OMELIE / Omelie EN

19 set 2021
19/09/2021 - 25 SUNDAY in O. T. - Year B

19/09/2021 - 25 SUNDAY in ORDINARY TIME - Year B

First Reading Wisdom 2:12; 17-20 Psalm 53/54 Second Reading James 3:16 – 4:3 Gospel Mark 9:30-37

“Let us test him with insult and torture, so that we may find out how gentle he is, and make trial of his forbearance. Let us condemn him to a shameful death for, according to what he says, he will be protected.” These words, from the Book of Wisdom, had certainly inspired Jesus! They helped Him to foresee His own future and, confidently, revealed it to His people. They could not understand how Jesus could speak this way: He had performed many miracles, He was on everyone’s lips, and He was desired by the masses. How could He, now, avoid these people so that He could be alone with the disciples, such as small group and, above all, speak of such an imminent, violent death? It really was not easy to understand. Yet, the Scriptures speak clearly, and Jesus knows that those words tell the truth, while men’s sentiments change quickly. The Word of God remains, while the heart of man is easily confused, follows the impulses of passion and changes: Jesus does not rely on it.

It is very true that the disciples do not understand, and don’t even pay attention to what Jesus is telling them. As time goes on, they discuss many other things, even though they understand that their concerns are not shared by the Master. They are yearning for grandeur. Who is the greatest among them? They seek human glory. Jesus sits down and speaks solemnly. Did they not listen before? Now they must treasure His words. Great is the one who is loved by God! Great is the one who is like God! The small and the poor are loved by God, for they cannot defend themselves: if God loves them, so, too, man must love them! Great is the one who serves those whom God, Himself, loves! The small are great because they are loved by God! The one who makes himself small and servant is doubly great, because God serves him, and because he is the servant of God! The words of Jesus leaves us open-mouthed because they change our way of thinking and behaving, and they make us see that the world in which we live must be radically changed. As it is, the world continues to grow in suffering, while, if we see it as Jesus says, the suffering will be alleviated, or disappear altogether! He is truly the Saviour, and we can collaborate with Him!

If the words of Jesus don’t convince us, let us listen to James, who lists the suffering derived from the craving of grandeur and the egoism from which it is created. The one, who carries it with him, is not even capable of praying adequately because he cannot encounter the God of love. He, alone, can give us the wisdom which renders us peaceful and merciful and bearers of good fruit, for our own happiness and the happiness of many! Will we, too, be persecuted? First of all, let us persecute our own egoism, so that we can, also, bring joy to a world which does not welcome the disciples of Jesus!