20:24-29

Do not be faithless, but believing Jn 20:27

The experience that S. Thomas lived with the risen Lord Jesus is 'school' for us. It is to believe in the Lord with humility and gratitude. It is to accept the witness that our brothers offer with their joy and even with their tribulation. Their faithful loveis for us a sign that Jesus is alive in their hearts! And also we find the courage to trust him!

4 / 7 Wed XIIIa T.O. [I]

(Mf: St. Elizabeth of Portugal, † 1336)

Am 5,14-15.21-24, Ps 49, Mt 8:28-34

Hate evil and love good Am 5.14

It is an indication of simple but clever, like every word that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Even today I want to listen, Holy Spirit, making careful with your gestures, your voice, who can be heard when my heart is awake, and you remind me the words of Jesus!

5 / 7 Thurs XIIIa T.O. [I]

(Mf: S. Antonio Maria Zaccaria, priest., † 1539)

7.10 to 17 am, Sal 18; Mt 9,1-8

He got up and went home 9.7 Mt

This is what did the poor man, forgiven and healed by Jesus! And that is exactly what happens to me too, when Jesus gives me his word of mercy and salvation; then I stand: I am still happy and able to live, and I return with new love to my relationships and daily commitments. It is as if you, Jesus, came with me, lived with me, in fact, that's it!

6 / 7 Fri XIIIa T.O. [I]

(Mf: St. Maria Goretti, rod. And mart., † 1902)

Am 8,4-6.9-12, Ps 118, Mt from 9.9 to 13

I desire mercy, not sacrifice Mt 9.13

Jesus, you want to work in a garden of 'love'! You don’t like the rigors of fasting with which we cultivate pride. You want us to carefully sow mercy, and you offer to us many opportunities, big and small: the flowers will sprout joy to his father and brothers!

7 / 7 Sat XIIIa T.O. [I]

9.11 to 15 am, Sal 84; Mt from 9.14 to 17

New wine in new bottles Mt 9.17

Lord Jesus, whom you met and knows he is loved and saved by you, can no longer confine their relationship with God in some practice, more or less interested ... Now his life is full of you, and thanks to your presence, every breath you worship pleasing to the Father. 'New Wine', which can only dwell in a heart filled with the Holy Spirit!

8 / 7 Sun XIV T.O. Year B [II]

Ez 2.2 to 5, Ps 122, 2 Corinthians 12.7 to 10; Mk 6:1-6

It is when I am weak, then I am strong 2Cor 12.10

This word of S. Paul is a precious key that every true Christian must have: our 'smallness' - and this term includes limitations, defeats ... everything that makes us suffer - acknowledged with humility and trust to put in the hands of the Father, becomes an instrument of his glory , of his love, his salvation.

9 / 7 Mon XIV T.O. [II]

(Mf: Saints Augustine Zhao Rong and c., the Chinese martyrs, † 1648-1930; Just dioceses. TN: m: S. Pauline Visintainer, rod., † 1942)

2,16-18.21-22 Os, Ps 144, Mt 9.18-26

I will speak to her heart Os 2.16

Father, what sweet words and images you used to make it clear to your people, since ancient times, how much he loved him! You want us to understand that open up to you is a source of greater happiness than that man can imagine.

Today is Monday, a busy week, and I will, however, keep open hearts and minds to your presence, your voice, do not want to fail your love.

10 / 7 MAR XIV T.O. [II]

Os 8,4-7.11-13; Sal 113B, Mt 9.32-38

Seeing the crowds he felt sorry for Mt 9.36

Moved by compassion that Jesus asked his disciples to pray: the Father alone, in fact, may prove true Gospel workers, carriers of the Holy Spirit, able to give people hope, new life.

Father, I pray thee, according to the wish of Jesus, and my effort today to join in my humble prayer!

11 / 7 Wed S. BENEDICT, († 547), patron of Europe [P]

Pro 2.1 to 9, Ps 33, Jn 15:1-8

Remain in me and I in you Jn 15:4

Here is what Jesus asks us, because He loves us and knows that without him we can do nothing! Courage, then! I find myself poor, imperfect, or even unnecessary burden on the world? Port the heavy consequences of my sin, I fall more into it? I will look at Jesus with love, I will put my life in his heart: he will still save me, make me even valuable to his Kingdom!

