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09 ago 2020
09/08/2020 – 19th Sunday in O. T.  - year A

09/08/2020 – 19th Sunday in O. T.  - year A

Reading 1  1KINGS 19,9°.11-13a  Psalm  84/85  Reading 2  ROM 9,1-5  Gospel  MT 14,22-33


Saint Paul is worried and upset because of his Jewish brothers' sins. He has seen how much their heart was closed to the preaching of the Gospel, even though they were the people better prepared to welcome it, thanks to all the history God had with them and thanks to the prophetic gifts which He had enriched them with. He not only does not let himself being influenced by his people’s rejection, but he gets from it renewed commitment and greater generosity.  He has as an example the prophet Elijah, who thanks to his faithfulness to the only God had to run away to save himself from the queen’s anger. Today we can see Him on the mountain where, as a reward for his faithfulness, he receives the grace to be able to meet God Himself. He can be in His presence with his face covered at His passing. This great gift, for him is also a bit of a timid rebuke. He, who had been acting powerfully asking for punishments for those who had been unfaithful, is expecting to meet his God in the strong and heavy wind, in the earthquake, in a devastating fire, but nothing. No, God is passing by accompanied by a tiny whispering sound. God begins to make the prophets understand that He does not want death, but the salvation of the sinners. The Psalm also highlights this attitude of the living God.

The text from the Gospel is showing us Jesus while He is looking for a way to make Himself known to His very own disciples. He has given the five loaves to five thousand men, but His own people did not understand. They did not understand that this is a messianic symbol. They did not understand that He is the Messiah promised and awaited. He sends them alone to the opposite shores, so they might have time to think about it. He chooses also for Himself a secluded and quiet place, where He can carry on with His prayer.

When He thinks that His people are in a difficult situation at sea, He goes towards them, but they take Him for a ghost: they do not think their Master could meet them and help them if in troubles, troubles in which no man could possibly intervene. Jesus instead right there shows up. In the darkness of the night, walking on the raging waters, Jesus meets His own men, even if they find it difficult to recognise His because of fear and darkness. I really appreciate reading this paragraphs of the Gospel during these times in which us, God’s Church, find difficult to carry on with our journey and are tempted to get discouraged seeing the difficulties we meet in preaching the gospel, and seeing how much the enemy’s fury descends on us. The former makes use of the media, of people admired by many, of highly ranked authorities, of always new and misguiding ideologies, in order to hinder the advancing of the Church in the world and its work for everyone's good. I really feel like I am on a boat rocked by the waves at sea, in which the water pours in, and I still do not know where can possibly be that ghost that is not a ghost, but Jesus Himself who is coming with us! Is he waiting for my openness to walk with Him on the waters, like Peter? The disciple thought of being able to imitate the Master using his own strengths: no, it is not like that. He will be able to imitate the Lord only trusting Him and believing in Him  more than in the strength of the wind and more than in the movement of the waves. If his faith is not positive and steadfast, he will not make it.

Jesus is waiting and wants my faith not to be scared by anything. I will try to walk on the enemy waves, to use them as a ground on which taking the steps to run towards Jesus. His hand is ready, I will grab it. He is there, I will trust Him.

Jesus, you really are the Messiah, the Son of God! Who shall I fear? What shall I be frightened of? You are with us in the Church, we adore you and we let you carry on with your work in this world: you will brighten up its night with the light of your face!