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Calender 2012 Cover page
Cover page 2012

"If you do not talk to me, I'm like someone who falls into the pit! God speaks to us a sign that we considered trustworthy and capable of responding to, a sign that he loves us! If we do not talk, we really are in a vacuum, a vacuum that looks like death!

"To whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life, "Peter says to Jesus" My words shall not pass, "assures the Lord!

The leaflets will appear every day through the Word which God makes himself known, consoles us, cleanses us, gives us directions for life, asks us together, gives us courage, serenity, the key to open closed hearts, we deposit in love, fidelity and joy!

We worked with joy, because it's true service to the Lord to extend His Word in your house, with trepidation, because this service is that of the holy angels and the Apostles, while we are small and sinners.

The brothers and sisters of the "Fraternity Risen Jesus"


The phrases from the liturgy of the day follow the Roman calendar, on the back are the references to join in listening to the Church. For the biblical quotations we have followed the new translation, which was approved in 2008. The worksheet that follows the 31/08 is employed to request the calendar 2013. We ask you, if anything, to do so as early as September: after mid-November Post and couriers are overloaded.


Theophany at the Jordan

Our gaze is drawn to Jesus, naked in the river Jordan. There sinners flock, attracted by John, who preached repentance and conversion: the sinners do not appear in the icon, because today we are enjoying the fruit of this mystery. Jesus is drawn from its sinners who can never escape, never free from the burden and the condemnation of their sins. He enters the water to take upon himself the punishment for the sins of all mankind and so save the men. This is the greatest love, this is perfect love, divine love, which pleased God the Father. He with the voice reveals that Jesus is his Son, and Holy Spirit, dove hovering over the waters, falls and lands on him, now home of the prime deity. Angels adore him, guarding his clothes, while John bends down to pour water over his head. John is amazed at the humility of Jesus, His deep humility: he wants to be baptized by the Lord, but they want to make "all righteousness", that wants to fully carry out the will of the Father. For the Father asked him to offer his body in sacrifice: "We have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ" (Hebrews 10:10). John has prophesied the ax to the roots of the tree, the people of God as a tree is cut down to make way for the sucker that grow out of his roots, and here Jesus out of the water like a new born from the womb. That water is reminiscent of the Red Sea and the Jordan, which are open to the passage of people led by Moses and Joshua, "The sea saw and fled, the Jordan turned back." Sea and Jordan are depicted here as two small figures in the water, to remind us that all Scripture is prophecy of Jesus, beloved Son of the Father, who makes his will to save all men.

(Studio S. Giovanni Battista, 2008)

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