S. Benedict, the father of many disciples, fragile and saints, pray for us!

12 / 7 Thurs XIV T.O. [II]

(Just dioceses. TN: m: SS Ermagora Vesco. Diac and Fortunato., Martyrs)

11,1.3-4.8-9 Os, Ps 79, Mt from 10.7 to 15

The Holy One in your midst Os 11.9

You, Lord Jesus, you're full presence of the Father in our midst, the presence long-awaited promise and ancient Israel, in you the Father gives us his love, saves us, forgives us, makes us righteous and free, capable of love. You pay the price, and what a price! Thank you, Jesus, You are always with us!

13 / 7 Fri XIV T.O. [II]

(Mf: St. Henry, † 1024)

Os 14.2 to 10, Ps 50, Mt 10.16-23

Behold, I send you out as sheep among wolves Mt 10.16

Your presence, faithful and patient, in my heart I change slowly as a wolf in lamb, thank you, Jesus! And thou shalt make me 'food' that will offer your hand!

14 / 7 Sat XIV T.O. [II]

(Mf: S. Camillo de Lellis, priest., † 1614)

Is 6.1 to 8, Ps 92, Mt 10.24-33

You are worth more than many sparrows Matthew 10.31

With these words, Lord Jesus encourages us not to let fear when you call us and tell all, with words or behavior with which we want to obey you! You remind us that we are in the hands of the Father, always precious in his sight: and the fear will disappear!

15 / 7 Sun XVa T.O. Year B [III]

7.12 to 15 am, Sal 84; Ep 1:3-14, Mk 6.7 to 13

Cast out many demons Mc 6.13

The Apostles sent by Jesus after he had received authority over unclean spirits, they could make this great, divine work.

When I meet with a true disciple of the Lord, I get peace, freedom from many negative forces that make me suffer. Thank you, Jesus, who continue to send your disciples in the world!

16 / 7 Mon XVa T.O. [III]

(Mf: B. V. Maria del Carmen)

Is 1.10 to 17, Sal 49; 10.34 to 11.1 Mt

Learn to do good Is 1.17

The education offered to the passage of Isaiah that we read today is ever present prayer pleasing to our God is accompanied by a holy life, that is full of himself, of his mercy, his love, which helps in practice, paying in person.

17 / 7 MAR XVa T.O. [III]

Is 7.1 to 9, Ps 47, Mt 11.20-24

If you do not believe, you do not stand firm Is 7.9

I think, Jesus! You are here with me now and you love me! Your love for me is all powerful! I walk with you to the Father: I look at you, and I am not afraid, neither of my weakness or that of my brothers!

18 / 7 Wed XVa T.O. [III]

10,5-7.13-16 Is, Ps 93, Mt 11.25-27

Everything has been given to me by my Father Matthew 11:27

Jesus, the Father has given all of himself, you, as a true Son, receive his life of love, joy and peace. Since we all love you too, as the Father, this life that you donate, informing us that we come to thee in unity of love, Father, Son, you donate to us your life that is unity, love. Thanks!

19 / 7 Thurs XVa T.O. [III]

Is 26,7-9.12.16-19, Ps 101, Mt 11:28-30

For my yoke is easy, Mt 11.30

I, too, with joy, I can bear witness, Lord Jesus! Even when you correct me and call me back, I feel deep within you do it with love, you do it because you love me: you would like me to be happy forever!

20 / 7 Fri XVa T.O. [III]

(Mf: St. Apollinaris, Vesco. And mart., Sec II.)

Is 38,1-6.21-22.7-8; Sal: Is 38,; Mt from 12.1 to 8

I have heard your prayer and seen your tears Is 38.5

They are very beautiful words of the Lord! Let's hear it today as those for each of us and we are in an attitude of gratitude and confidence of our prayers, our tears are accepted by the Father, and he is already preparing answers for us worthy of God, a God who is Love!

21 / 7 Sat XVa T.O. [III]

(Mf: St. Lawrence of Brindisi, priest. And dr., † 1619)

Mic 2.1 to 5; Sal 9B; Mt 12.14-21

Many followed him to Mt 12.15

... Although he was retired before the Pharisees who tried to kill him, yes, because Jesus knew even then bend over the sick and bless the children, without thinking to save his life. His life was the Father, was entirely occupied by his love ... and rested in his hands and serene.

22 / 7 Sun XVIa T.O. Year B [IV]

Jer 23.1-6, Psalm 22, Ephesians 2.13 to 18, from 6.30 to 34 Mc

He saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them Mc 6.34

Lord Jesus, Good Shepherd, home of the Father's heart, thank you for your ever laid eyes on me, and thanks to your eyes you make me a gift! I, too, I can look with love, your love, every man!


23 / 7 Mon S. BRIDGET, († 1373) religion, patron of Europe [P]

Gal 2.19 to 20; Ps 33, Jn 15:1-8

Whoever remains in me and I in him will bear much fruit, John 15:5

I do not see fruit in my own little special service to the Kingdom of God ... I know, however, that Jesus does not want to discourage me, I just want to breathe along with him his own life, the Holy Spirit, who is love, joy, peace ... combined with his, even my life is always precious in the eyes of the Father!

Thanks, S. Bridget: your staying in Jesus today is a blessing, for us and for the whole Europe!

24 / 7 MAR XVIa T.O. [IV]

(Mf: St. Charbel Makhlüf, sac., † 1898)

Mic 7,14-15.18-20, Ps 84, Mt 12.46-50

He will return to have mercy on us Mic 7.19

What would become of me, Lord, if it were not so? Sometimes I find it hard to believe you still accept and forgive me... I really still continue falling! However, I will always do this effort with your grace: the belief that the Father never closes his heart to us! - You, Jesus, and your church with you, tell me this with certainty -.

25 / 7 Wed S. GIACOMO, Ap. [P]

2 Cor 4.7 to 15, Ps 125, Mt 20.20-28

We believe and therefore we speak 2 Cor 4.13

The word of the day was chosen for the feast of the Apostle James, and reminds us that, as the Apostles' testimony was based on a living faith in the Lord, so the word of every disciple of Jesus is fruitful if it comes from a living relationship and continuous with the Lord.

S. James, witness of the sufferings of Jesus, please obtain from him faith and joy and words of witness!

26 / 7 Thurs XVIa T.O. [IV]

(M: Sts Joachim and Anna, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Ger 2,1-3.7-8.12-13, Sal 35; Mt 13,10-17

The heart of this people has become insensitive Mt 13.15

It was the people whom God had chosen to do an instrument of blessing to all peoples ... But in the hearts of many in Israel, other interests took the place of God You, however, SS. Joachim and Anna, you have given your heart to the Lord and the Lord was able to speak. His word for you is Mary, the dawn of the Word!

27 / 7 Fri XVIa T.O. [IV]

Jer 3.14 to 17; Sal: Jer 31.10 to 13, from 13.18 to 23 Mt

Hear the parable of the sower Matthew 13.18

Why did Jesus give much importance to the parable of the sower? Certainly because it speaks of the seed, which is the Word, the Word of Jesus, accepted and lived, is the source of life and salvation. Thank you, Jesus, the word you sow today in my heart!

28 / 7 Sat XVIa T.O. [IV]

Jer 7.1 to 11; Ps 83; Mt 13:24-30

Did you not sow good seed in your field? Mt 13.28

On the morning of our lives, and in the morning every day, you, Lord Jesus, while we seek in prayer, sow seeds with plenty of confidence, compassion, peace in our hearts. But there is someone who doesn’t love me or you, and sows seeds of death where you have sown seeds of love. I'll watch and I’ll keep close to you, who love me and who can protect and save the Enemy of man!

29 / 7 Sun XVIIa T.O. Year B [I]

2 Kings 4.42-44, Psalm 114, Ephesians 4.1 to 6, John 6.1 to 15

Gather up the fragments that nothing may be lost Jn 6.12

The disciples obeyed Jesus and with the advanced pieces of bread filled twelve baskets. The word of Jesus is the prophecy: the bread given by the Father for his prayers and sign of the true bread, which will always remain in the hands of the Apostles: they can always satisfy the hunger of the world!

30 / 7 Mon XVIIa T.O. [I]

(Mf: Peter S. Crisologo, Vesco. And dr., † 450)

Jer 13.1 to 11; Sal: Dt 32.18 to 21, from 13.31 to 35 Mt

I will open my mouth in parables Mt 13.35

Thank you, Jesus, for the love of wisdom contained in your dishes! You tell us about the Kingdom by taking simple examples from everyday life. So you learn to 'read' all that is around us in a new way, as a letter, a kiss, a breath of love alive and always new to the Father.

31 / 7 MAR XVIIa T.O. [I]

(M: St. Ignatius of Loyola, priest., † 1556)

Jer 14.17 to 22, Ps 78, Mt 13.36-43

Do not break your covenant with us Jer 14.21

Wonderful is your alliance, Lord! So sings the Psalmist, so I sing, Father, thank you for the matchless gift of Jesus, thou redeem him in my every sin, you win even the death of me: now nothing can tear me from your heart!

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